E. LilyPond index

In addition to all the LilyPond commands and keywords, this index lists musical terms and words which relate to each of them, with links to those sections of the manual which describe or discuss that topic. Each link is in two parts. The first part points to the exact location in the manual where the topic appears; the second part points to the start of the section of the manual where that topic is discussed.

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Index Entry Section


"|"Bar and bar number checks

'Absolute octave entry

,Absolute octave entry

-Articulations and ornamentations


/Extended and altered chords
/+Extended and altered chords

15maOttava brackets

8vaOttava brackets
8veOttava brackets

:Tremolo repeats

<Chorded notes
<...>Chorded notes

=Octave checks

>Chorded notes


[Manual beams

\(Phrasing slurs
\)Phrasing slurs
\abs-fontsizeSelecting font and font size
\abs-fontsizeA.10.1 Font
\absoluteAbsolute octave entry
\accentArticulations and ornamentations
\accepts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\accepts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\accepts5.1.7 Context layout order
\acciaccaturaGrace notes
\accidentalStyleAutomatic accidentals
\addChordShapePredefined fret diagrams
\addInstrumentDefinitionInstrument names
\addInstrumentDefinitionFormatting cue notes
\addlyricsAligning lyrics to a melody
\addlyricsAutomatic syllable durations
\addlyricsUsing \addlyrics
\addQuoteQuoting other voices
\aeolianKey signature
\afterGraceGrace notes
\aikenHeadsShape note heads
\aikenHeadsMinorShape note heads
\alias5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\allowPageTurnPredefined commands
\alterBrokenUsing \alterBroken
\alternative1.4.1 Long repeats
\appendToTagUsing tags
\appoggiaturaGrace notes
\arrow-headGraphic notation inside markup
\arrow-headA.10.3 Graphic
\ascendensGregorian square neume ligatures
\ascendensPredefined commands
\auctumGregorian square neume ligatures
\auctumPredefined commands
\augmentumPredefined commands
\auto-footnoteA.10.7 Other
\autoBeamOffAutomatic beams
\autoBeamOffCross-staff stems
\autoBeamOnAutomatic beams
\autochangeChanging staff automatically
\backslashed-digitA.10.7 Other
\balloonGrobTextBalloon help
\balloonLengthOffBalloon help
\balloonLengthOnBalloon help
\balloonTextBalloon help
\barBar lines
\barBar lines
\barNumberCheckBar and bar number checks
\beamA.10.3 Graphic
\bendAfterFalls and doits
\boldSelecting font and font size
\boldA.10.1 Font
\book3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\book3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\book3.1.5 File structure
\bookOutputName3.1.4 Output file names
\bookOutputSuffix3.1.4 Output file names
\bookpart3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
\bookpart3.1.5 File structure
\bookpart4.3.2 Page breaking
\boxGraphic notation inside markup
\boxA.10.1 Font
\bracketNew dynamic marks
\bracketGraphic notation inside markup
\bracketA.10.3 Graphic
\breakPredefined commands
\breatheBreath marks
\cadenzaOffUnmetered music
\cadenzaOnUnmetered music
\caesuraPredefined commands
\capsA.10.1 Font
\cavumGregorian square neume ligatures
\cavumPredefined commands
\center-alignText alignment
\center-alignA.10.2 Align
\center-columnText alignment
\center-columnA.10.2 Align
\changeChanging staff manually
\charA.10.7 Other
\chordmodeSee also
\chordmodeSee also
\chordmodePredefined fret diagrams
\chordRepeatsDefault tablatures
\circleGraphic notation inside markup
\circleA.10.3 Graphic
\cm5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\codaArticulations and ornamentations
\columnText alignment
\columnA.10.2 Align
\column-linesA.11 Text markup list commands
\combineGraphic notation inside markup
\combineA.10.2 Align
\compoundMeter Different time signatures with unequal-length measures
\compressFullBarRestsFull measure rests
\compressFullBarRestsFull measure rests
\concatA.10.2 Align
\consists5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\context5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
\contextChanging all contexts of the same type
\context in \layout blockChanging all contexts of the same type
\crossStaffCross-staff stems
\cueClefFormatting cue notes
\cueDuringFormatting cue notes
\cueDuringWithClefFormatting cue notes
\customTabClefA.10.4 Music
\defaultchild5.1.7 Context layout order
\defaultTimeSignatureTime signature
\defineBarLineBar lines
\deminutumGregorian square neume ligatures
\deminutumPredefined commands
\denies5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\denies5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\denies5.1.7 Context layout order
\descendensGregorian square neume ligatures
\descendensPredefined commands
\dir-columnA.10.2 Align
\discantA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\displayLilyMusic3.6.1 Displaying LilyPond notation
\divisioMaiorPredefined commands
\divisioMaximaPredefined commands
\divisioMinimaPredefined commands
\dorianKey signature
\doubleflatA.10.4 Music
\doublesharpA.10.4 Music
\downbowArticulations and ornamentations
\downbowBowing indications
\downmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\downprallArticulations and ornamentations
\draw-circleGraphic notation inside markup
\draw-circleA.10.3 Graphic
\draw-dashed-lineA.10.3 Graphic
\draw-dotted-lineA.10.3 Graphic
\draw-hlineA.10.3 Graphic
\draw-lineGraphic notation inside markup
\draw-lineA.10.3 Graphic
\drummodeInstantiating new staves
\dynamicNew dynamic marks
\dynamicA.10.1 Font
\easyHeadsOffEasy notation note heads
\easyHeadsOnEasy notation note heads
\ellipseA.10.3 Graphic
\epsfileGraphic notation inside markup
\epsfileA.10.3 Graphic
\espressivoArticulations and ornamentations
\expandFullBarRestsFull measure rests
\expandFullBarRestsFull measure rests
\eyeglassesA.10.7 Other
\featherDurationsFeathered beams
\fermataArticulations and ornamentations
\fermataA.10.4 Music
\fermataMarkupFull measure rests
\fermataMarkupFull measure rests
\fermataMarkupArticulations and ornamentations
\fill-lineText alignment
\fill-lineA.10.2 Align
\fill-with-patternA.10.2 Align
\filled-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\filled-boxA.10.3 Graphic
\finalisPredefined commands
\fingerFingering instructions
\fingerA.10.1 Font
\flageoletArticulations and ornamentations
\flatA.10.4 Music
\flexaPredefined commands
\fontCapsA.10.1 Font
\fontsizeSelecting font and font size
\fontsizeA.10.1 Font
\footnoteFootnotes in music expressions
\footnoteA.10.7 Other
\fractionA.10.7 Other
\freeBassA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\frenchChordsPredefined commands
\fret-diagramFret diagram markups
\fret-diagramA.10.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\fret-diagram-terseFret diagram markups
\fret-diagram-terseA.10.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\fret-diagram-verboseFret diagram markups
\fret-diagram-verboseA.10.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\frompropertyA.10.7 Other
\funkHeadsShape note heads
\funkHeadsMinorShape note heads
\general-alignText alignment
\general-alignA.10.2 Align
\germanChordsPredefined commands
\graceGrace notes
\halfopenArticulations and ornamentations
\halignText alignment
\halignA.10.2 Align
\harmonicDefault tablatures
\harmonicByFretDefault tablatures
\harmonicByRatioDefault tablatures
\harp-pedalA.10.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\hbracketGraphic notation inside markup
\hbracketA.10.3 Graphic
\hcenter-inA.10.2 Align
\header3.1.5 File structure
\hideMaking objects transparent
\hideKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
\hideNotesHidden notes
\hideSplitTiedTabNotesDefault tablatures
\hideStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
\hspaceA.10.2 Align
\hugeSelecting notation font size
\hugeSelecting font and font size
\hugeA.10.1 Font
\improvisationOffShowing melody rhythms
\improvisationOnShowing melody rhythms
\in5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\inclinatumGregorian square neume ligatures
\inclinatumPredefined commands
\include3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
\inStaffSegnoNormal repeats
\instrumentSwitchInstrument names
\ionianKey signature
\italianChordsPredefined commands
\italicSelecting font and font size
\italicA.10.1 Font
\justified-linesMulti-page markup
\justified-linesA.11 Text markup list commands
\justifyText alignment
\justifyA.10.2 Align
\justify-fieldA.10.2 Align
\justify-stringA.10.2 Align
\keepWithTagUsing tags
\keyKey signature
\keyShape note heads
\killCuesFormatting cue notes
\labelPredefined commands
\largeSelecting notation font size
\largeSelecting font and font size
\largeA.10.1 Font
\largerSelecting font and font size
\largerSelecting font and font size
\largerA.10.1 Font
\layout3.1.5 File structure
\layout4.2.1 The \layout block
\layoutOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
\layoutChanging all contexts of the same type
\left-alignText alignment
\left-alignA.10.2 Align
\left-braceA.10.7 Other
\left-columnA.10.2 Align
\lheelArticulations and ornamentations
\lineA.10.2 Align
\lineaGregorian square neume ligatures
\lineaPredefined commands
\lineprallArticulations and ornamentations
\locrianKey signature
\longfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\lookupA.10.7 Other
\lowerText alignment
\lowerA.10.2 Align
\ltoeArticulations and ornamentations
\lydianKey signature
\lyricmodeEntering lyrics
\lyricmodeAligning lyrics to a melody
\lyricstoAligning lyrics to a melody
\lyricstoAutomatic syllable durations
\lyricstoUsing \lyricsto
\magnifySelecting font and font size
\magnifyA.10.1 Font
\majorKey signature
\map-markup-commandsA.11 Text markup list commands
\marcatoArticulations and ornamentations
\markRehearsal marks
\markText marks
\markalphabetA.10.7 Other
\markLengthOffMetronome marks
\markLengthOffText marks
\markLengthOnMetronome marks
\markLengthOnText marks
\markletterA.10.7 Other
\markupText marks
\markupSeparate text
\markupSeparate text
\markupText markup introduction
\markuplistSeparate text
\markuplistMulti-page markup
\markuplistSee also
\mediumA.10.1 Font
\melismaMultiple notes to one syllable
\melismaEndMultiple notes to one syllable
\mergeDifferentlyDottedOffCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyDottedOnCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyHeadedOffCollision resolution
