D. LilyPond command index

This index lists all the LilyPond commands and keywords with links to those sections of the manual which describe or discuss their use. Each link is in two parts. The first part points to the exact location in the manual where the command or keyword appears; the second part points to the start of the section of the manual in which the command or keyword appears.

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Index Entry Section


"|"Bar and bar number checks

'Absolute octave entry

,Absolute octave entry

-Articulations and ornamentations


/Extended and altered chords
/+Extended and altered chords

:Tremolo repeats

<Chorded notes
<...>Chorded notes
<>Chorded notes
<>Changing staff manually

=Octave checks

>Chorded notes


[Manual beams

\(Phrasing slurs
\)Phrasing slurs
\=A.19 Available music functions
\abs-fontsizeSelecting font and font size
\abs-fontsizeA.11.1 Font
\accentArticulations and ornamentations
\accentusGregorian articulation signs
\accepts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\accepts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\accepts5.1.7 Context layout order
\acciaccaturaGrace notes
\accidentalStyleAutomatic accidentals
\addChordShapePredefined fret diagrams
\addlyricsAligning lyrics to a melody
\addlyricsAutomatic syllable durations
\addlyricsUsing \addlyrics
\addQuoteQuoting other voices
\aeolianKey signature
\afterGraceGrace notes
\aikenHeadsShape note heads
\aikenHeadsMinorShape note heads
\alias5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\allowPageTurnPredefined commands
\alterBrokenUsing \alterBroken
\alternative1.4.1 Long repeats
\appendToTagUsing tags
\applyContext5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
\appoggiaturaGrace notes
\arabicStringNumbersString number indications
\arrow-headGraphic notation inside markup
\arrow-headA.11.3 Graphic
\ascendensGregorian square neume ligatures
\ascendensPredefined commands
\auctumGregorian square neume ligatures
\auctumPredefined commands
\augmentumPredefined commands
\auto-footnoteA.11.7 Other
\autoBeamOffAutomatic beams
\autoBeamOffCross-staff stems
\autoBeamOnAutomatic beams
\autoBreaksOff4.3.1 Line breaking
\autoBreaksOn4.3.1 Line breaking
\autochangeChanging staff automatically
\autoLineBreaksOff4.3.1 Line breaking
\autoLineBreaksOn4.3.1 Line breaking
\autoPageBreaksOffManual page breaking
\autoPageBreaksOnManual page breaking
\backslashed-digitA.11.7 Other
\balloonGrobTextBalloon help
\balloonLengthOffBalloon help
\balloonLengthOnBalloon help
\balloonTextBalloon help
\barBar lines
\barBar lines
\barNumberCheckBar and bar number checks
\bassFigureExtendersOffEntering figured bass
\bassFigureExtendersOnEntering figured bass
\bassFigureStaffAlignmentDownDisplaying figured bass
\bassFigureStaffAlignmentNeutralDisplaying figured bass
\bassFigureStaffAlignmentUpDisplaying figured bass
\beamA.11.3 Graphic
\beamExceptionsSetting automatic beam behavior
\bendAfterFalls and doits
\blackTriangleMarkupCustomizing chord names
\boldSelecting font and font size
\boldA.11.1 Font
\book3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\book3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\book3.1.5 File structure
\bookOutputName3.1.4 Output file names
\bookOutputSuffix3.1.4 Output file names
\bookpart3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\bookpart3.1.5 File structure
\bookpartManual page breaking
\boxGraphic notation inside markup
\boxA.11.1 Font
\bracketNew dynamic marks
\bracketGraphic notation inside markup
\bracketA.11.3 Graphic
\break4.3.1 Line breaking
\breatheBreath marks
\cadenzaOffUnmetered music
\cadenzaOnUnmetered music
\caesuraPredefined commands
\capsA.11.1 Font
\cavumGregorian square neume ligatures
\cavumPredefined commands
\center-alignText alignment
\center-alignA.11.2 Align
\center-columnText alignment
\center-columnA.11.2 Align
\changeChanging staff manually
\charA.11.7 Other
\chordmodeSee also
\chordmodeSee also
\chordmodePredefined fret diagrams
\chordmode Chord mode
\chordRepeatsDefault tablatures
\chords Chord mode
\circleGraphic notation inside markup
\circleA.11.3 Graphic
\circulusGregorian articulation signs
\cm5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\codaArticulations and ornamentations
\columnText alignment
\columnA.11.2 Align
\column-linesA.12 Text markup list commands
\combineGraphic notation inside markup
\combineA.11.2 Align
\compound-meterA.11.4 Music
\compoundMeter Different time signatures with unequal-length measures
\compressMMRestsFull measure rests
\compressMMRestsFull measure rests
\concatA.11.2 Align
\consists5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
\consists5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\context5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
