13.6 Unsorted policies

Language-specific mailing lists

A translator can ask for an official lilypond-xy mailing list once they’ve finished all “priority 1” translation items.

Performing yearly copyright update (“grand-replace”)

At the start of each year, copyright notices for all source files should be refreshed by running the following command from the top of the source tree:

make grand-replace

Internally, this invokes the script ‘scripts/build/grand-replace.py’, which performs a regular expression substitution for old-year -> new-year wherever it finds a valid copyright notice.

Note that snapshots of third party files such as ‘texinfo.tex’ should not be included in the automatic update; ‘grand-replace.py’ ignores these files if they are listed in the variable copied_files.

Push git access

Git access is given out when a contributor has a significant record of patches being accepted without problems. If existing developers are tired of pushing patches for a contributor, we’ll discuss giving them push access. Unsolicited requests from contributors for access will almost always be turned down.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.22.2 (stable-branch).