4.4.3 Other programs

Other programs that can handle ‘PNG’, ‘EPS’, or ‘PDF’ formats should use lilypond instead of lilypond-book. Each LilyPond output file must be created and inserted separately. Consult the program’s own documentation on how to insert files from other sources.

To help reduce the white space around your LilyPond score, use the following options;

  bookTitleMarkup = ##f
  scoreTitleMarkup = ##f

… music …

To produce ‘EPS’ images;

lilypond -dbackend=eps -dno-gs-load-fonts -dinclude-eps-fonts myfile.ly

To produce ‘PNG’ images;

lilypond -dbackend=eps -dno-gs-load-fonts -dinclude-eps-fonts --png myfile.ly

For transparent ‘PNG’ images

lilypond -dbackend=eps -dno-gs-load-fonts -dinclude-eps-fonts -dpixmap-format=pngalpha --png myfile.ly

If you need to quote many fragments from a large score, you can also use the clip systems feature, see Extracting fragments of music.

LilyPond — Usage v2.23.82 (development-branch).