5.2.3 Determining the grob property

Recall that we wanted to change the position of the 2 in


[image of music]

Since the 2 is vertically positioned next to its note, we have to meddle with the interface associated with this positioning. This is done using side-position-interface. The page for this interface says


Position a victim object (this one) next to other objects (the support). The property direction signifies where to put the victim object relative to the support (left or right, up or down?)

Below this description, the variable padding is described as


(dimension, in staff space)

Add this much extra space between objects that are next to each other.

By increasing the value of padding, we can move the fingering away from the note head. The following command will insert “three staff spaces” worth of distance between the note and a fingering mark:

\once \override Voice.Fingering.padding = #3

Inserting the padding before the fingering object is created results in the following:

\once \override Voice.Fingering.padding = #3

[image of music]

In this case, the context for this tweak is Voice. See Fingering_engraver plug-in, which says:

Fingering_engraver is part of contexts: … Voice

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