\mergeDifferentlyHeadedOnCollision resolution
\midi3.1.5 File structure
\midiOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
\minorKey signature
\mixolydianKey signature
\mm5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\modalInversion Modal inversion
\modalTranspose Modal transposition
\mordentArticulations and ornamentations
\musicglyphRehearsal marks
\musicglyphA.10.4 Music
\name5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\naturalA.10.4 Music
\new5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
\newSpacingSection4.5.2 New spacing area
\noBeamManual beams
\noBreakPredefined commands
\noPageBreakPredefined commands
\noPageTurnPredefined commands
\normal-size-subA.10.1 Font
\normal-size-superSelecting font and font size
\normal-size-superA.10.1 Font
\normal-textA.10.1 Font
\normalsizeSelecting notation font size
\normalsizeSelecting font and font size
\normalsizeA.10.1 Font
\noteA.10.4 Music
\note-by-numberA.10.4 Music
\nullText alignment
\nullA.10.7 Other
\numberA.10.1 Font
\numericTimeSignatureTime signature
\octaveCheckOctave checks
\omitRemoving the stencil
\on-the-flyCustom layout for headers and footers
\on-the-flyA.10.7 Other
\once5.3.3 The \override command
\oneVoiceSingle-staff polyphony
\openArticulations and ornamentations
\openBowing indications
\oriscusGregorian square neume ligatures
\oriscusPredefined commands
\ottavaOttava brackets
\ovalA.10.3 Graphic
\override5.3.3 The \override command
\override5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\overrideA.10.7 Other
\override-linesA.11 Text markup list commands
\overrideProperty5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\overrideTimeSignatureSettingsTime signature
\pad-aroundGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-aroundA.10.2 Align
\pad-markupGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-markupA.10.2 Align
\pad-to-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-to-boxA.10.2 Align
\pad-xGraphic notation inside markup
\pad-xA.10.2 Align
\page-linkA.10.7 Other
\page-refPredefined commands
\page-refA.10.7 Other
\pageBreakPredefined commands
\pageTurnPredefined commands
\paper3.1.5 File structure
\paper4.1.2 Paper size and automatic scaling
\parallelMusicWriting music in parallel
\parenthesizeA.10.3 Graphic
\partcombineAutomatic part combining
\partcombinePolyphony with shared lyrics
\partcombine and lyrics Using \partcombine with lyrics
\partcombine and lyricsPolyphony with shared lyrics
\partcombineApartAutomatic part combining
\partcombineAutomaticAutomatic part combining
\partcombineChordsAutomatic part combining
\partcombineSoloIAutomatic part combining
\partcombineSoloIIAutomatic part combining
\partcombineUnisonoAutomatic part combining
\partial1.4.1 Long repeats
\partialNormal repeats
\pathA.10.3 Graphic
\patternA.10.7 Other
\pesPredefined commands
\phrasingSlurDashedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDashPatternPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDottedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurDownPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurHalfDashedPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurHalfSolidPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurNeutralPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurSolidPhrasing slurs
\phrasingSlurUpPhrasing slurs
\phrygianKey signature
\portatoArticulations and ornamentations
\postscriptGraphic notation inside markup
\postscriptA.10.3 Graphic
\powerChordsIndicating power chords
\prallArticulations and ornamentations
\pralldownArticulations and ornamentations
\prallmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\prallprallArticulations and ornamentations
\prallupArticulations and ornamentations
\predefinedFretboardsOffAutomatic fret diagrams
\predefinedFretboardsOnAutomatic fret diagrams
\property-recursiveA.10.7 Other
\pt5.4.3 Distances and measurements
\pushToTagUsing tags
\put-adjacentA.10.2 Align
\quilismaGregorian square neume ligatures
\quilismaPredefined commands
\quoteDuringQuoting other voices
\quoteDuringFormatting cue notes
\raiseText alignment
\raiseA.10.2 Align
\relativeRelative octave entry
\relativeSee also
\relativeSee also
\relativeChanging staff automatically
\RemoveEmptyStavesHiding staves
\RemoveEmptyStavesHiding staves
\removeWithTagUsing tags
\repeat1.4.1 Long repeats
\repeat percentPercent repeats
\repeat tremoloTremolo repeats
\repeatTieNormal repeats
\repeatTieRepeats with alternative endings
\replaceA.10.1 Font
\restA.10.4 Music
\rest-by-numberA.10.4 Music
\reverseturnArticulations and ornamentations
\revert5.3.3 The \override command
\revertTimeSignatureSettingsTime signature
\rheelArticulations and ornamentations
\right-alignText alignment
\right-alignA.10.2 Align
\right-braceA.10.7 Other
\right-columnA.10.2 Align
\rightHandFingerRight-hand fingerings
\romanA.10.1 Font
\rotateA.10.2 Align
\rounded-boxGraphic notation inside markup
\rounded-boxA.10.3 Graphic
\rtoeArticulations and ornamentations
\sacredHarpHeadsShape note heads
\sacredHarpHeadsMinorShape note heads
\sansA.10.1 Font
\scaleA.10.3 Graphic
\scaleDurationsScaling durations
\scaleDurationsPolymetric notation
\score3.1.1 Structure of a score
\score3.1.5 File structure
\scoreA.10.4 Music
\segnoArticulations and ornamentations
\semiflatA.10.4 Music
\semiGermanChordsPredefined commands
\semisharpA.10.4 Music
\sesquiflatA.10.4 Music
\sesquisharpA.10.4 Music
\setSetting automatic beam behavior
\set5.3.2 The \set command
\set5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\shape Specifying displacements from current control points
\sharpA.10.4 Music
\shiftOffCollision resolution
\shiftOnCollision resolution
\shiftOnnCollision resolution
\shiftOnnnCollision resolution
\shortfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\showKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
\showStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
\signumcongruentiaeArticulations and ornamentations
\simpleA.10.1 Font
\skipInvisible rests
\skipRepeats with alternative endings
\slashed-digitA.10.7 Other
\slashedGraceGrace notes
\smallSelecting notation font size
\smallSelecting font and font size
\smallA.10.1 Font
\smallCapsA.10.1 Font
\smallerSelecting font and font size
\smallerSelecting font and font size
\smallerA.10.1 Font
\snappizzicatoArticulations and ornamentations
\sostenutoOffPiano pedals
\sostenutoOnPiano pedals
\southernHarmonyHeadsShape note heads
\southernHarmonyHeadsMinorShape note heads
\staccatissimoArticulations and ornamentations
\staccatoArticulations and ornamentations
\startGroupAnalysis brackets
\startStaffStaff symbol
\startStaffOssia staves
\stdBassA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassIVA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassVA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\stdBassVIA.10.6 Accordion Registers
\stencilA.10.7 Other
\stopGroupAnalysis brackets
\stoppedArticulations and ornamentations
\stopStaffStaff symbol
\stopStaffOssia staves
\stopStaffHiding staves
\storePredefinedDiagramPredefined fret diagrams
\stringTuningCustom tablatures
\strophaGregorian square neume ligatures
\strophaPredefined commands
\strutA.10.7 Other
\subSelecting font and font size
\subA.10.1 Font
\superSelecting font and font size
\superA.10.1 Font
\sustainOffPiano pedals
\sustainOnPiano pedals
\tabChordRepeatsDefault tablatures
\tabFullNotationDefault tablatures
\table-of-contentsPredefined commands
\table-of-contentsA.11 Text markup list commands
\tagUsing tags
\taorBagpipe definitions
\teenySelecting notation font size
\teenySelecting font and font size
\teenyA.10.1 Font
\tempoMetronome marks
\tenutoArticulations and ornamentations
\textA.10.1 Font
\textLengthOffFull measure rests
\textLengthOffText scripts
\textLengthOnFull measure rests
\textLengthOnText scripts
\textSpannerDownText spanners
\textSpannerNeutralText spanners
\textSpannerUpText spanners
\thumbArticulations and ornamentations
\thumbFingering instructions
\tied-lyricA.10.4 Music
\timeTime signature
\timeSetting automatic beam behavior
\tinySelecting notation font size
\tinySelecting font and font size
\tinyA.10.1 Font
\tocItemPredefined commands
\translateText alignment
\translateA.10.2 Align
\translate-scaledText alignment
\translate-scaledA.10.2 Align
\transparentA.10.7 Other
\transposeSee also
\transposeSee also
\transposedCueDuringFormatting cue notes
\transpositionInstrument transpositions
\transpositionQuoting other voices
\treCordePiano pedals
\triangleGraphic notation inside markup
\triangleA.10.3 Graphic
\trillArticulations and ornamentations
\tupletPolymetric notation
\turnArticulations and ornamentations
\tweak5.3.4 The \tweak command
\tweak5.3.5 \set vs. \override
\type5.1.6 Defining new contexts
\typewriterA.10.1 Font
\unaCordaPiano pedals
\underlineSelecting font and font size
\underlineA.10.1 Font
\unfoldRepeats3.5.4 Repeats in MIDI
\unHideNotesHidden notes
\unset5.3.2 The \set command
\upbowArticulations and ornamentations
\upbowBowing indications
\upmordentArticulations and ornamentations
\upprallArticulations and ornamentations
\uprightA.10.1 Font
\varcodaArticulations and ornamentations
\vcenterA.10.2 Align
\verbatim-fileA.10.7 Other
\verylongfermataArticulations and ornamentations
\virgaGregorian square neume ligatures
\virgaPredefined commands
\virgulaPredefined commands
\voiceFourStyleVoice styles
\voiceNeutralStyleVoice styles
\voiceOneSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceOne ... \voiceFourSingle-staff polyphony
\voiceOneStyleVoice styles
\voiceThreeStyleVoice styles
\voiceTwoStyleVoice styles
\void3.6.1 Displaying LilyPond notation
\vspaceA.10.2 Align
\walkerHeadsShape note heads
\walkerHeadsMinorShape note heads
\whiteoutA.10.7 Other
\with5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
\withChanging just one specific context
\with-colorColoring objects
\with-colorA.10.7 Other
\with-dimensionsA.10.7 Other
\with-linkA.10.7 Other
\with-urlA.10.3 Graphic
\woodwind-diagramA.10.5 Instrument Specific Markup
\wordwrapText alignment
\wordwrapA.10.2 Align
\wordwrap-fieldA.10.2 Align
\wordwrap-internalA.11 Text markup list commands
\wordwrap-linesMulti-page markup
\wordwrap-linesA.11 Text markup list commands
\wordwrap-stringA.10.2 Align
\wordwrap-string-internalA.11 Text markup list commands

