11.4 Release extra notes

Regenerating regression tests

Regenerating regtests (if the lilypond-book naming has changed):


If releasing stable/2.12, then:

Updating a release (changing a in x.y.z-a)

Really tentative instructions, almost certainly can be done better.

  1. change the VERSION back to release you want. push change. (hopefully you’ll have forgotten to update it when you made your last release)
  2. make sure that there aren’t any lilypond files floating around in target/ (like usr/bin/lilypond).
  3. build the specific package(s) you want, i.e.
    bin/gub mingw::lilypond-installer
    make LILYPOND_BRANCH=stable/2.12 -f lilypond.make doc
    bin/gub --platform=darwin-x86 \


    build everything with the normal "make lilypond", then (maybe) manually delete stuff you don’t want to upload.

  4. manually upload them. good luck figuring out the rsync command(s). Hints are in test-lily/


    run the normal lilypond-upload command, and (maybe) manually delete stuff you didn’t want to upload from the server.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.22.2 (stable-branch).