2.2.26 Default_bar_line_engraver

This engraver determines what kind of automatic bar lines should be produced, and sets whichBar accordingly. It should be at the same level as Timing_translator.

Properties (read)

automaticBars (boolean)

If set to false then bar lines will not be printed automatically; they must be explicitly created with a \bar command. Unlike the \cadenzaOn keyword, measures are still counted. Bar line generation will resume according to that count if this property is unset.

barAlways (boolean)

If set to true a bar line is drawn after each note.

defaultBarType (string)

Set the default type of bar line. See whichBar for information on available bar types.

This variable is read by Timing_translator at Score level.

measureLength (moment)

Length of one measure in the current time signature.

measurePosition (moment)

How much of the current measure have we had. This can be set manually to create incomplete measures.

timing (boolean)

Keep administration of measure length, position, bar number, etc.? Switch off for cadenzas.

whichBar (string)

This property is read to determine what type of bar line to create.


\set Staff.whichBar = ".|:"

This will create a start-repeat bar in this staff only. Valid values are described in ‘scm/bar-line.scm’.

Default_bar_line_engraver is part of the following context(s): Score.

Internals Reference v2.22.2 (stable-branch).