Mensural contexts

The predefined MensuralVoice and MensuralStaff contexts can be used to engrave a piece in mensural style. These contexts initialize all relevant context properties and grob properties to proper values, so you can immediately go ahead entering the chant, as the following excerpt demonstrates:

\score {
    \new MensuralVoice = "discantus" \relative {
      \hide Score.BarNumber {
        c''1\melisma bes a g\melismaEnd
        \[ f1\melisma a c\breve d\melismaEnd \]
        c\breve\melisma a1 g1\melismaEnd
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "discantus" {
      San -- ctus, San -- ctus, San -- ctus

[image of music]

See also

Music Glossary: mensural notation.

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