LilyPond — Changes

This document lists changes and new features in LilyPond version 2.25.14 since 2.24.

Note: LilyPond releases can contain syntax changes, which may require modifications in your existing files written for older versions so that they work in the new version. To upgrade files, it is strongly recommended to use the convert-ly tool distributed with LilyPond, which is described in Updating files with convert-ly. convert-ly can perform almost all syntax updates automatically. Frescobaldi users can run convert-ly directly from Frescobaldi using “Tools > Update with convert-ly…”. Other editing environments with LilyPond support may provide a way to run convert-ly graphically.

Major changes in LilyPond

Notes for source compilation and packagers

This section is aimed at enthusiasts compiling LilyPond from source and packagers preparing LilyPond for distribution. If you are not part of either group, you can skip over this section.

New for musical notation

Pitches improvements

Rhythm improvements

Expressive mark improvements

Repeat improvements

Editorial annotation improvements

Text and font improvements

New for specialist notation

Miscellaneous improvements

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LilyPond Changes v2.25.14 (development-branch).