LilyPond - Music Notation for Everyone.

LilyPond is a free/open source package to create beautiful music
notation.  With version 2.6, LilyPond is now truly for everyone.

- For every platform

  LilyPond now installs in a snap on Windows, MacOS X, and any version
  of Linux.  Get up and running in minutes!

- For every language

  Pango text formatting lets you print Unicode lyrics in your favorite
  script and font.

- For every application

  Create SVG files, and edit them in Inkscape.

In addition, version 2.6 adds support for

 - staves starting anywhere on the page
 - solfa notation
 - arrowed lines
 - better auto-beaming
 - circled text
 - string-number notation
 - better ledger line formatting
 - score separators
 - cleaner syntax for text markup
 - pagebreaks around titles
 - stemlets on beams
 - easier titles customization
 - direct PostScript or SVG output
 - (te)TeX no longer necessary
 - revised manual
 - website now translated into Dutch and French

Grab it at