Development for LilyPond 2.25.10

Note: These are unstable development versions. If you have the slightest doubt about how to use or install LilyPond, we urge you to use the stable Download, and read the stable Manuals.

Release numbers

There are two sets of releases for LilyPond: stable releases, and unstable development releases. Stable versions have an even-numbered ‘minor’ version number (e.g., 2.14, 2.16, 2.18). Development versions have an odd-numbered ‘minor’ version number (e.g., 2.15, 2.17, 2.19).


Instructions for git and compiling are in the Contributor’s Guide.

lilypond git repository

Documentation writers and testers will generally want to download the latest binary:

GNU/Linux x86_64: LilyPond 2.25.10

macOS x86_64: LilyPond 2.25.10

MacPorts package

Windows x86_64: LilyPond 2.25.10

Source: lilypond-2.25.10.tar.gz

If you are unsure about how to install these binaries, please read the start of the Learning Manual.

Contributor’s Guide

LilyPond development is a fairly complicated matter. In order to help new contributors, and to keep the whole system (mostly) stable, we have written a manual for development tasks.

Regression tests


Note: These manuals are for LilyPond 2.24.3; the latest manuals can be found at


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