]Manual beams

^Extended and altered chords

_Multiple syllables to one note

|Bar and bar number checks
|Bar and bar number checks


a dueSee also
a due partAutomatic part combining
absoluteAbsolute octave entry
absoluteA.18 Available music functions
absolute dynamicsDynamics
absolute octave entryAbsolute octave entry
absolute octave specificationAbsolute octave entry
accelerando in MIDISupported in MIDI
accentSee also
accentA.13 List of articulations
accentusA.13 List of articulations
accepts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
acciaccaturaA.18 Available music functions
acciaccatura, multi-noteKnown issues and warnings
AccidentalSee also
accidentalSee also
AccidentalSee also
accidentalSee also
accidentalSee also
accidental on tied noteAccidentals
accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, cautionary, modern voiceAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, defaultAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, defaultAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, forgetAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, modernAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, modernAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, modern voice cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, neo-modernAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, neo-modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, neo-modern-voiceAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, neo-modern-voice-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, no resetAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, pianoAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, piano cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, teachingAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, voiceAutomatic accidentals
accidental style, voice, modern cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidental, cautionaryAccidentals
Accidental, musica fictaAnnotational accidentals (musica ficta)
accidental, parenthesizedAccidentals
accidental, quarter-toneSee also
accidental, reminderAccidentals
accidental-interfaceSee also
accidental-suggestion-interfaceSee also
AccidentalCautionarySee also
AccidentalPlacementSee also
accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
accidentalsMensural accidentals and key signatures
accidentalsGregorian accidentals and key signatures
accidentalsKievan accidentals
Accidentals and key signaturesAccidentals
Accidentals and key signaturesSee also
Accidentals and key signaturesKey signature
Accidentals and key signaturesSee also
Accidentals and key signaturesSee also
accidentals and simultaneous notesSee also
accidentals in chordsSee also
accidentals, automaticAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, cadenzasUnmetered music
accidentals, modernAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, modern cautionary styleAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, modern styleAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, multivoiceAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, pianoAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, piano cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
accidentals, unmetered musicUnmetered music
accidentalStyleA.18 Available music functions
AccidentalSuggestionSee also
AccidentalSuggestionSee also
Accidental_engraverSee also
Accidental_engraverSee also
Accidental_engraverSee also
accordion2.2.3 Accordion
accordion discant symbolsDiscant symbols
Accordion RegistersSelected Snippets
accordion shift symbolsDiscant symbols
accordion shiftsDiscant symbols
addChordShapePredefined fret diagrams
addChordShapeA.18 Available music functions
adding a white background to textA.10.7 Other
Adding and removing engraversSee also
adding custom fret diagramsPredefined fret diagrams
addInstrumentDefinitionInstrument names
addInstrumentDefinitionFormatting cue notes
addInstrumentDefinitionA.18 Available music functions
additionalPitchPrefixCustomizing chord names
additions, in chordsExtended and altered chords
addQuoteQuoting other voices
addQuoteA.18 Available music functions
adjusting staff symbol5.4.4 Staff symbol properties
aeolianKey signature
afterGraceGrace notes
afterGraceA.18 Available music functions
afterGraceFractionparser variable
Aiken shape note headsShape note heads
aikenHeadsShape note heads
aikenHeadsMinorShape note heads
al nienteSee also
alias5.1.6 Defining new contexts
align to objectsUsing the break-alignable-interface
alignAboveContext5.1.7 Context layout order
alignBelowContextSimple repeats
alignBelowContext5.1.7 Context layout order
Aligning lyrics to a melodySee also
Aligning lyrics to a melodySee also
aligning markup textText alignment
aligning markupsText alignment
aligning textText alignment
aligning to cadenzaAligning to cadenzas
alignment, text, commandsText alignment
All layout objectsSee also
All layout objectsSee also
All layout objectsSee also
allowPageTurnA.18 Available music functions
allowVoltaHookA.18 Available music functions
alterBrokenA.18 Available music functions
altered chordsExtended and altered chords
alternate endings1.4.1 Long repeats
alternate endings, repeatsWritten-out repeats
alternate repeatsWritten-out repeats
alternative endings and lyricsRepeats with alternative endings
alternative endings, with tiesNormal repeats
alternative melody, switching toSwitching to an alternative melody
alto clefClef
Amazing Grace bagpipe exampleBagpipe example
AmbitusSee also
ambitusSee also
ambitusSee also
ambitus-interfaceSee also
AmbitusAccidentalSee also
AmbitusLineSee also
AmbitusNoteHeadSee also
Ambitus_engraverSee also
An extra staff appearsNormal repeats
An extra staff appearsWritten-out repeats
An extra staff appearsSee also
anacrusisSee also
anacrusis in a repeatNormal repeats
analysis, musicologicalAnalysis brackets
ancient clefClef
angled hairpinsRotating layout objects
annotate-spacing4.6.1 Displaying spacing
anthems2.1.5 Choral
appendToTagA.18 Available music functions
applyContextA.18 Available music functions
applyMusicA.18 Available music functions
applyOutputA.18 Available music functions
appoggiaturaA.18 Available music functions
Arabic key signaturesArabic key signatures
Arabic musicReferences for Arabic music
Arabic music exampleArabic music example
Arabic music templateArabic music example
Arabic note namesArabic note names
Arabic semi-flat symbolArabic note names
Arabic time signaturesArabic time signatures
ArpeggioSee also
arpeggio symbols, specialArpeggio
arpeggio, cross-staff parenthesis-styleKnown issues and warnings
arpeggio, parenthesis-style, cross-staffKnown issues and warnings
arrow-headGraphic notation inside markup
Articlulate scriptsSupported in MIDI
Articulation and dynamicsSee also
articulation-eventQuoting other voices
articulationsArticulations and ornamentations
articulationsGregorian articulation signs
articulations in MIDISupported in MIDI
artificial harmonicsHarmonics
assertBeamQuantA.18 Available music functions
assertBeamSlopeA.18 Available music functions
associatedVoiceAligning lyrics to a melody
associatedVoiceAutomatic syllable durations
associatedVoiceSwitching to an alternative melody
association listalist
augCommon chords
auto-first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
autoBeamingSetting automatic beam behavior
autoBeamingOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
autobeaming properties for time signaturesTime signature
autoBeamOffAutomatic beams
autoBeamOnAutomatic beams
autochangeChanging staff automatically
autochangeA.18 Available music functions
autochange and relative musicChanging staff automatically
AutoChangeMusicSee also
automatic accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
automatic chord diagramsAutomatic fret diagrams
automatic fret diagramsAutomatic fret diagrams
automatic part combiningAutomatic part combining
automatic staff changesChanging staff automatically
automaticBars Automatic bars
Auto_beam_engraverSee also
Auto_beam_engraverSee also
available fonts, listingSingle entry fonts

Backend5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
BackendSee also
BackendSee also
backslashed digitsA.10.7 Other
bagpipeBagpipe definitions
bagpipe exampleBagpipe example
balloonBalloon help
balloon helpBalloon help
balloon-interfaceSee also
balloonGrobTextBalloon help
balloonGrobTextA.18 Available music functions
balloonLengthOffBalloon help
balloonLengthOnBalloon help
balloonTextBalloon help
balloonTextA.18 Available music functions
BalloonTextItemSee also
Balloon_engraverBalloon help
banjo tablature2.4 Fretted string instruments
banjo tablaturesBanjo tablatures
banjo tuningsBanjo tablatures
banjo-c-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-modal-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-open-d-tuningBanjo tablatures
banjo-open-dm-tuningBanjo tablatures
barBar lines
barBar lines
barA.18 Available music functions
bar checkBar and bar number checks
bar linesBar lines
bar lines, cadenzasUnmetered music
bar lines, closingBar lines
bar lines, default, changingBar lines
bar lines, definingBar lines
bar lines, doubleBar lines
bar lines, invisibleBar lines
bar lines, manualBar lines
bar lines, suppressing Automatic bars
bar lines, symbols onText marks
bar lines, unmetered musicUnmetered music
bar numberTime administration
bar number alignmentSelected Snippets
bar number checkBar and bar number checks
bar number collisionSee also
bar number, formatSelected Snippets
bar numbersBar numbers
bar numbers, cadenzasUnmetered music
bar numbers, regular spacingBar numbers
bar numbers, unmetered musicUnmetered music
bar numbers, with lettersSelected Snippets
bar numbers, with repeatsSelected Snippets
barCheckSynchronizeBar and bar number checks
baritone clefClef
BarLineSee also
BarNumberBar numbers
BarNumberKnown issues and warnings
barNumberCheckBar and bar number checks
barNumberCheckA.18 Available music functions
barNumberVisibilityBar numbers
barre indicationsFret diagram markups
bartypeBar lines
Bartók pizzicatoSnap (Bartók) pizzicato
Bar_engraverSee also
Bar_number_engraverSee also
base-shortest-duration4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
baseMomentSetting automatic beam behavior
Basic command line options for LilyPond3.4.3 Alternative output formats
bass clefClef
bass note, for chordsExtended and altered chords
Bass, figuredIntroduction to figured bass
Bass, thoroughIntroduction to figured bass
BassFigureSee also
BassFigureSee also
BassFigureAlignmentSee also
BassFigureAlignmentSee also
BassFigureBracketSee also
BassFigureBracketSee also
BassFigureContinuationSee also
BassFigureContinuationSee also
BassFigureLineSee also
BassFigureLineSee also
Basso continuoIntroduction to figured bass
bayatiSee also
BeamSee also
BeamSee also
BeamSee also
BeamSee also
BeamSee also
beam, endings in a scoreSelected Snippets
beam, endings with multiple voicesSelected Snippets
beam-interfaceSee also
beam-interfaceSee also
beam-interfaceSee also
BeamEventSee also
BeamEventSee also
beamExceptionsSetting automatic beam behavior
BeamForbidEventSee also
BeamForbidEventSee also
beaming, time signature default propertiesTime signature
beamlets, orientingSelected Snippets
beams, cadenzasUnmetered music
beams, cross-staffChanging staff manually
beams, customizing rulesAutomatic beams
beams, featheredFeathered beams
beams, line breaksPredefined commands
beams, manualAutomatic beams
beams, manualManual beams
beams, subdividingSelected Snippets
beams, unmetered musicUnmetered music
beams, with knee gapPredefined commands
beams, with lyricsSetting automatic beam behavior
beams, with melismataAutomatic beams
beams, with polymetric meters Different time signatures with equal-length measures
beams, \partcombine with \autoBeamOffSelected Snippets
Beam_engraverSee also
Beam_engraverSee also
beats per minuteMetronome marks
beats, groupingSelected Snippets
beatStructureSetting automatic beam behavior
beginners’ musicEasy notation note heads
bendAfterFalls and doits
bendAfterA.18 Available music functions
binding gutter\paper variables for two-sided mode
binding-offset\paper variables for two-sided mode
bisbiglandoReferences for harps
blank-after-score-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
blank-last-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
blank-page-penalty\paper variables for page breaking
boldSelecting font and font size
bookOutputNameA.18 Available music functions
bookOutputSuffixA.18 Available music functions
bookTitleMarkupCustom layout for titles
bottom-margin4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
bowing indicationsBowing indications
boxGraphic notation inside markup
braceSee also
brace, verticalGrouping staves
braces, nesting ofNested staff groups
braces, various sizesFonts explained
bracketNew dynamic marks
bracketGraphic notation inside markup
bracketPiano pedals
bracket, horizontalAnalysis brackets
bracket, phrasingAnalysis brackets
bracket, verticalGrouping staves
bracket, voltaManual repeat marks
bracketsAnalysis brackets
brackets, angleChorded notes
brackets, nesting ofNested staff groups
break-align-symbolsUsing the break-alignable-interface
break-visibilityUsing break-visibility
breakablePredefined commands
breakbeforeDefault layout of bookpart and score titles
breaking lines4.3.1 Line breaking
breaking pages4.5.4 Line length
breaks in unmetered musicSee also
breath marksBreath marks
breatheBreath marks
breatheA.18 Available music functions
BreathingEventSee also
BreathingSignSee also
BreathingSignSee also
Breathing_sign_engraverSee also
breve restRests
broken chordArpeggio
broken spanners, modifyingUsing \alterBroken
Bézier curves, control pointsModifying ties and slurs

