3.4.4 Replacing the notation font

Gonville is an alternative to the Feta font used in LilyPond and can be downloaded from:


Here are a few sample bars of music set in Gonville:


Here are a few sample bars of music set in LilyPond’s Feta font:


Installation Instructions for MacOS

Download and extract the zip file. Copy the lilyfonts directory to ‘SHARE_DIR/lilypond/current’; for more information, see Other sources of information. Rename the existing fonts directory to fonts_orig and the lilyfonts directory to fonts. To revert back to Feta, reverse the process.

See also

Learning Manual: Other sources of information.

Known issues and warnings

Gonville cannot be used to typeset ‘Ancient Music’ notation and it is likely newer glyphs in later releases of LilyPond may not exist in the Gonville font family. Please refer to the author’s website for more information on these and other specifics, including licensing of Gonville.

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