\contextChanging all contexts of the same type
\crossStaffCross-staff stems
\cueClefFormatting cue notes
\cueClefUnsetFormatting cue notes
\cueDuringFormatting cue notes
\cueDuringWithClefFormatting cue notes
\customTabClefA.11.4 Music
\deadNoteSpecial note heads
\deadNotesOffSpecial note heads
\deadNotesOnSpecial note heads
\defaultRehearsal marks
\default Music footnotes overview
\defaultchild5.1.7 Context layout order
\defaultTimeSignatureTime signature
\defineBarLineBar lines
\deminutumGregorian square neume ligatures
\deminutumPredefined commands
\denies5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\denies5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\denies5.1.7 Context layout order
\descendensGregorian square neume ligatures
\descendensPredefined commands
\dir-columnA.11.2 Align
\discantA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\displayLilyMusic3.6.1 Displaying LilyPond notation
\divisioMaiorPredefined commands
\divisioMaximaPredefined commands
\divisioMinimaPredefined commands
\dorianKey signature
\doubleflatA.11.4 Music
\doublesharpA.11.4 Music
\downbowArticulations and ornamentations
\downbowBowing indications
\downmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\downprallArticulations and ornamentations
\draw-circleGraphic notation inside markup
\draw-circleA.11.3 Graphic
\draw-dashed-lineA.11.3 Graphic
\draw-dotted-lineA.11.3 Graphic
\draw-hlineA.11.3 Graphic
\draw-lineGraphic notation inside markup
\draw-lineA.11.3 Graphic
\draw-squiggle-lineA.11.3 Graphic
\drummodeInstantiating new staves
\drummodeBasic percussion notation
\drummode Drum mode
\drumsBasic percussion notation
\drums Drum mode
\dwnArabic note names
\dynamicNew dynamic marks
\dynamicA.11.1 Font
\easyHeadsOffEasy notation note heads
\easyHeadsOnEasy notation note heads
\ellipseA.11.3 Graphic
\endSpannersUsing the line-spanner-interface
\episemFinisGregorian articulation signs
\episemInitiumGregorian articulation signs
\epsfileGraphic notation inside markup
\epsfileA.11.3 Graphic
\espressivoArticulations and ornamentations
\etc5.6.2 Substitution function examples
\eyeglassesA.11.7 Other
\featherDurationsFeathered beams
\fermataArticulations and ornamentations
\fermataA.11.4 Music
\fermataMarkupFull measure rests
\fermataMarkupFull measure rests
\fermataMarkupArticulations and ornamentations
\figuremodeIntroduction to figured bass
\figuremode Figure mode
\figuresIntroduction to figured bass
\figures Figure mode
\fill-lineText alignment
\fill-lineA.11.2 Align
\fill-with-patternA.11.2 Align
\filled-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\filled-boxA.11.3 Graphic
\finalisPredefined commands
\fingerFingering instructions
\fingerA.11.1 Font
\first-visibleA.11.7 Other
\fixedAbsolute octave entry
\flageoletArticulations and ornamentations
\flatA.11.4 Music
\flexaPredefined commands
\fontCapsA.11.1 Font
\fontsizeSelecting font and font size
\fontsizeA.11.1 Font
\footnoteFootnotes in music expressions
\footnoteA.11.7 Other
\fractionA.11.7 Other
\freeBassA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\frenchChordsCustomizing chord names
\fret-diagramFret diagram markups
\fret-diagramA.11.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\fret-diagram-terseFret diagram markups
\fret-diagram-terseA.11.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\fret-diagram-verboseFret diagram markups
\fret-diagram-verboseA.11.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\frompropertyA.11.7 Other
\funkHeadsShape note heads
\funkHeadsMinorShape note heads
\general-alignText alignment
\general-alignA.11.2 Align
\germanChordsCustomizing chord names
\graceGrace notes
\halfopenArticulations and ornamentations
\halignText alignment
\halignA.11.2 Align
\harmonicSpecial note heads
\harmonicDefault tablatures
\harmonicByFretDefault tablatures
\harmonicByRatioDefault tablatures
\harp-pedalA.11.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\hbracketGraphic notation inside markup
\hbracketA.11.3 Graphic
\hcenter-inA.11.2 Align
\header3.1.5 File structure
\hideMaking objects transparent
\hideKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
\hideNotesHidden notes
\hideSplitTiedTabNotesDefault tablatures
\hideStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
\hspaceA.11.2 Align
\hugeSelecting notation font size
\hugeSelecting font and font size
\hugeA.11.1 Font
\ictusGregorian articulation signs
\iijGregorian square neume ligatures
\IIJGregorian square neume ligatures
\ijGregorian square neume ligatures
\IJGregorian square neume ligatures
\improvisationOffShowing melody rhythms
\improvisationOnShowing melody rhythms
\in5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\inclinatumGregorian square neume ligatures
\inclinatumPredefined commands
\include3.1.5 File structure
