Dear music enthusiasts,

LilyPond is a program for making beautiful music notation.  It is
free/open source software, and is available for all popular operating
systems. It runs on most Unix flavors --including Linux and MacOS X-- and MS
Windows. Use it for your music too!

LilyPond version 2.2 was released today!

This release has completely revamped support for for orchestral score
formatting, cue notes, font size management, lyric formatting, drum
notation/playback and document integration.

In addition, it has numerous syntax simplifications, proper support
for 8va brackets, and a completely updated manual.

Go and grab it at

A big thank-you goes out to our contributors:

David Bobroff, Edward Sanford Sutton, Heikki Junes, and Nicolas

Also thanks to our bug-hunters:

Alexandre Beneteau, Andrew McNabb, Atte Andre Jensen , Bertalan Fodor,
Bruce McIntyre, Dave Symonds, David Bobroff, Darius, Delma Avers, Doug
Linhardt, Eric Wurbel, Erik Sandberg, Ferenc Wagner, Hans Forbrich,
John Williams, José Luis Cruz, Juergen Reuter, Kieren Richard
MacMillan, Laurent Martelli, Mats Bengtsson, Matthias Kilian, Nancho
Alvarez, Nick Busigin, Nicolas Sceaux , Olivier Guery, Patrick
Atamaniuk, Paul Scott, Pawel D, Pedro Kroger, Ray McKinney, Reuben
Thomas, Rob V, Stef Epardaud, Thomas Willhalm, Thomas Scharkowski, Tom
Bäckström, Werner Lemberg, and Will Oram.

Happy music printing,

Han-Wen Nienhuys & Jan Nieuwenhuizen
(core development team)

New features in 2.2