C clefClef
cadenzaSee also
cadenzaSee also
cadenza, accidentalsUnmetered music
cadenza, aligning toAligning to cadenzas
cadenza, bar linesUnmetered music
cadenza, bar numbersUnmetered music
cadenza, beamsUnmetered music
cadenza, line breaksSee also
cadenza, page breaksSee also
cadenzaOffUnmetered music
cadenzaOnUnmetered music
caesuraSee also
caesuraSee also
Callback functionsSee also
capoFret diagram markups
cautionary accidentalAccidentals
cautionary accidental style, pianoAutomatic accidentals
cautionary accidentals, pianoAutomatic accidentals
center-alignText alignment
center-columnText alignment
centered dynamics in piano musicReferences for keyboards
centering a column of textA.10.2 Align
centering text on the pageText alignment
changeChanging staff manually
changing direction of text columnsA.10.2 Align
changing fontsSelecting font and font size
changing instrument namesInstrument names
changing properties5.3.2 The \set command
changing staff automaticallyChanging staff automatically
changing staff manuallyChanging staff manually
chants2.1.7 Chants psalms and hymns
character namesCharacter names
check-consistency\paper variables for widths and margins
choir staffGrouping staves
ChoirStaffSee also
ChoirStaffSee also
ChoirStaffSee also
choral tenor clefClef
chordSee also
chordSee also
chordSee also
chord chords2.7.1 Chord mode
chord diagramsFret diagram markups
chord diagramsPredefined fret diagrams
chord diagrams, automaticAutomatic fret diagrams
chord glissandiSelected Snippets
chord inversionsExtended and altered chords
chord modeChord mode overview
chord namesChord mode overview
chord namesPrinting chord names
Chord names in MIDISupported in MIDI
chord names with fret diagramsPredefined fret diagrams
chord qualityCommon chords
chord shapes for fretted instrumentsPredefined fret diagrams
chord steps, alteringExtended and altered chords
chord, brokenArpeggio
chord, modifying one note in5.3.4 The \tweak command
Chord, repetitionChord repetition
Chord, repetitionDefault tablatures
chordChangesSelected Snippets
chordmodeSee also
chordmodeSee also
chordmodePredefined fret diagrams
ChordNameSee also
chordNameExceptionsCustomizing chord names
chordNameLowercaseMinorCustomizing chord names
ChordNamesPredefined fret diagrams
ChordNamesSee also
chordNameSeparatorCustomizing chord names
chordNoteNamerCustomizing chord names
chordPrefixSpacerCustomizing chord names
chordRepeatsA.18 Available music functions
chordRootNamerCustomizing chord names
chordsPrinting chord names
chordsPrinting chord names
chords and relative octave entryRelative octave entry
chords and tiesTies
chords, accidentals inSee also
chords, cross-staffCross-staff stems
chords, emptyChorded notes
chords, fingeringFingering instructions
chords, jazzCustomizing chord names
chords, powerIndicating power chords
chords, relative pitchChorded notes
chords, splitting across staves with \autochangeKnown issues and warnings
chords, suppressing repeatedSelected Snippets
Chord_name_engraverSee also
Christian Harmony note headsShape note heads
church modeSee also
church modesKey signature
church restSelected Snippets
circleGraphic notation inside markup
circling textA.10.3 Graphic
circulusA.13 List of articulations
ClefSee also
clefA.18 Available music functions
clefSee also
clef, altoClef
clef, ancientClef
clef, baritoneClef
clef, bassClef
clef, CClef
clef, FClef
clef, frenchClef
clef, GClef
clef, mezzosopranoClef
clef, moderntabCustom tablatures
clef, percussionBasic percussion notation
clef, sopranoClef
clef, subbassClef
clef, tabCustom tablatures
clef, tenorClef
clef, transposingClef
clef, trebleClef
clef, varbaritoneClef
clef, violinClef
clef, visibility following explicit change Visibility following explicit changes
clef-interfaceSee also
ClefModifierSee also
clefsMensural clefs
clefsGregorian clefs
clefsKievan clefs
clefs, visibility of transposition Transposed clefs
Clef_engraverSee also
closing bar linesBar lines
clusterSee also
ClusterSpannerSee also
ClusterSpannerBeaconSee also
Cluster_spanner_engraverSee also
codaRehearsal marks
codaArticulations and ornamentations
codaA.13 List of articulations
coda on bar lineText marks
collision, bar numberSee also
collisionsCollision resolution
collisions, clashing note columnsSimultaneous expressions
collisions, cross-staff voicesChanging staff manually
collisions, ignoringSimultaneous expressions
collisions, ignoringSee also
colorColoring objects
color in chordsSee also
color, rgbColoring objects
colored notesColoring objects
colored notes in chordsSee also
colored objectsColoring objects
coloring notesColoring objects
coloring objectsColoring objects
coloring objectsPainting objects white
coloring textA.10.7 Other
coloring voicesVoice styles
colorsColoring objects
Colors, list ofNormal colors
columnText alignment
columns, textText alignment
combineGraphic notation inside markup
Combining notes into chordsSee also
combining partsAutomatic part combining
comma intervalsReferences for Turkish classical music
Common Practice PeriodSee also
Common Practice PeriodSee also
common-shortest-duration4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
Completion_heads_engraverAutomatic note splitting
Completion_rest_engraverAutomatic note splitting
compound time signatures Different time signatures with unequal-length measures
compoundMeterA.18 Available music functions
compressFullBarRestsFull measure rests
compressFullBarRestsFull measure rests
compressing musicScaling durations
concatenating textA.10.2 Align
concert pitchSee also
condensing restsKnown issues and warnings
consists5.1.6 Defining new contexts
constante hairpinsSelected Snippets
context properties, changing defaults5.1.5 Changing context default settings
ContextChangeSee also
ContextsWithin-system spacing properties
ContextsSee also
ContextsSee also
ContextsSee also
Contexts5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
Contexts and engravers The double backslash construct
Contexts and engraversSee also
Contexts, creating and referencing5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
contexts, defining new5.1.6 Defining new contexts
contexts, implicit5.1.7 Context layout order
contexts, keeping alive5.1.3 Keeping contexts alive
contexts, layout order5.1.7 Context layout order
contexts, lifetime5.1.3 Keeping contexts alive
control pitchOctave checks
control points, Bézier curvesModifying ties and slurs
control points, tweakingKnown issues and warnings
controlling general text alignmentA.10.2 Align
controlpitchOctave checks
copyright signUnicode
creating empty text objectsA.10.7 Other
creating horizontal spaces in textA.10.2 Align
creating text fractionsA.10.7 Other
creating vertical spaces in textA.10.2 Align
creating vertical spaces in textA.10.7 Other
crescendoSee also
crescendo-eventQuoting other voices
crossSpecial note heads
cross note headsSpecial note heads
cross staff chordsCross-staff stems
cross staff lineStaff-change lines
cross staff notesCross-staff stems
cross staff stemsCross-staff stems
cross-staffStaff-change lines
cross-staff beamsChanging staff manually
cross-staff chordsCross-staff stems
cross-staff collisionsChanging staff manually
cross-staff lineStaff-change lines
cross-staff notesChanging staff manually
cross-staff notesCross-staff stems
cross-staff parenthesis-style arpeggioKnown issues and warnings
cross-staff stemsCross-staff stems
cross-staff tremoloSee also
crossStaffA.18 Available music functions
cue notesQuoting other voices
cue notesFormatting cue notes
cue notes, formattingFormatting cue notes
cue notes, removingFormatting cue notes
cue-notesSee also
cueClefFormatting cue notes
cueClefA.18 Available music functions
cueClefUnsetA.18 Available music functions
cueDuringFormatting cue notes
cueDuringA.18 Available music functions
cueDuringWithClefFormatting cue notes
cueDuringWithClefA.18 Available music functions
cues, musicalMusical cues
CueVoiceSee also
CueVoiceSee also
currentBarNumberBar numbers
currentBarNumberTime administration
custom fret diagramsFret diagram markups
custom fret diagrams, addingPredefined fret diagrams
custom rehearsal markRehearsal marks
custom string tuningsCustom tablatures
customized fret diagramFret diagram markups
customizing chord namesCustomizing chord names
custosSee also
CustosSee also
custosSee also

D.S. al FineRehearsal marks
dampened notes on fretted instrumentsIndicating harmonics and dampened notes
dashed phrasing slurPhrasing slurs
dashed slurSlurs
dashed tiesTies
deadNoteA.18 Available music functions
decorating textGraphic notation inside markup
decrescendoSee also
defaultAutomatic accidentals
defaultAutomatic accidentals
default accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
default accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
default bar lines, changingBar lines
default context properties, changing5.1.5 Changing context default settings
default note durationDurations
default note namesAccidentals
default-staff-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
defaultBarTypeBar lines
defaultNoteHeadsA.18 Available music functions
defaultTimeSignatureTime signature
Default_bar_line_engraverSee also
defineBarLineBar lines
defineBarLineA.18 Available music functions
defining bar linesBar lines
denies5.1.6 Defining new contexts
diagram, fret, customizedFret diagram markups
diagrams, chord for fretted instrumentsFret diagram markups
diagrams, fretFret diagram markups
diagrams, fret, transposingPredefined fret diagrams
diamond note headsSpecial note heads
diamond-shaped note headsHarmonics
Difficult tweaksSee also
dimCommon chords
discant symbols, accordionDiscant symbols
Displaying music expressions3.6.2 Displaying scheme music expressions
Displaying music expressions5.3.4 The \tweak command
Displaying music expressionsSee also
displayLilyMusicA.18 Available music functions
displayMusicA.18 Available music functions
displaySchemeA.18 Available music functions
distance between staves4.4.1 Flexible vertical spacing within systems
distances, absolute5.4.3 Distances and measurements
distances, scaled5.4.3 Distances and measurements
divided lyricsDivisi lyrics
divisioSee also
dodecaphonicAutomatic accidentals
dodecaphonic accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
dodecaphonic style, neo-modernAutomatic accidentals
doitSee also
doitsFalls and doits
dorianKey signature
DotColumnSee also
DotsSee also
dotted notesDurations
dotted phrasing slursPhrasing slurs
dotted slurSlurs
dotted tiesTies
double bar linesBar lines
double flatSee also
double sharpSee also
double time signaturesPolymetric notation
double-dotted notesDurations
DoublePercentEventSee also
DoublePercentRepeatSee also
DoublePercentRepeatCounterSee also
DoubleRepeatSlashSee also
Double_percent_repeat_engraverSee also
down bow indicationBowing indications
downbowArticulations and ornamentations
downbowA.13 List of articulations
downmordentA.13 List of articulations
downprallA.13 List of articulations
draw-circleGraphic notation inside markup
draw-lineGraphic notation inside markup
drawing a line across a pageA.10.3 Graphic
drawing beams within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing boxes with rounded cornersA.10.3 Graphic
drawing boxes with rounded corners around textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing circles within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing dashed lines within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing dotted lines within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing ellipse around textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing graphic objectsGraphic notation inside markup
drawing lines within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing oval around textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing pathsA.10.3 Graphic
drawing solid boxes within textA.10.3 Graphic
drawing staff symbol5.4.4 Staff symbol properties
drawing triangles within textA.10.3 Graphic
drum staffInstantiating new staves
drummodeInstantiating new staves
drumsBasic percussion notation
drumsPercussion staves
DrumStaffInstantiating new staves
DrumStaffSee also
DrumVoiceSee also
Duration names notes and restsSee also
duration, defaultDurations
durations, of notesDurations
durations, scalingScaling durations
dynamicNew dynamic marks
dynamic marks, multiple on one noteDynamics
dynamic marks, newNew dynamic marks
dynamic-eventQuoting other voices
DynamicLineSpannerSee also
DynamicsSee also
dynamics, absoluteDynamics
dynamics, centered in keyboard musicReferences for keyboards
dynamics, editorialNew dynamic marks
dynamics, parenthesisNew dynamic marks
dynamics, vertical positioningDynamics
DynamicTextSee also

easy notationEasy notation note heads
easy play note headsEasy notation note heads
easyHeadsOffEasy notation note heads
easyHeadsOnEasy notation note heads
editorial dynamicsNew dynamic marks
embedded graphicsGraphic notation inside markup
embedding graphic objectsGraphic notation inside markup
empty stavesHiding staves
encapsulated postscript output3.4.3 Alternative output formats
enclosing text in a box with rounded cornersA.10.3 Graphic
enclosing text within a boxA.10.1 Font
end repeatManual repeat marks
endSpannersA.18 Available music functions
Engravers and PerformersSee also
Engravers and Performers5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
Engravers explainedSee also
engravers, including in contexts5.1.6 Defining new contexts
Engraver_groupSee also
entering lyricsEntering lyrics
EpisemaSee also
EpisemaEventSee also
Episema_engraverSee also
EPS output3.4.3 Alternative output formats
epsfileGraphic notation inside markup
espressivoA.13 List of articulations
espressivo articulationDynamics
eventChordsA.18 Available music functions
exceptions, chord names.Selected Snippets
expandFullBarRestsFull measure rests
expandFullBarRestsFull measure rests
expanding musicScaling durations
explicitClefVisibility Visibility following explicit changes
explicitKeySignatureVisibility Visibility following explicit changes
Explicitly instantiating voices The double backslash construct
Explicitly instantiating voicesSee also
expressions, markupText markup introduction
extended chordsExtended and altered chords
extenderExtenders and hyphens
extra-offsetWithin-system spacing properties