\include3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
\inherit-acceptability5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\inStaffSegnoNormal repeats
\ionianKey signature
\italianChordsCustomizing chord names
\italicSelecting font and font size
\italicA.11.1 Font
\justified-linesMulti-page markup
\justified-linesA.12 Text markup list commands
\justifyText alignment
\justifyA.11.2 Align
\justify-fieldA.11.2 Align
\justify-lineA.11.2 Align
\justify-stringA.11.2 Align
\keepWithTagUsing tags
\keyKey signature
\keyShape note heads
\kievanOffKievan notes
\kievanOnKievan notes
\killCuesFormatting cue notes
\labelPredefined commands
\largeSelecting notation font size
\largeSelecting font and font size
\largeA.11.1 Font
\largerSelecting font and font size
\largerSelecting font and font size
\largerA.11.1 Font
\layout3.1.5 File structure
\layout4.2.1 The \layout block
\layoutOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
\layoutChanging all contexts of the same type
\left-alignText alignment
\left-alignA.11.2 Align
\left-braceA.11.7 Other
\left-columnA.11.2 Align
\lheelArticulations and ornamentations
\lineA.11.2 Align
\lineaGregorian square neume ligatures
\lineaPredefined commands
\lineprallArticulations and ornamentations
\locrianKey signature
\longfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\lookupA.11.7 Other
\lowerText alignment
\lowerA.11.2 Align
\ltoeArticulations and ornamentations
\lydianKey signature
\lyricmodeEntering lyrics
\lyricmodeAligning lyrics to a melody
\lyricmode Lyrics mode
\lyrics Lyrics mode
\lyricstoAligning lyrics to a melody
\lyricstoAutomatic syllable durations
\lyricstoUsing \lyricsto
\magnifySelecting font and font size
\magnifyA.11.1 Font
\magnifyMusicSelecting notation font size
\magnifyStaff4.2.2 Setting the staff size
\majorKey signature
\map-markup-commandsA.12 Text markup list commands
\marcatoArticulations and ornamentations
\markRehearsal marks
\markText marks
\markalphabetA.11.7 Other
\markLengthOffMetronome marks
\markLengthOffText marks
\markLengthOnMetronome marks
\markLengthOnText marks
\markletterA.11.7 Other
\markupText marks
\markupSeparate text
\markupSeparate text
\markupText markup introduction
\markup Markup mode
\markuplistSeparate text
\markuplistMulti-page markup
\markuplistSee also
\mediumA.11.1 Font
\melismaMultiple notes to one syllable
\melismaEndMultiple notes to one syllable
\mergeDifferentlyDottedOffCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyDottedOnCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyHeadedOffCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyHeadedOnCollision resolution
\midi3.1.5 File structure
\midiOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
\minorKey signature
\mixolydianKey signature
\mm5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\modalInversion Modal inversion
\modalTranspose Modal transposition
\mordentArticulations and ornamentations
\musicglyphRehearsal marks
\musicglyphA.11.4 Music
\name5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\naturalA.11.4 Music
\new5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
\newSpacingSection4.5.2 New spacing section
\noBeamManual beams
\noBreak4.3.1 Line breaking
\noPageBreakManual page breaking
\noPageTurnPredefined commands
\normal-size-subA.11.1 Font
\normal-size-superSelecting font and font size
\normal-size-superA.11.1 Font
\normal-textA.11.1 Font
\normalsizeSelecting notation font size
\normalsizeSelecting font and font size
\normalsizeA.11.1 Font
\noteA.11.4 Music
\note-by-numberA.11.4 Music
\notemode Note mode
\nullText alignment
\nullA.11.7 Other
\numberA.11.1 Font
\numericTimeSignatureTime signature
\octaveCheckOctave checks
\offset5.3.6 The \offset command
\omitRemoving the stencil
\on-the-flyCustom layout for headers and footers
\on-the-flyA.11.7 Other
\once5.3.3 The \override command
\once\offset as an override
\onceUsing \alterBroken
\oneVoiceSingle-staff polyphony
\openArticulations and ornamentations
\openBowing indications
\oriscusGregorian square neume ligatures
\oriscusPredefined commands
\ottavaOttava brackets
\ovalA.11.3 Graphic
\overlayA.11.2 Align
\override5.3.3 The \override command
\override5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\overrideA.11.7 Other
\override-linesA.12 Text markup list commands
\overrideProperty5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\overrideTimeSignatureSettingsTime signature
\overtieA.11.1 Font
\pad-aroundGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-aroundA.11.2 Align
\pad-markupGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-markupA.11.2 Align
\pad-to-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-to-boxA.11.2 Align
\pad-xGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-xA.11.2 Align
\page-linkA.11.7 Other
