1.1.2 MacOS X

注意:These instructions assume that you are using the LilyPond application. If you are using any of the programs described in Easier editing, consult the documentation for those programs should you have any problems.

Step 1. Create your ‘.ly’ file

Double-click on LilyPond.app and an example file will open.


From the menus along the top left of your screen, select File > Save.


Choose a name for your file, for example ‘test.ly’.


Step 2. Compile (with LilyPad)

From the same menus, select Compile > Typeset.


A new window will open showing a progress log of the compilation of the file you have just saved.


Step 3. View output

Once the compilation has finished, a PDF file is created with the same name as the original file; it gets automatically opened in the default PDF viewer and displayed on your screen.


Other commands

To create new files for LilyPond, begin by selecting File > New


or File > Open to open and edit existing files you have saved previously.


You must save any new edits you make to your file before you Compile > Typeset and if the PDF file is not displayed check the window with the progress log for any errors.

If you are not using the default Preview PDF viewer that comes with the Mac Operating system and you have the PDF file generated from a previous compilation open, then any further compilations may fail to generate an updated PDF until you close the original PDF file.

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