F clefClef
fallSee also
fallsFalls and doits
featherDurationsFeathered beams
featherDurationsA.18 Available music functions
feathered beamsFeathered beams
fermataRehearsal marks
fermataArticulations and ornamentations
fermataA.13 List of articulations
fermata on bar lineText marks
fermata on multi-measure restFull measure rests
fermataMarkupFull measure rests
fermataMarkupFull measure rests
Ferneyhough hairpinsSelected Snippets
Feta fontA.8 The Feta font
fifthSee also
figured bassSee also
Figured bassIntroduction to figured bass
figured bass alignmentPredefined commands
figured bass extender linesPredefined commands
FiguredBassSee also
FiguredBassSee also
FiguredBassSee also
fill-lineText alignment
filled-boxGraphic notation inside markup
finding available fontsSingle entry fonts
fingerFingering instructions
fingerA.18 Available music functions
finger changeFingering instructions
finger-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
FingeringSee also
fingeringFingering instructions
FingeringSee also
Fingering5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering5.2.2 Layout interfaces
Fingering5.2.2 Layout interfaces
fingering chordsFingering instructions
fingering instructions for chordsFingering instructions
fingering vs. string numbersString number indications
fingering-eventSee also
fingering-event5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
fingering-event5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
FingeringEventSee also
FingeringEvent5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
fingerings and multi-measure restsSee also
fingerings, adding to fret diagramsAutomatic fret diagrams
fingerings, right hand for fretted instrumentsRight-hand fingerings
Fingering_engraverSee also
Fingering_engraver5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering_engraver5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering_engraver5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Fingering_engraver5.2.3 Determining the grob property
first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
Fixing overlappingChanging staff manually
Fixing overlapping notationChanging staff manually
Fixing overlapping notationSee also
flagSee also
flagSee also
flageoletArticulations and ornamentations
flageoletA.13 List of articulations
flagsMensural flags
flared hairpinsSelected Snippets
flatSee also
flat, doubleAccidentals
follow voiceStaff-change lines
followVoiceStaff-change lines
font familiesSelecting font and font size
font families, settingEntire document fonts
font sizeSelecting font and font size
font size (notation)Selecting notation font size
font size (notation) scalingSelecting notation font size
font size (notation), standardSelecting notation font size
font size, setting4.2.2 Setting the staff size
font switchingSelecting font and font size
Font, FetaA.8 The Feta font
font-interfaceSelecting notation font size
font-interfaceFonts explained
font-interfaceA.10.7 Other
font-sizeSelecting notation font size
font-sizeSelecting notation font size
fonts, changing for entire documentEntire document fonts
fonts, explainedFonts explained
fonts, finding availableSingle entry fonts
fonts, non-text in markupFonts explained
fontSizeSelecting notation font size
fontsizeSelecting font and font size
foot marksArticulations and ornamentations
footnoteA.18 Available music functions
FootnoteEventSee also
FootnoteItemSee also
footnotes3.2.3 Creating footnotes
footnotes in music expressionsFootnotes in music expressions
footnotes in stand-alone textFootnotes in stand-alone text
footnotes, event-based Event-based footnotes
footnotes, time-based Time-based footnotes
FootnoteSpannerSee also
Footnote_engraverSee also
Forbid_line_break_engraverSee also
forgetAutomatic accidentals
forget accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
format, rehearsal markRehearsal marks
formatting in lyricsEntering lyrics
Formatting textA.17 Layout properties
Formatting textA.17 Layout properties
formatting text spannersText spanners
formatting, cue notesFormatting cue notes
four bar music.4.3.1 Line breaking
Four-part SATB vocal scoreReferences for choral
Four-part SATB vocal scoreSee also
four-string-banjoBanjo tablatures
fragmentsFormatting cue notes
fragments, quotingQuoting other voices
framing textGraphic notation inside markup
french clefClef
Frenched scoreSee also
Frenched staffSee also
Frenched staffSee also
Frenched stavesSee also
fretDefault tablatures
fret diagram, customizedFret diagram markups
fret diagramsFret diagram markups
fret diagramsPredefined fret diagrams
fret diagrams with chord namesPredefined fret diagrams
fret diagrams, adding customPredefined fret diagrams
fret diagrams, adding fingeringsAutomatic fret diagrams
fret diagrams, automaticAutomatic fret diagrams
fret diagrams, customFret diagram markups
fret diagrams, mandolinPredefined fret diagrams
fret diagrams, transposingPredefined fret diagrams
fret diagrams, ukulelePredefined fret diagrams
fret-diagramFret diagram markups
fret-diagram markupFret diagram markups
fret-diagram-interfaceFret diagram markups
fret-diagram-interfaceSee also
fret-diagram-interfacePredefined fret diagrams
fret-diagram-interfaceSee also
fret-diagram-interfaceAutomatic fret diagrams
fret-diagram-interfaceSee also
fret-diagram-terseFret diagram markups
fret-diagram-terse markupFret diagram markups
fret-diagram-verboseFret diagram markups
fret-diagram-verbose markupFret diagram markups
FretBoardsPredefined fret diagrams
fretted instruments, chord shapesPredefined fret diagrams
fretted instruments, dampened notesIndicating harmonics and dampened notes
fretted instruments, harmonicsIndicating harmonics and dampened notes
fretted instruments, indicating position and barringIndicating position and barring
fretted instruments, predefined string tuningsCustom tablatures
fretted instruments, right hand fingeringsRight-hand fingerings
full-measure restsFull measure rests
Funk shape note headsShape note heads
funkHeadsShape note heads
funkHeadsMinorShape note heads

G clefClef
general-alignText alignment
ghost notesParentheses
glissandi and repeatsKnown issues and warnings
GlissandoSee also
GlissandoSee also
global variableparser variable
glyphs, musicRehearsal marks
graceA.18 Available music functions
grace notesSee also
grace notesBagpipe definitions
grace notes and lyricsAdding syllables to grace notes
grace notes within tuplet bracketsSee also
grace notes, changing layout settingsGrace notes
grace notes, followingGrace notes
grace notes, tweakingGrace notes
grace-note synchronizationKnown issues and warnings
GraceMusicSee also
Grace_auto_beam_engraverSee also
Grace_beam_engraverSee also
Grace_engraverSee also
Grace_spacing_engraverSee also
grammar for LilyPondparser
grand staffSee also
GrandStaffSee also
GrandStaffSee also
graphic notationGraphic notation inside markup
graphic objects, drawingGraphic notation inside markup
graphic objects, embeddingGraphic notation inside markup
graphical object interfacesinterface
Graphical Object InterfacesSee also
graphical objectsgrob
graphics, embeddingGraphic notation inside markup
graphics, embeddingGraphic notation inside markup
Gregorian square neumes ligaturesGregorian square neume ligatures
Gregorian transcription staffInstantiating new staves
GregorianTranscriptionStaffInstantiating new staves
grid linesGrid lines
grid-line-interfaceSee also
grid-point-interfaceSee also
gridIntervalGrid lines
GridLineSee also
GridPointSee also
Grid_line_span_engraverGrid lines
Grid_point_engraverGrid lines
grob5.2.2 Layout interfaces
grob properties5.3.3 The \override command
grob-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
grob-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
grob-interfaceSee also
grob-interfaceSee also
grobdescriptionsA.18 Available music functions
grobs, overwritingPainting objects white
grobs, visibility of5.4.6 Visibility of objects
grouping beatsSelected Snippets
grow-directionFeathered beams
guitar chord chartsShowing melody rhythms
guitar note headsSpecial note heads
guitar strumming rhythms, showingShowing melody rhythms
guitar tablature2.4 Fretted string instruments
gutter\paper variables for two-sided mode

HairpinSee also
hairpinSee also
hairpins, angledRotating layout objects
hairpins, constanteSelected Snippets
hairpins, FerneyhoughSelected Snippets
hairpins, flaredSelected Snippets
halfopenA.13 List of articulations
halignText alignment
hammer onSelected Snippets
harmonic indications in tablature notationDefault tablatures
harmonic note headsSpecial note heads
Harmonica Sacra note headsShape note heads
harmonicByFretA.18 Available music functions
harmonicByRatioA.18 Available music functions
harmonicNoteA.18 Available music functions
harmonicsSee also
harmonics on fretted instrumentsIndicating harmonics and dampened notes
harmonics, artificialHarmonics
harmonics, naturalHarmonics
harmonicsOnA.18 Available music functions
harp pedal diagramsHarp pedals
harp pedalsHarp pedals
harpsReferences for harps
hbracketGraphic notation inside markup
help, balloonBalloon help
hidden notesHidden notes
hideA.18 Available music functions
hideKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
hideNotesHidden notes
hideStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
hiding ancient stavesHiding staves
hiding of stavesHiding staves
hiding rhythmic stavesHiding staves
horizontal bracketAnalysis brackets
horizontal spacing4.5 Horizontal spacing
horizontal spacing, overriding5.5.6 Unpure-pure containers
horizontal text alignmentText alignment
horizontal-bracket-interfaceSee also
horizontal-shift\paper variables for shifts and indents
HorizontalBracketSee also
horizontally centering textA.10.2 Align
Horizontal_bracket_engraverAnalysis brackets
How LilyPond input files workSee also
How LilyPond input files workSee also
hufnagel2.9 Ancient notation
hufnagel2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
hugeSelecting notation font size
hugeSelecting font and font size
hymns2.1.7 Chants psalms and hymns
hyphensExtenders and hyphens

I'm hearing VoicesSee also
I'm hearing VoicesPercussion staves
ictusA.13 List of articulations
images, embeddingGraphic notation inside markup
immutable objectsimmutable
immutable propertiesimmutable
implicit contexts5.1.7 Context layout order
importing stencils into textA.10.7 Other
improvisationOffShowing melody rhythms
improvisationOnShowing melody rhythms
include-settingsUsing global settings
including files3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
indentInstrument names
indent\paper variables for shifts and indents
indent4.5.4 Line length
indicating No Chord in ChordNamesPrinting chord names
indicating position and barring for fretted instrumentsIndicating position and barring
inlining an Encapsulated PostScript imageA.10.3 Graphic
inner-margin\paper variables for two-sided mode
inserting music into textA.10.4 Music
inserting PostScript directly into textA.10.3 Graphic
inserting URL links into textA.10.3 Graphic
inStaffSegnoA.18 Available music functions
instrument namesInstrument names
instrument names3.5.2 MIDI Instruments
instrument names, adding to other contextsInstrument names
instrument names, centeringInstrument names
instrument names, changingInstrument names
instrument names, complexInstrument names
instrument names, shortInstrument names
instrument switchInstrument names
instrument-specific-markup-interfaceSee also
instrument-specific-markup-interfaceA.10.7 Other
InstrumentNameSee also
instruments, transposingTranspose
InstrumentSwitchSee also
instrumentSwitchInstrument names
instrumentSwitchA.18 Available music functions
interface, layout5.2.2 Layout interfaces
Interfaces for programmersSee also
interleaved musicWriting music in parallel
Internals Reference5. Changing defaults
intervalSee also
inversionA.18 Available music functions
inversion, modal Modal inversion
invisible notesHidden notes
invisible restInvisible rests
invisible stemStems
Invoking lilypond3.4.1 Extracting fragments of music
ionianKey signature
iraqSee also
italicSelecting font and font size
item-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces

jazz chordsCustomizing chord names
justified textText alignment
justified-linesMulti-page markup
justifyText alignment
justifying lines of textA.11 Text markup list commands
justifying textA.10.2 Align

keep tagged musicUsing tags
keepWithTagA.18 Available music functions
keyKey signature
keyShape note heads
keyA.18 Available music functions
key signatureSee also
key signatureSee also
key signatureMensural accidentals and key signatures
key signatureGregorian accidentals and key signatures
key signature, visibility following explicit change Visibility following explicit changes
key-signature-interfaceSee also
keyboard instrument stavesReferences for keyboards
keyboard music, centering dynamicsReferences for keyboards
KeyCancellationSee also
KeyChangeEventSee also
keyed instrument stavesReferences for keyboards
KeySignatureSee also
KeySignatureSee also
KeySignatureSee also
KeySignatureSee also
Key_engraverSee also
Key_performerSee also
kievan notationSee also
kievan notationSee also
kievan notationSee also
kievan notationSee also
KievanStaffContextKievan contexts
KievanVoiceContextKievan contexts
killCuesFormatting cue notes
killCuesA.18 Available music functions
kirchenpausenSelected Snippets
knee gap, with beamsPredefined commands
kurdSee also

