5.2.1 Navigating the program reference

Suppose we want to move the fingering indication in the fragment below:


[image of music]

If you visit the documentation on fingering instructions (in Fingering instructions), you will notice:

See also

Internals Reference: Fingering.

Follow the link to Fingering. At the top of the page, you will see

Fingering objects are created by: Fingering_engraver and New_fingering_engraver.

By following related links inside the program reference, we can follow the flow of information within the program:

This path goes against the flow of information in the program: it starts from the output, and ends at the input event. You could also start at an input event, and read with the flow of information, eventually ending up at the output object(s).

The program reference can also be browsed like a normal document. It contains chapters on Music definitions, on Translation, and the Backend. Every chapter lists all the definitions used and all properties that may be tuned.

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