\page-refPredefined commands
\page-refA.11.7 Other
\pageBreakManual page breaking
\pageTurnPredefined commands
\paper3.1.5 File structure
\paper4.1.2 Paper size and automatic scaling
\parallelMusicWriting music in parallel
\parenthesizeA.11.3 Graphic
\partcombineAutomatic part combining
\partcombinePolyphony with shared lyrics
\partcombineApartAutomatic part combining
\partcombineAutomaticAutomatic part combining
\partcombineChordsAutomatic part combining
\partcombineSoloIAutomatic part combining
\partcombineSoloIIAutomatic part combining
\partcombineUnisonoAutomatic part combining
\partial1.4.1 Long repeats
\partialNormal repeats
\pathA.11.3 Graphic
\patternA.11.7 Other
\pesPredefined commands
\phrasingSlurDashedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDashPatternPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDottedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDownPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurHalfDashedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurHalfSolidPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurNeutralPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurSolidPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurUpPhrasing slurs
\phrygianKey signature
\portatoArticulations and ornamentations
\postscriptGraphic notation inside markup
\postscriptA.11.3 Graphic
\powerChordsIndicating power chords
\prallArticulations and ornamentations
\pralldownArticulations and ornamentations
\prallmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\prallprallArticulations and ornamentations
\prallupArticulations and ornamentations
\predefinedFretboardsOffAutomatic fret diagrams
\predefinedFretboardsOnAutomatic fret diagrams
\property-recursiveA.11.7 Other
\pt5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\pushToTagUsing tags
\put-adjacentA.11.2 Align
\quilismaGregorian square neume ligatures
\quilismaPredefined commands
\quoteDuringQuoting other voices
\quoteDuringFormatting cue notes
\raiseText alignment
\raiseA.11.2 Align
\reduceChordsShowing melody rhythms
\relativeRelative octave entry
\relativeSee also
\relativeSee also
\relativeChanging staff automatically
\remove5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
\RemoveAllEmptyStavesHiding staves
\RemoveEmptyStavesHiding staves
\removeWithTagUsing tags
\repeat1.4.1 Long repeats
\repeat percentPercent repeats
\repeat tremoloTremolo repeats
\repeatTieNormal repeats
\repeatTieRepeats with alternative endings
\replaceA.11.1 Font
\resetRelativeOctaveRelative octave entry
\responsumGregorian square neume ligatures
\restA.11.4 Music
\rest-by-numberA.11.4 Music
\reverseturnArticulations and ornamentations
\revert5.3.3 The \override command
\revertTimeSignatureSettingsTime signature
\rheelArticulations and ornamentations
\right-alignText alignment
\right-alignA.11.2 Align
\right-braceA.11.7 Other
\right-columnA.11.2 Align
\rightHandFingerRight-hand fingerings
\romanA.11.1 Font
\romanStringNumbersBowing indications
\romanStringNumbersString number indications
\rotateA.11.2 Align
\rounded-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\rounded-boxA.11.3 Graphic
\rtoeArticulations and ornamentations
\sacredHarpHeadsShape note heads
\sacredHarpHeadsMinorShape note heads
\sansA.11.1 Font
\scaleA.11.3 Graphic
\scaleDurationsScaling durations
\scaleDurationsPolymetric notation
\score3.1.1 Structure of a score
\score3.1.5 File structure
\scoreA.11.4 Music
\score-linesA.12 Text markup list commands
\segnoArticulations and ornamentations
\semicirculusGregorian articulation signs
\semiflatA.11.4 Music
\semiGermanChordsCustomizing chord names
\semisharpA.11.4 Music
\sesquiflatA.11.4 Music
\sesquisharpA.11.4 Music
\setSetting automatic beam behavior
\set5.3.2 The \set command
\set5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\shape Specifying displacements from current control points
\sharpA.11.4 Music
\shiftOffCollision resolution
\shiftOnCollision resolution
\shiftOnnCollision resolution
\shiftOnnnCollision resolution
\shortfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\showKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
\showStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
\signumcongruentiaeArticulations and ornamentations
\simpleA.11.1 Font
\single Time-based footnotes
\single\offset as an override
\skipInvisible rests
\skipRepeats with alternative endings
\slashed-digitA.11.7 Other
\slashedGraceGrace notes
\slashSeparatorMiscellaneous \paper variables
\smallSelecting notation font size
\smallSelecting font and font size
\smallA.11.1 Font
\smallCapsA.11.1 Font
\smallerSelecting font and font size
\smallerSelecting font and font size
\smallerA.11.1 Font
\snappizzicatoArticulations and ornamentations
\sostenutoOffPiano pedals
\sostenutoOnPiano pedals
