2.5 Problems running convert-ly

If an input (or output) file name contains spaces it is necessary to surround the file name with double quotes.

convert-ly "D:/My Scores/Ode.ly" > "D:/My Scores/new Ode.ly"

If the invocation of convert-ly -e *.ly fails because the expanded command line becomes too long, the convert-ly command may be placed in a loop instead. This example for UNIX upgrades all .ly files in the current directory

for f in *.ly; do convert-ly -e $f; done

For Windows, the corresponding command is

for %x in (*.ly) do convert-ly.py -e "%x"

in the command prompt window.

As discussed earlier, not all language changes are handled. In particular, automatically updating Scheme and LilyPond Scheme interfaces is quite unlikely; be prepared to tweak Scheme code manually.

LilyPond Application Usage v2.25.17 (development-branch).