labelA.18 Available music functions
laissez vibrerSee also
LaissezVibrerTieSee also
LaissezVibrerTieColumnSee also
languageA.18 Available music functions
language, note names in otherNote names in other languages
language, pitch names in otherNote names in other languages
languageRestoreA.18 Available music functions
languageSaveAndChangeA.18 Available music functions
largeSelecting notation font size
largeSelecting font and font size
largerSelecting font and font size
largerSelecting font and font size
last-bottom-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
layersPainting objects white
layout file4.2.2 Setting the staff size
layout interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
layout objectsgrob
ledger lineSee also
ledger linesStaff symbol
ledger lines, internalStaff symbol
ledger lines, modifyingStaff symbol
ledger-line-spanner-interfaceSee also
LedgerLineSpannerSee also
Ledger_line_engraverSee also
left aligning textA.10.2 Align
left-alignText alignment
left-margin\paper variables for widths and margins
Length and thickness of objectsSee also
Length and thickness of objects5.4.3 Distances and measurements
Length and thickness of objectsSee also
length of notesDurations
lheelA.13 List of articulations
ligatureSee also
ligatureSee also
ligatureSee also
ligatureSee also
ligatureSee also
ligatureSee also
LigaturesKievan melismata
ligatures in textA.10.2 Align
LilyPond grammarparser
lineSee also
line breaksBar lines
line breaks4.3.1 Line breaking
line breaks, beamsPredefined commands
line breaks, cadenzasSee also
line breaks, unmetered musicSee also
line, cross-staffStaff-change lines
line, staff-changeStaff-change lines
line, staff-change followerStaff-change lines
line-spanner-interfaceSee also
line-width\paper variables for widths and margins
line-width4.5.4 Line length
LineBreakEventSee also
lineprallA.13 List of articulations
lines, gridGrid lines
lines, vertical between stavesGrid lines
List of colorsNormal colors
listing available fontsSingle entry fonts
Literature listCustomizing chord names
Literature listSee also
locrianKey signature
longa restRests
longfermataA.13 List of articulations
lowerText alignment
lowering textA.10.2 Align
ltoeA.13 List of articulations
ly:add-context-modA.21 Scheme functions
ly:add-file-name-alistA.21 Scheme functions
ly:add-interfaceA.21 Scheme functions
ly:add-listenerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:add-optionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:all-grob-interfacesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:all-optionsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:all-stencil-expressionsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:assoc-getA.21 Scheme functions
ly:axis-group-interface::add-elementA.21 Scheme functions
ly:basic-progressA.21 Scheme functions
ly:beam-score-countA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-add-bookpart!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-add-score!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-book-partsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-headerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-paperA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-processA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-process-to-systemsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-scoresA.21 Scheme functions
ly:book-set-header!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:book?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:box?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:bpA.21 Scheme functions
ly:bracketA.21 Scheme functions
ly:broadcastA.21 Scheme functions
ly:camel-case->lisp-identifierA.21 Scheme functions
ly:chain-assoc-getA.21 Scheme functions
ly:check-expected-warningsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:cmA.21 Scheme functions
ly:command-line-codeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:command-line-optionsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:connect-dispatchersA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-current-momentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-def-lookupA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-def-modifyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-def?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-event-sourceA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-events-belowA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-findA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-grob-definitionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-idA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-mod-apply!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-mod?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-nowA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-parentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-property-where-definedA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-pushpop-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-set-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:context-unset-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:context?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:debugA.21 Scheme functions
ly:default-scaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:dimension?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:dir?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:dispatcher?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration->stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration-dot-countA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration-factorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration-lengthA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration-logA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration-scaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration<?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:duration?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:effective-prefixA.21 Scheme functions
ly:encode-string-for-pdfA.21 Scheme functions
ly:engraver-announce-end-grobA.21 Scheme functions
ly:engraver-make-grobA.21 Scheme functions
ly:errorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:eval-simple-closureA.21 Scheme functions
ly:event-deep-copyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:event-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:event-set-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:event?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:expand-environmentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:expect-warningA.21 Scheme functions
ly:find-fileA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-config-add-directoryA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-config-add-fontA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-config-display-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-config-get-font-fileA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-design-sizeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-file-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-get-glyphA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-glyph-name-to-charcodeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-glyph-name-to-indexA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-index-to-charcodeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-magnificationA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-metric?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:font-sub-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:formatA.21 Scheme functions
ly:format-outputA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-all-function-documentationA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-all-translatorsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-context-modsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-optionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-spacing-specA.21 Scheme functions
ly:get-undeadA.21 Scheme functions
ly:gettextA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-alist-chainA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-array->listA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-array-lengthA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-array-refA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-array?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-basic-propertiesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-chain-callbackA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-common-refpointA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-common-refpoint-of-arrayA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-default-fontA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-extentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-get-vertical-axis-group-indexA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-interfacesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-layoutA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-objectA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-originalA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-parentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-pq<?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-propertiesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-property-dataA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-pure-heightA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-pure-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-relative-coordinateA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-robust-relative-extentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-script-priority-lessA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-set-nested-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-set-object!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-set-parent!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-set-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-staff-positionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-suicide!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-systemA.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-translate-axis!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob-vertical<?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:grob?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:gulp-fileA.21 Scheme functions
ly:hash-table-keysA.21 Scheme functions
ly:inchA.21 Scheme functions
ly:input-both-locationsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:input-file-line-char-columnA.21 Scheme functions
ly:input-location?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:input-messageA.21 Scheme functions
ly:input-warningA.21 Scheme functions
ly:interpret-music-expressionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:interpret-stencil-expressionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:intlog2A.21 Scheme functions
ly:item-break-dirA.21 Scheme functions
ly:item?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:iterator?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:lexer-keywordsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:lily-lexer?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:lily-parser?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:listened-event-class?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:listened-event-typesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:listener?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-bookA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-book-partA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-context-modA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-dispatcherA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-durationA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-global-contextA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-global-translatorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-listenerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-momentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-musicA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-music-functionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-music-relative!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-output-defA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-page-label-markerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-page-permission-markerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-pango-description-stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-paper-outputterA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-pitchA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-probA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-scaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-scoreA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-simple-closureA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-springA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-stencilA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-stream-eventA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-undeadA.21 Scheme functions
ly:make-unpure-pure-containerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:messageA.21 Scheme functions
ly:minimal-breaking4.3.5 Minimal page breaking
ly:minimal-breakingA.21 Scheme functions
ly:mmA.21 Scheme functions
ly:module->alistA.21 Scheme functions
ly:module-copyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:modules-lookupA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-addA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-divA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-graceA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-grace-denominatorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-grace-numeratorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-mainA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-main-denominatorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-main-numeratorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-modA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-mulA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment-subA.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment<?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:moment?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-compressA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-deep-copyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-duration-compressA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-duration-lengthA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-function-extractA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-function-signatureA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-function?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-lengthA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-list?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-mutable-propertiesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-output?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-set-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:music-transposeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:music?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:note-column-accidentalsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:note-column-dot-columnA.21 Scheme functions
ly:note-head::stem-attachmentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:number->stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:one-line-breaking4.3.6 One-line page breaking
ly:one-line-breakingA.21 Scheme functions
ly:optimal-breaking4.3.3 Optimal page breaking
ly:optimal-breakingA.21 Scheme functions
ly:option-usageA.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf->cffA.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf-font-glyph-infoA.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf-font-table-dataA.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf-font?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf-glyph-countA.21 Scheme functions
ly:otf-glyph-listA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def-cloneA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def-lookupA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def-parentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def-scopeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def-set-variable!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-def?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-descriptionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-find-context-defA.21 Scheme functions
ly:output-formatsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-closeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-dump-stencilA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-dump-stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-moduleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-output-schemeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:outputter-portA.21 Scheme functions
ly:page-marker?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:page-turn-breaking4.3.4 Optimal page turning
ly:page-turn-breakingA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pango-font-physical-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pango-font?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-headerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-pagesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-paperA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-performancesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-scopesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book-systemsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-book?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-get-fontA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-get-numberA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-outputscaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-score-paper-systemsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-system-minimum-distanceA.21 Scheme functions
ly:paper-system?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:parse-fileA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parse-string-expressionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parsed-undead-list!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-clear-errorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-cloneA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-define!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-errorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-has-error?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-include-stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-lexerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-lookupA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-output-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-parse-stringA.21 Scheme functions
ly:parser-set-note-namesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:performance-writeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pfb->pfaA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-alterationA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-diffA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-negateA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-notenameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-octaveA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-quartertonesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-semitonesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-stepsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-tonesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch-transposeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch<?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:pitch?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:pointer-group-interface::add-grobA.21 Scheme functions
ly:position-on-line?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-immutable-propertiesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-mutable-propertiesA.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-propertyA.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-property?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-set-property!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob-type?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:prob?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:programming-errorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:progressA.21 Scheme functions
ly:property-lookup-statsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:protectsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:ptA.21 Scheme functions
ly:register-stencil-expressionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:relative-group-extentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:reset-all-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:round-filled-boxA.21 Scheme functions
ly:round-filled-polygonA.21 Scheme functions
ly:run-translatorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-add-output-def!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-embedded-formatA.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-error?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-headerA.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-musicA.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-output-defsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:score-set-header!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:score?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:set-default-scaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:set-grob-modification-callbackA.21 Scheme functions
ly:set-middle-C!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:set-optionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:set-property-cache-callbackA.21 Scheme functions
ly:simple-closure?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:skyline-empty?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:skyline-pair?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:skyline?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:slur-score-countA.21 Scheme functions
ly:smob-protectsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:solve-spring-rod-problemA.21 Scheme functions
ly:source-file?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:spanner-boundA.21 Scheme functions
ly:spanner-broken-intoA.21 Scheme functions
ly:spanner-set-bound!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:spanner?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:spawnA.21 Scheme functions
ly:spring-set-inverse-compress-strength!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:spring-set-inverse-stretch-strength!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:spring?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:staff-symbol-line-thicknessA.21 Scheme functions
ly:staff-symbol-staff-radiusA.21 Scheme functions
ly:staff-symbol-staff-spaceA.21 Scheme functions
ly:start-environmentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stderr-redirectA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-addA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-aligned-toA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-combine-at-edgeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-empty?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-exprA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-extentA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-fontsA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-in-colorA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-rotateA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-rotate-absoluteA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-scaleA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-stackA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-translateA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil-translate-axisA.21 Scheme functions
ly:stencil?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:stream-event?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:string-percent-encodeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:string-substituteA.21 Scheme functions
ly:system-font-loadA.21 Scheme functions
ly:text-interface::interpret-markupA.21 Scheme functions
ly:translate-cpp-warning-schemeA.21 Scheme functions
ly:translator-contextA.21 Scheme functions
ly:translator-descriptionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:translator-group?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:translator-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:translator?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:transpose-key-alistA.21 Scheme functions
ly:truncate-list!A.21 Scheme functions
ly:ttf->pfaA.21 Scheme functions
ly:ttf-ps-nameA.21 Scheme functions
ly:undead?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:unitA.21 Scheme functions
ly:unpure-pure-container-pure-partA.21 Scheme functions
ly:unpure-pure-container-unpure-partA.21 Scheme functions
ly:unpure-pure-container?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:usageA.21 Scheme functions
ly:verbose-output?A.21 Scheme functions
ly:versionA.21 Scheme functions
ly:warningA.21 Scheme functions
ly:warning-locatedA.21 Scheme functions
ly:wide-char->utf-8A.21 Scheme functions
lydianKey signature
LyricCombineMusicSee also
LyricCombineMusicSee also
LyricExtenderSee also
LyricHyphenSee also
LyricsSee also
LyricsSee also
LyricsSee also
LyricsSee also
LyricsSee also
LyricsA.16 All context properties
LyricsA.16 All context properties
lyrics and melodiesAutomatic syllable durations
lyrics and tied notesRepeats with alternative endings
lyrics assigned to one voiceSingle-staff polyphony
lyrics on grace notesAdding syllables to grace notes
lyrics punctuationEntering lyrics
lyrics, aligning to a melodyAligning lyrics to a melody
lyrics, aligning with sporadic melody5.1.3 Keeping contexts alive
lyrics, dividedDivisi lyrics
lyrics, enteringEntering lyrics
lyrics, formattingEntering lyrics
Lyrics, increasing space betweenPlacing syllables horizontally
lyrics, keeping inside marginSee also
lyrics, positioningPlacing lyrics vertically
lyrics, repeatingLyrics and repeats
lyrics, repeats with alternative endingsRepeats with alternative endings
lyrics, shared among voicesPolyphony with shared lyrics
lyrics, skipInvisible rests
lyrics, skipping notesRepeats with alternative endings
lyrics, using variablesWorking with lyrics and variables
lyrics, with beamsSetting automatic beam behavior
LyricTextSee also
LyricTextSee also
LyricTextSee also

