3.5.7 The Articulate script

A more realistic MIDI output is possible when using the Articulate script. It tries to take articulations (slurs, staccato, etc) into account, by replacing notes with sequential music of suitably time-scaled note plus skip. It also tries to unfold trills turns etc., and take rallentando and accelerando into account.

To use the Articulate script, you have to include it at the top of your input file,

\include "articulate.ly"

and in the \score section do

\unfoldRepeats \articulate <<
	all the rest of the score…

After altering your input file this way, the visual output is heavily altered, but the standard \midi block will produce a better MIDI file.

Although not essential for the Articulate script to work, you may want to insert the \unfoldRepeats command as it appears in the example shown above as it enables performing abbreviatures such as trills.

Known issues and warnings

Articulate shortens chords and some music (esp. organ music) could sound worse.

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