2.2.31 Default_bar_line_engraver

This engraver determines what kind of automatic bar lines should be produced, and sets whichBar accordingly. It should be at the same level as Timing_translator.

Properties (read)

automaticBars (boolean)

If set to false then bar lines will not be printed automatically; they must be explicitly created with a \bar command. Unlike the \cadenzaOn keyword, measures are still counted. Bar line generation will resume according to that count if this property is unset.

barAlways (boolean)

If set to true a bar line is drawn after each note.

defaultBarType (string)

Set the default type of bar line. See whichBar for information on available bar types.

This variable is read by Timing_translator at Score level.

measureStartNow (boolean)

True at the beginning of a measure.

Properties (write)

whichBar (string)

This property is read to determine what type of bar line to create.


\set Staff.whichBar = ".|:"

This will create a start-repeat bar in this staff only. Valid values are described in ‘scm/bar-line.scm’.

Default_bar_line_engraver is part of the following context(s) in \layout: Score.

Internals Reference v2.23.5 (development-branch).