\sourcefileline3.1.5 File structure
\sourcefilename3.1.5 File structure
\southernHarmonyHeadsShape note heads
\southernHarmonyHeadsMinorShape note heads
\staccatissimoArticulations and ornamentations
\staccatoArticulations and ornamentations
\staff-space5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\startGroupAnalysis brackets
\startStaffStaff symbol
\startStaffOssia staves
\stdBassA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassIVA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassVA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassVIA.11.6 Accordion Registers
\stencilA.11.7 Other
\stopGroupAnalysis brackets
\stoppedArticulations and ornamentations
\stopStaffStaff symbol
\stopStaffOssia staves
\stopStaffHiding staves
\storePredefinedDiagramPredefined fret diagrams
\stringTuningCustom tablatures
\strophaGregorian square neume ligatures
\strophaPredefined commands
\strutA.11.7 Other
\subSelecting font and font size
\subA.11.1 Font
\superSelecting font and font size
\superA.11.1 Font
\sustainOffPiano pedals
\sustainOnPiano pedals
\tabChordRepeatsDefault tablatures
\tabFullNotationDefault tablatures
\tableA.12 Text markup list commands
\table-of-contentsPredefined commands
\table-of-contentsA.12 Text markup list commands
\tagUsing tags
\tagGroupUsing tags
\taorBagpipe definitions
\teenySelecting notation font size
\teenySelecting font and font size
\teenyA.11.1 Font
\tempoMetronome marks
\temporary\offset as an override
\temporaryUsing \alterBroken
\tenutoArticulations and ornamentations
\textA.11.1 Font
\textLengthOffFull measure rests
\textLengthOffText scripts
\textLengthOnFull measure rests
\textLengthOnText scripts
\textSpannerDownText spanners
\textSpannerNeutralText spanners
\textSpannerUpText spanners
\thumbArticulations and ornamentations
\thumbFingering instructions
\tieA.11.1 Font
\tied-lyricA.11.4 Music
\timeTime signature
\timeSetting automatic beam behavior
\tinySelecting notation font size
\tinySelecting font and font size
\tinyA.11.1 Font
\tocItemPredefined commands
\tocItemWithDotsMarkup3.2.6 Table of contents
\translateText alignment
\translateA.11.2 Align
\translate-scaledText alignment
\translate-scaledA.11.2 Align
\transparentA.11.7 Other
\transposeSee also
\transposeSee also
\transposedCueDuringFormatting cue notes
\transpositionInstrument transpositions
\transpositionQuoting other voices
\treCordePiano pedals
\triangleGraphic notation inside markup
\triangleA.11.3 Graphic
\trillArticulations and ornamentations
\tupletPolymetric notation
\turnArticulations and ornamentations
\tweak5.3.4 The \tweak command
\tweak5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\type5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\typewriterA.11.1 Font
\unaCordaPiano pedals
\underlineSelecting font and font size
\underlineA.11.1 Font
\undertieA.11.1 Font
\undo\offset as an override
\unfoldRepeats3.5.6 Using repeats with MIDI
\unHideNotesHidden notes
\unset5.3.2 The \set command
\upbowArticulations and ornamentations
\upbowBowing indications
\upmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\upprallArticulations and ornamentations
\uprightA.11.1 Font
\varcodaArticulations and ornamentations
\vcenterA.11.2 Align
\verbatim-fileA.11.7 Other
\version3.1.5 File structure
\versusGregorian square neume ligatures
\verylongfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\virgaGregorian square neume ligatures
\virgaPredefined commands
\virgulaPredefined commands
\voiceFourSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceFourStyleVoice styles
\voiceNeutralStyleVoice styles
\voiceOneSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceOneStyleVoice styles
\voices Voice order
\voiceThreeSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceThreeStyleVoice styles
\voiceTwoSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceTwoStyleVoice styles
\void3.6.1 Displaying LilyPond notation
\vspaceA.11.2 Align
\walkerHeadsShape note heads
\walkerHeadsMinorShape note heads
\whiteoutA.11.7 Other
\whiteTriangleMarkupCustomizing chord names
\with5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
\withChanging just one specific context
\with-colorColoring objects
\with-colorA.11.7 Other
\with-dimensionsA.11.7 Other
\with-dimensions-fromA.11.7 Other
\with-linkA.11.7 Other
\with-outlineA.11.7 Other
\with-urlA.11.3 Graphic
\woodwind-diagramA.11.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\wordwrapText alignment
\wordwrapA.11.2 Align
\wordwrap-fieldA.11.2 Align
\wordwrap-internalA.12 Text markup list commands
\wordwrap-linesMulti-page markup
\wordwrap-linesA.12 Text markup list commands
\wordwrap-stringA.11.2 Align
\wordwrap-string-internalA.12 Text markup list commands
\xNoteSpecial note heads
\xNotesOffSpecial note heads
\xNotesOnSpecial note heads