mCommon chords
magnifySelecting font and font size
magnifying textA.10.1 Font
magstepSelecting notation font size
magstep5.4.3 Distances and measurements
majCommon chords
majorKey signature
major seven symbolsPredefined commands
majorSevenSymbolCustomizing chord names
makamSee also
makamTurkish note names
makamlarSee also
makamlarSee also
make-dynamic-scriptNew dynamic marks
make-pango-font-treeEntire document fonts
makeClustersA.18 Available music functions
makeDefaultStringTuningA.18 Available music functions
manual bar linesBar lines
manual beamsAutomatic beams
manual beamsManual beams
manual beams, direction shorthand forManual beams
manual beams, grace notesManual beams
manual measure linesBar lines
manual rehearsal markRehearsal marks
manual repeat markManual repeat marks
manual staff changesChanging staff manually
ManualsLilyPond — Notation Reference
ManualsLilyPond — Notation Reference
maqamSee also
maqamsReferences for Arabic music
marcatoArticulations and ornamentations
marcatoA.13 List of articulations
margin, text running overSee also
markRehearsal marks
markText marks
markA.18 Available music functions
mark, phrasingPhrasing slurs
mark, rehearsalRehearsal marks
mark, rehearsal, formatRehearsal marks
mark, rehearsal, manualRehearsal marks
mark, rehearsal, styleRehearsal marks
MarkEventSee also
MarkEventSee also
markLengthOffMetronome marks
markLengthOffText marks
markLengthOnMetronome marks
markLengthOnText marks
marks, textText marks
markupText marks
markupSeparate text
markupSeparate text
markupText markup introduction
Markup construction in SchemeNew dynamic marks
Markup construction in SchemeSee also
Markup construction in SchemeSee also
markup expressionsText markup introduction
markup mode, quoted textText markup introduction
markup mode, special charactersText markup introduction
markup on multi-measure restFull measure rests
markup syntaxText markup introduction
markup textText markup introduction
markup text alignment commandsText alignment
markup text paddingGraphic notation inside markup
markup text, aligningText alignment
markup text, decoratingGraphic notation inside markup
markup text, framingGraphic notation inside markup
markup text, justifiedText alignment
markup text, multi-pageMulti-page markup
markup text, wordwrappedText alignment
markup, centering on the pageText alignment
markup, conditionalCustom layout for headers and footers
markup, multi-lineText alignment
markup, multi-pageMulti-page markup
markup, music notation insideMusic notation inside markup
markup, score insideMusic notation inside markup
markup-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
markup-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
markuplistSeparate text
markuplistMulti-page markup
markuplistSee also
markups, aligningText alignment
Mark_engraverSee also
Mark_engraverSee also
max-systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking
maxima restRests
measure checkBar and bar number checks
measure groupingsSelected Snippets
measure linesBar lines
measure lines, invisibleBar lines
measure lines, manualBar lines
measure numberTime administration
measure number and repeatsKnown issues and warnings
measure number checkBar and bar number checks
measure number, formatSelected Snippets
measure numbersBar numbers
measure repeatsPercent repeats
measure sub-groupingSelected Snippets
measure, partialUpbeats
measure, pickupUpbeats
measureLengthSetting automatic beam behavior
measureLengthTime administration
measurePositionTime administration
Medicaea, Editio2.9 Ancient notation
Medicaea, Editio2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
medium intervalsReferences for Arabic music
melismaMultiple notes to one syllable
melismaSee also
melismataMultiple notes to one syllable
melismata, with beamsAutomatic beams
melody rhythms, showingShowing melody rhythms
mensural2.9 Ancient notation
mensural2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
Mensural ligaturesWhite mensural ligatures
mensural music, transcription ofSelected Snippets
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
mensural notationSee also
MensuralStaffInstantiating new staves
MensuralStaffContextMensural contexts
MensuralVoiceContextMensural contexts
mensuration signMensural time signatures
mensurstriche layoutSelected Snippets
mergeDifferentlyDottedOffCollision resolution
mergeDifferentlyDottedOnCollision resolution
mergeDifferentlyHeadedOffCollision resolution
mergeDifferentlyHeadedOnCollision resolution
merging notesCollision resolution
merging textA.10.2 Align
meterSee also
meter styleTime signature
meter, polymetricPolymetric notation
metronomeSee also
metronome markSee also
metronome marking with textMetronome marks
MetronomeMarkSee also
metronomic indicationSee also
mezzosoprano clefClef
microtonesNote names in other languages
Microtones in MIDISupported in MIDI
MIDIInstrument transpositions
MIDI3.5 MIDI output
MIDI block3.5.1 Creating MIDI files
MIDI context definitions3.5.1 Creating MIDI files
MIDI transpositionInstrument transpositions
MIDI, articulationsSupported in MIDI
MIDI, chord namesSupported in MIDI
MIDI, instruments3.5.2 MIDI Instruments
MIDI, microtonesSupported in MIDI
MIDI, PitchesSupported in MIDI
MIDI, quarter tonesSupported in MIDI
MIDI, RhythmsSupported in MIDI
min-systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking
minimum-Y-extentWithin-system spacing properties
minimumFretDefault tablatures
minimumFretAutomatic fret diagrams
minimumPageTurnLength4.3.4 Optimal page turning
minimumRepeatLengthForPageTurn4.3.4 Optimal page turning
minorKey signature
minorChordModifierCustomizing chord names
mirroring markupA.10.3 Graphic
mixedPiano pedals
mixolydianKey signature
modal inversion Modal inversion
modal transformationsModal transformations
modal transposition Modal transposition
modalInversion Modal inversion
modalInversionA.18 Available music functions
modalTranspose Modal transposition
modalTransposeA.18 Available music functions
modeparser variable
modernAutomatic accidentals
modern accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
modern accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
modern accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
modern accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
modern cautionary accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
modern style accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
modern style accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
modern style cautionary accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
modern-cautionary accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
modern-voiceAutomatic accidentals
modern-voice-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
moderntab clefCustom tablatures
modesKey signature
modifiers, in chords.Common chords
Modifying context propertiesSee also
mordentArticulations and ornamentations
mordentA.13 List of articulations
mordent, downArticulations and ornamentations
mordent, upArticulations and ornamentations
movements, multiple3.1.2 Multiple scores in a book
Moving objectsText alignment
Moving objectsSee also
multi-line markupText alignment
multi-line textText alignment
multi-measure restSee also
multi-measure rest with markupFull measure rests
multi-measure rest, attaching fermataFull measure rests
multi-measure rest, attaching textFull measure rests
multi-measure rest, contractingFull measure rests
multi-measure rest, expandingFull measure rests
multi-measure rest, scriptFull measure rests
multi-measure restsFull measure rests
multi-measure rests and fingeringsSee also
multi-measure rests, positioningSelected Snippets
multi-note acciaccaturaKnown issues and warnings
multi-page markupMulti-page markup
MultiMeasureRestSee also
MultiMeasureRestNumberSee also
MultiMeasureRestTextFull measure rests
multiple dynamic marks on one noteDynamics
Multiple notes at onceSee also
multiple phrasing slursPhrasing slurs
multiple slursSlurs
multiple voicesCollision resolution
multivoice accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
Music classesSee also
Music definitions5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
Music expressions explainedSee also
Music functions5.6 Using music functions
Music functions5.6.1 Substitution function syntax
Music functionsSee also
music glyphsRehearsal marks
music inside markupMusic notation inside markup
music, beginners’Easy notation note heads
music, unmeteredTime administration
Musica fictaAnnotational accidentals (musica ficta)
musical cuesMusical cues
musicglyphRehearsal marks
musicMapA.18 Available music functions
musicological analysisAnalysis brackets
musicQuotesparser variable
mutable objectsmutable
mutable propertiesmutable

N.C. symbolPrinting chord names
name5.1.6 Defining new contexts
name of singerAdding singers’ names to stanzas
names, characterCharacter names
Naming conventions of objects and propertiesSee also
Naming conventions of objects and propertiesSee also
natural harmonicsHarmonics
natural pitchAccidentals
natural signAccidentals
neo-modernAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-cautionary accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voiceAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voice accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voice-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
neo-modern-voice-cautionary accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
neomensural2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
nested repeatKnown issues and warnings
nested staff bracketsNested staff groups
Nesting music expressionsOssia staves
Nesting music expressionsSee also
Nesting music expressions5.1.7 Context layout order
Nesting music expressionsSee also
nesting of stavesNested staff groups
new contexts5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
new dynamic marksNew dynamic marks
New markup list command definitionSee also
new spacing area4.5.2 New spacing area
new staffInstantiating new staves
New_fingering_engraverSee also
New_fingering_engraver5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
niente, alSelected Snippets
no chord symbolPrinting chord names
no reset accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
no-resetAutomatic accidentals
noBeamManual beams
non-ASCII characters3.3.3 Special characters
non-empty textsText scripts
non-musical symbolsGraphic notation inside markup
non-text fonts in markupFonts explained
NonMusicalPaperColumnSee also
nonstaff-nonstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
nonstaff-relatedstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
nonstaff-unrelatedstaff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
noPageBreakA.18 Available music functions
noPageTurnA.18 Available music functions
normal repeat1.4.1 Long repeats
normal-size-superSelecting font and font size
normalsizeSelecting notation font size
normalsizeSelecting font and font size
notation font sizeSelecting notation font size
notation inside markupMusic notation inside markup
notation, explainingBalloon help
notation, graphicGraphic notation inside markup
note clusterClusters
note collisionsCollision resolution
note duration, defaultDurations
note durationsDurations
note grouping bracketAnalysis brackets
note headSee also
note headSee also
note head stylesSpecial note heads
note head stylesA.9 Note head styles
note headsSelecting notation font size
note heads, AikenShape note heads
note heads, ancientMensural note heads
note heads, ancientKievan notes
note heads, Christian HarmonyShape note heads
note heads, crossSpecial note heads
note heads, diamondSpecial note heads
note heads, diamond-shapedHarmonics
note heads, easy notationEasy notation note heads
note heads, easy playEasy notation note heads
note heads, FunkShape note heads
note heads, guitarSpecial note heads
note heads, harmonicSpecial note heads
note heads, Harmonica SacraShape note heads
note heads, improvisationImprovisation
note heads, parlatoSpecial note heads
note heads, practiceEasy notation note heads
note heads, sacred harpShape note heads
note heads, shapeShape note heads
note heads, slashedImprovisation
note heads, Southern HarmonyShape note heads
note heads, specialSpecial note heads
note heads, WalkerShape note heads
note lengthsDurations
note names, defaultAccidentals
note names, DutchAccidentals
note names, other languagesNote names in other languages
note valueSee also
note-collision-interfaceA.17 Layout properties
note-collision-interfaceA.17 Layout properties
note-collision-interfaceA.17 Layout properties
note-eventSee also
note-eventSee also
note-eventSee also
note-head-interfaceSee also
note-head-interfaceSee also
note-head-interfaceSee also
NoteCollisionSee also
NoteColumnSee also
NoteHeadSee also
NoteHeadSee also
NoteHeadSee also
notes within text by log and dot-countA.10.4 Music
notes within text by stringA.10.4 Music
notes, coloredColoring objects
notes, colored in chordsSee also
notes, cross-staffChanging staff manually
notes, cross-staffCross-staff stems
notes, dottedDurations
notes, double-dottedDurations
notes, ghostParentheses
notes, hiddenHidden notes
notes, invisibleHidden notes
notes, parenthesizedParentheses
notes, smallerFormatting cue notes
notes, spacing horizontally4.5.2 New spacing area
notes, splittingAutomatic note splitting
notes, transparentHidden notes
notes, transposition ofTranspose
NoteSpacingSee also
NoteSpacing4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
NoteSpacingSee also
Note_heads_engraverAutomatic note splitting
Note_heads_engraverSee also
Note_heads_engraverSee also
Note_heads_engraverSee also
Note_heads_engraverSee also
Note_head_line_engraverSee also
Note_spacing_engraverSee also
nullText alignment
NullVoicePolyphony with shared lyrics
numbers, barBar numbers
numbers, measureBar numbers
numericTimeSignatureTime signature

