5.1.3 Naming conventions of objects and properties

We met some object naming conventions previously, in Contexts and engravers. Here for reference is a list of the most common object and property types together with the conventions for naming them and a couple of examples of some real names. We have used ‘A’ to stand for any capitalized alphabetic character and ‘aaa’ to stand for any number of lower-case alphabetic characters. Other characters are used verbatim.

Object/property typeNaming conventionExamples
ContextsAaaa or AaaaAaaaAaaaStaff, GrandStaff
Layout ObjectsAaaa or AaaaAaaaAaaaSlur, NoteHead
EngraversAaaa_aaa_engraverClef_engraver, Note_heads_engraver
Interfacesaaa-aaa-interfacegrob-interface, break-aligned-interface
Context Propertiesaaa or aaaAaaaAaaaalignAboveContext, skipBars
Layout Object Propertiesaaa or aaa-aaa-aaadirection, beam-thickness

As we shall see shortly, the properties of different types of object are modified by different commands, so it is useful to be able to recognize the types of objects and properties from their names.

See also

Notation Reference: Naming conventions, Modifying properties.

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