]Manual beams

^Extended and altered chords

_Multiple syllables to one note

|Bar and bar number checks
|Bar and bar number checks


absoluteA.19 Available music functions
acciaccaturaA.19 Available music functions
accidentalStyleA.19 Available music functions
addChordShapeA.19 Available music functions
addInstrumentDefinitionA.19 Available music functions
additionalPitchPrefixCustomizing chord names
addQuoteA.19 Available music functions
afterGraceA.19 Available music functions
alignAboveContext5.1.7 Context layout order
alignBelowContextSimple repeats
alignBelowContext5.1.7 Context layout order
allowPageTurnA.19 Available music functions
allowVoltaHookA.19 Available music functions
alterBrokenA.19 Available music functions
annotate-spacing4.6.1 Displaying spacing
appendToTagA.19 Available music functions
applyContextA.19 Available music functions
applyMusicA.19 Available music functions
applyOutputA.19 Available music functions
appoggiaturaA.19 Available music functions
assertBeamQuantA.19 Available music functions
assertBeamSlopeA.19 Available music functions
augCommon chords
auto-first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
autoBeamingSetting automatic beam behavior
autoBeamingOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
autochangeA.19 Available music functions

balloonGrobTextBalloon help
balloonGrobTextA.19 Available music functions
balloonTextBalloon help
balloonTextA.19 Available music functions
Balloon_engraverBalloon help
banjo-c-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-modal-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-open-d-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-open-dm-tuningBanjo tablatures
barA.19 Available music functions
barCheckSynchronizeBar and bar number checks
BarNumberBar numbers
barNumberCheckA.19 Available music functions
barNumberVisibilityBar numbers
bartypeBar lines
base-shortest-duration4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
baseMomentSetting automatic beam behavior
beamExceptionsA.19 Available music functions
beatStructureSetting automatic beam behavior
bendAfterA.19 Available music functions
binding-offset\paper variables for two-sided mode
blank-after-score-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
blank-last-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
blank-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
bookOutputNameA.19 Available music functions
bookOutputSuffixA.19 Available music functions
bookTitleMarkupCustom layout for titles
bottom-margin4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
bracketPiano pedals
breakablePredefined commands
breatheA.19 Available music functions

check-consistency\paper variables for widths and margins
choralAutomatic accidentals
choral-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
chordChangesSelected Snippets
chordNameExceptionsCustomizing chord names
chordNameLowercaseMinorCustomizing chord names
ChordNamesPredefined fret diagrams
chordNameSeparatorCustomizing chord names
chordNoteNamerCustomizing chord names
chordPrefixSpacerCustomizing chord names
chordRepeatsA.19 Available music functions
chordRootNamerCustomizing chord names
chordsPrinting chord names
clefA.19 Available music functions
clip-regions3.4 Controlling output
colorColoring objects
common-shortest-duration4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
Completion_heads_engraverAutomatic note splitting
Completion_rest_engraverAutomatic note splitting
compoundMeterA.19 Available music functions
compressMMRestsA.19 Available music functions
controlpitchOctave checks
crossSpecial note heads
crossStaffA.19 Available music functions
cueClefA.19 Available music functions
cueClefUnsetA.19 Available music functions
cueDuringA.19 Available music functions
cueDuringWithClefA.19 Available music functions
currentBarNumberBar numbers
currentBarNumberTime administration

deadNoteA.19 Available music functions
defaultAutomatic accidentals
defaultAutomatic accidentals
default-staff-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
defaultBarTypeBar lines
defineBarLineA.19 Available music functions
dimCommon chords
displayLilyMusicA.19 Available music functions
displayMusicA.19 Available music functions
displaySchemeA.19 Available music functions
dodecaphonicAutomatic accidentals
dodecaphonic-firstAutomatic accidentals
dodecaphonic-no-repeatAutomatic accidentals
drumPitchNamesCustom percussion staves
drumPitchTableCustom percussion staves
DrumStaffInstantiating new staves
drumStyleTableCustom percussion staves

endSpannersA.19 Available music functions
eventChordsA.19 Available music functions
extra-offsetWithin-system spacing properties

featherDurationsA.19 Available music functions
fingerA.19 Available music functions
first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
fixedA.19 Available music functions
followVoiceStaff-change lines
font-interface Understanding the fontSize property
font-interfaceFonts explained
font-sizeSelecting notation font size
font-size Understanding the fontSize property
fontSizeSelecting notation font size
footnoteA.19 Available music functions
forgetAutomatic accidentals
four-string-banjoBanjo tablatures
fret-diagram-interfaceFret diagram markups
FretBoardsPredefined fret diagrams

graceA.19 Available music functions
GregorianTranscriptionStaffInstantiating new staves
gridIntervalGrid lines
Grid_line_span_engraverGrid lines
Grid_point_engraverGrid lines
grobdescriptionsA.19 Available music functions
grow-directionFeathered beams

harmonicByFretA.19 Available music functions
harmonicByRatioA.19 Available music functions
harmonicNoteA.19 Available music functions
harmonicsOnA.19 Available music functions
hideA.19 Available music functions
horizontal-shift\paper variables for shifts and indents
Horizontal_bracket_engraverAnalysis brackets
hugeSelecting notation font size

incipitA.19 Available music functions
indentInstrument names
indent\paper variables for shifts and indents
indent4.5.4 Line width
inherit-acceptabilityA.19 Available music functions
inner-margin\paper variables for two-sided mode
inStaffSegnoA.19 Available music functions
instrumentSwitchA.19 Available music functions
inversionA.19 Available music functions

keepWithTagA.19 Available music functions
keyA.19 Available music functions
killCuesA.19 Available music functions

labelA.19 Available music functions
languageA.19 Available music functions
languageRestoreA.19 Available music functions
languageSaveAndChangeA.19 Available music functions
largeSelecting notation font size
last-bottom-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
layout file4.2.2 Setting the staff size
layout-set-staff-size4.2.2 Setting the staff size
left-margin\paper variables for widths and margins
line-width\paper variables for widths and margins
line-width4.5.4 Line width
ly:minimal-breakingMinimal page breaking
ly:one-line-auto-height-breakingOne-line-auto-height page breaking
ly:one-line-breakingOne-line page breaking
ly:one-page-breakingOne-page page breaking
ly:optimal-breakingOptimal page breaking
ly:page-turn-breakingOptimal page turning

mCommon chords
magnification->font-sizeSelecting notation font size
magnification->font-size4.2.2 Setting the staff size
magnifyMusicSelecting notation font size
magnifyMusicA.19 Available music functions
magnifyStaffA.19 Available music functions
magstepSelecting notation font size
magstep4.2.2 Setting the staff size
magstep5.4.3 Distances and measurements
majCommon chords
majorSevenSymbolCustomizing chord names
make-dynamic-scriptNew dynamic marks
make-pango-font-treeEntire document fonts
makeClustersA.19 Available music functions
makeDefaultStringTuningA.19 Available music functions
markA.19 Available music functions
markup-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
markup-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
markupMapA.19 Available music functions
max-systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking
measureLengthSetting automatic beam behavior
measureLengthTime administration
measurePositionTime administration
MensuralStaffInstantiating new staves
midiBalance3.5.8 Context properties for MIDI effects
midiChannelMapping3.5.7 MIDI channel mapping
midiChorusLevel3.5.8 Context properties for MIDI effects
midiDrumPitchesCustom percussion staves
midiExpression3.5.8 Context properties for MIDI effects
midiPanPosition3.5.8 Context properties for MIDI effects
midiReverbLevel3.5.8 Context properties for MIDI effects
min-systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking
minimum-Y-extentWithin-system spacing properties
minimumFretDefault tablatures
minimumFretAutomatic fret diagrams
minimumPageTurnLengthOptimal page turning
minimumRepeatLengthForPageTurnOptimal page turning
minorChordModifierCustomizing chord names
mixedPiano pedals
modalInversionA.19 Available music functions
modalTransposeA.19 Available music functions
modernAutomatic accidentals
modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
modern-voiceAutomatic accidentals
modern-voice-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
MultiMeasureRestTextFull measure rests
musicMapA.19 Available music functions

neo-modernAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voiceAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voice-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
no-resetAutomatic accidentals
nonstaff-nonstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
nonstaff-relatedstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
nonstaff-unrelatedstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
noPageBreakA.19 Available music functions
noPageTurnA.19 Available music functions
normalsizeSelecting notation font size
Note_heads_engraverAutomatic note splitting

octaveCheckA.19 Available music functions
offsetA.19 Available music functions
omitA.19 Available music functions
onceA.19 Available music functions
ottavaA.19 Available music functions
outer-margin\paper variables for two-sided mode
outside-staff-horizontal-padding4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
outside-staff-padding4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
outside-staff-priority4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
overridePropertyA.19 Available music functions
overrideTimeSignatureSettingsA.19 Available music functions

page-breaking\paper variables for page breaking
page-breaking-system-system-spacing\paper variables for page breaking
page-count\paper variables for page breaking
page-number-type\paper variables for page numbering
page-spacing-weightMiscellaneous \paper variables
pageBreakA.19 Available music functions
pageTurnA.19 Available music functions
palmMuteA.19 Available music functions
palmMuteOnA.19 Available music functions
paper-height4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
paper-width\paper variables for widths and margins
parallelMusicA.19 Available music functions
parenthesizeA.19 Available music functions
partcombineA.19 Available music functions
partcombineDownA.19 Available music functions
partcombineForceA.19 Available music functions
partcombineUpA.19 Available music functions
partialA.19 Available music functions
pedalSustainStylePiano pedals
percentPercent repeats
phrasingSlurDashPatternA.19 Available music functions
pianoAutomatic accidentals
piano-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
PianoStaffReferences for keyboards
PianoStaffChanging staff automatically
pitchedTrillA.19 Available music functions
Pitch_squash_engraverShowing melody rhythms
pointAndClickOffA.19 Available music functions
pointAndClickOnA.19 Available music functions
pointAndClickTypesA.19 Available music functions
print-all-headersMiscellaneous \paper variables
print-first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
print-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
propertyOverrideA.19 Available music functions
propertyRevertA.19 Available music functions
propertySetA.19 Available music functions
propertyTweakA.19 Available music functions
propertyUnsetA.19 Available music functions
pushToTagA.19 Available music functions

quotedCueEventTypesQuoting other voices
quotedEventTypesQuoting other voices
quoteDuringA.19 Available music functions

RFull measure rests
ragged-bottom4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
ragged-last\paper variables for widths and margins
ragged-last4.5.4 Line width
ragged-last-bottom4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
ragged-right\paper variables for widths and margins
ragged-right4.5.4 Line width
reduceChordsA.19 Available music functions
relativeA.19 Available music functions
removeWithTagA.19 Available music functions
repeatCommandsManual repeat marks
resetRelativeOctaveA.19 Available music functions
restrainOpenStringsDefault tablatures
retrogradeA.19 Available music functions
revertTimeSignatureSettingsA.19 Available music functions
rgb-colorColoring objects
RhythmicStaffInstantiating new staves
right-margin\paper variables for widths and margins
rightHandFingerA.19 Available music functions

sInvisible rests
scaleDurationsA.19 Available music functions
score-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
score-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
scoreTitleMarkupCustom layout for titles
self-alignment-XWithin-system spacing properties
set-global-fontsEntire document fonts
set-global-staff-size4.2.2 Setting the staff size
set-octavationOttava brackets
settingsFromA.19 Available music functions
shapeA.19 Available music functions
shiftDurationsA.19 Available music functions
short-indentInstrument names
short-indent\paper variables for shifts and indents
show-available-fontsSingle entry fonts
showFirstLength3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
showLastLength3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
singleA.19 Available music functions
skipA.19 Available music functions
skipTypesetting3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
slashChordSeparatorCustomizing chord names
slashedGraceA.19 Available music functions
slurDashPatternA.19 Available music functions
smallSelecting notation font size
spacing4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
spacingTweaksA.19 Available music functions
Span_stem_engraverCross-staff stems
staff-affinityWithin-system spacing properties
staff-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
Staff.midiInstrument3.5.9 Enhancing MIDI output
staffgroup-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
Staff_symbol_engraverHiding staves
start-repeatManual repeat marks
StemCross-staff stems
stem-spacing-correction4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
stemLeftBeamCountManual beams
stemRightBeamCountManual beams
storePredefinedDiagramA.19 Available music functions
stringTuningA.19 Available music functions
stringTuningsCustom tablatures
stringTuningsPredefined fret diagrams
styledNoteHeadsA.19 Available music functions
suggestAccidentalsAnnotational accidentals (musica ficta)
susExtended and altered chords
system-count\paper variables for line breaking
system-separator-markupMiscellaneous \paper variables
system-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking

tabChordRepeatsA.19 Available music functions
tabChordRepetitionA.19 Available music functions
TabStaffInstantiating new staves
TabStaffDefault tablatures
TabVoiceDefault tablatures
tagA.19 Available music functions
tagGroupA.19 Available music functions
teachingAutomatic accidentals
teenySelecting notation font size
temporaryA.19 Available music functions
textPiano pedals
tieDashPatternA.19 Available music functions
timeA.19 Available music functions
timesA.19 Available music functions
timeSignatureFractionPolymetric notation
tinySelecting notation font size
tocItemA.19 Available music functions
top-margin4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
top-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
top-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
transposeA.19 Available music functions
transposedCueDuringA.19 Available music functions
transpositionA.19 Available music functions
tremoloTremolo repeats
tupletA.19 Available music functions
TupletNumberSelected Snippets
tupletNumberFormatFunctionSelected Snippets
tupletSpanA.19 Available music functions
tupletSpannerDurationSelected Snippets
tweakA.19 Available music functions
two-sided\paper variables for two-sided mode

undoA.19 Available music functions
unfoldWritten-out repeats
unfoldRepeatsA.19 Available music functions

VaticanaStaffInstantiating new staves
VerticalAxisGroupWithin-system spacing properties
voiceAutomatic accidentals
VoiceSingle-staff polyphony
voiceAutomatic accidentals
voicesA.19 Available music functions
voidA.19 Available music functions

whichBarBar lines
withMusicPropertyA.19 Available music functions

X-offsetWithin-system spacing properties
x11-colorColoring objects
x11-colorSee also
xNoteA.19 Available music functions

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