Objects and interfacesSee also
Objects and interfacesSee also
Objects and interfacesSee also
objects, coloredColoring objects
objects, coloringPainting objects white
objects, overwritingPainting objects white
objects, rotatingRotating layout objects
objects, visibility of5.4.6 Visibility of objects
octavationSee also
octave changing markAbsolute octave entry
octave checkOctave checks
octave correctionOctave checks
octave entry, absoluteAbsolute octave entry
octave entry, relativeRelative octave entry
octave specification, absoluteAbsolute octave entry
octave specification, relativeRelative octave entry
octave transpositionClef
octave transposition, optionalClef
octaveCheckOctave checks
octaveCheckA.18 Available music functions
offsetA.18 Available music functions
omitA.18 Available music functions
On the un-nestedness of brackets and tiesSee also
On the un-nestedness of brackets and tiesSee also
on-the-flyCustom layout for headers and footers
onceA.18 Available music functions
oneVoiceSingle-staff polyphony
openArticulations and ornamentations
openA.13 List of articulations
open string indicationBowing indications
operation, inversionInversion
operation, modal inversion Modal inversion
operation, retrogradeRetrograde
operation, transposition Modal transposition
operations, modalModal transformations
Optical spacing4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
Optical spacingSee also
optional octave transpositionClef
oratorio2.1.5 Choral
orchestral strings2.3 Unfretted string instruments
organ pedal marksArticulations and ornamentations
OrganizingUsing variables
Organizing pieces with variablesSee also
Organizing pieces with variablesSee also
Organizing pieces with variablesSee also
Organizing pieces with variables5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
Organizing pieces with variablesSee also
ornamentationArticulations and ornamentations
ornamentsGrace notes
ornamentsArticulations and ornamentations
ossiaSee also
ossiaHiding staves
Other sources of informationSee also
Other sources of informationExtending notation and tuning systems
Other sources of informationSee also
Other sources of information3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
Other sources of information3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
Other sources of informationSee also
Other sources of informationInstallation Instructions for MacOS
Other sources of informationSee also
Other sources of informationSee also
Other sources of informationDynamic marks
Other sources of information5.2.2 Layout interfaces
Other sources of informationSee also
Other uses for tweaksReferences for keyboards
Other uses for tweaksSee also
ottavaOttava brackets
ottavaA.18 Available music functions
ottava-bracket-interfaceSee also
OttavaBracketSee also
Ottava_spanner_engraverSee also
Ottoman musicReferences for Turkish classical music
outer-margin\paper variables for two-sided mode
output definitionsOutput definitions - blueprints for contexts
output-countparser variable
output-suffixparser variable
outside-staff-horizontal-padding4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
outside-staff-padding4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
outside-staff-priority4.4.3 Vertical collision avoidance
overridePropertyA.18 Available music functions
OverridePropertySee also
overrides, reverting5.3.3 The \override command
overrideTimeSignatureSettingsA.18 Available music functions
overriding for only one moment5.3.3 The \override command
overriding properties within text markupA.10.7 Other
overwriting objectsPainting objects white

pad-aroundGraphic notation inside markup
pad-markupGraphic notation inside markup
pad-to-boxGraphic notation inside markup
pad-xGraphic notation inside markup
padding5.2.3 Determining the grob property
padding around textGraphic notation inside markup
padding textA.10.2 Align
padding text horizontallyA.10.2 Align
page breaks4.5.4 Line length
page breaks, cadenzasSee also
page breaks, unmetered musicSee also
page layout4.5.4 Line length
page numbers, auto-numbering\paper variables for page numbering
page numbers, specify the first\paper variables for page numbering
page numbers, suppress\paper variables for page numbering
page size4.1.2 Paper size and automatic scaling
page, orientationSetting the paper size
page-breaking\paper variables for page breaking
page-breaking-system-system-spacing\paper variables for page breaking
page-count\paper variables for page breaking
page-spacing-weightMiscellaneous \paper variables
pageBreakA.18 Available music functions
pageTurnA.18 Available music functions
palmMuteA.18 Available music functions
palmMuteOnA.18 Available music functions
PangoFonts explained
paper size4.1.2 Paper size and automatic scaling
paper size, landscapeSetting the paper size
paper size, orientationSetting the paper size
paper-height4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
paper-width\paper variables for widths and margins
parallel musicWriting music in parallel
parallelMusicWriting music in parallel
parallelMusicA.18 Available music functions
parentheses-interfaceSee also
ParenthesesItemSee also
Parenthesis_engraverSee also
parenthesizeA.18 Available music functions
parenthesized accidentalAccidentals
parlatoSpoken music
parlato note headsSpecial note heads
parser variableparser variable
partSee also
part combinerAutomatic part combining
part songs2.1.5 Choral
partcombineAutomatic part combining
partcombineA.18 Available music functions
partcombineApartAutomatic part combining
partcombineAutomaticAutomatic part combining
partcombineChordsAutomatic part combining
partcombineDownA.18 Available music functions
partcombineForceA.18 Available music functions
partCombineListenerparser variable
PartCombineMusicSee also
partcombineSoloIAutomatic part combining
partcombineSoloIIAutomatic part combining
partcombineUnisonoAutomatic part combining
partcombineUpA.18 Available music functions
partialA.18 Available music functions
partial measureUpbeats
paths, drawingA.10.3 Graphic
pause markBreath marks
pedal diagrams, harpHarp pedals
pedal indication stylesPiano pedals
pedal indication, bracketPiano pedals
pedal indication, mixedPiano pedals
pedal indication, textPiano pedals
pedal marks, organArticulations and ornamentations
pedal sustain stylePiano pedals
pedal, sostenutoPiano pedals
pedal, sustainPiano pedals
pedals, harpHarp pedals
pedals, pianoPiano pedals
pedalSustainStylePiano pedals
percentPercent repeats
percent repeatSee also
percent repeatsPercent repeats
PercentRepeatSee also
PercentRepeatCounterSee also
PercentRepeatedMusicSee also
Percent_repeat_engraverSee also
percussionBasic percussion notation
percussionPercussion staves
percussion clefBasic percussion notation
percussion staffInstantiating new staves
Petrucci2.9 Ancient notation
Petrucci2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
phrasing bracketAnalysis brackets
phrasing marksPhrasing slurs
phrasing slurSlurs
phrasing slur, dashedPhrasing slurs
phrasing slur, defining dash patternsPhrasing slurs
phrasing slur, dottedPhrasing slurs
phrasing slur, half solid and half dashedPhrasing slurs
phrasing slur, multiplePhrasing slurs
phrasing slur, simultaneousPhrasing slurs
phrasing slursPhrasing slurs
phrasing, in lyricsMultiple notes to one syllable
PhrasingSlurSee also
phrasingSlurDashedPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurDashPatternPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurDashPatternA.18 Available music functions
phrasingSlurDottedPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurDownPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurHalfDashedPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurHalfSolidPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurNeutralPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurSolidPhrasing slurs
phrasingSlurUpPhrasing slurs
phrygianKey signature
pianoAutomatic accidentals
piano accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
piano accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
piano cautionary accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
piano cautionary accidentalsAutomatic accidentals
piano music, centering dynamicsReferences for keyboards
piano pedalsPiano pedals
piano staffGrouping staves
piano stavesReferences for keyboards
piano-cautionaryAutomatic accidentals
PianoPedalBracketSee also
PianoStaffReferences for keyboards
PianoStaffChanging staff automatically
PianoStaffSee also
PianoStaffSee also
PianoStaffSee also
PianoStaffSee also
Piano_pedal_engraverSee also
pickup in a repeatNormal repeats
pickup measureUpbeats
Pitch namesSee also
pitch namesAbsolute octave entry
Pitch namesSee also
Pitch namesSee also
Pitch namesSee also
Pitch namesSee also
pitch names, other languagesNote names in other languages
pitch rangeAmbitus
pitched trill with accidentalTrills
pitched trillsTrills
pitchedTrillA.18 Available music functions
pitchesAbsolute octave entry
Pitches in MIDISupported in MIDI
pitches, transposition ofTranspose
pitchnamesparser variable
Pitch_squash_engraverShowing melody rhythms
Pitch_squash_engraverSee also
Pitch_squash_engraverSee also
Pitch_squash_engraverA.16 All context properties
pizzicato, BartókSnap (Bartók) pizzicato
pizzicato, snapSnap (Bartók) pizzicato
placeholder eventsChorded notes
placement of lyricsPlacing lyrics vertically
Placement of objectsArticulations and ornamentations
Placement of objectsSee also
Placement of objectsText scripts
Placement of objectsSee also
placing horizontal brackets around textA.10.3 Graphic
placing parentheses around textA.10.3 Graphic
placing vertical brackets around textA.10.3 Graphic
pointAndClickOffA.18 Available music functions
pointAndClickOnA.18 Available music functions
pointAndClickTypesA.18 Available music functions
polymetricSee also
polymetricSee also
polymetric meters, with beams Different time signatures with equal-length measures
polymetric scores5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
polymetric signaturesPolymetric notation
polymetric time signatureSee also
polyphonic musicCollision resolution
polyphonySee also
polyphony, shared lyricsPolyphony with shared lyrics
polyphony, single-staffSingle-staff polyphony
portatoSee also
portatoA.13 List of articulations
positioning multi-measure restsSelected Snippets
postscriptGraphic notation inside markup
power chordSee also
power chordsIndicating power chords
powerChordsIndicating power chords
practice note headsEasy notation note heads
prallArticulations and ornamentations
prallA.13 List of articulations
prall, downArticulations and ornamentations
prall, upArticulations and ornamentations
pralldownA.13 List of articulations
prallmordentArticulations and ornamentations
prallmordentA.13 List of articulations
prallprallArticulations and ornamentations
prallprallA.13 List of articulations
prallupA.13 List of articulations
predefined string tunings for fretted instrumentsCustom tablatures
predefinedFretboardsOffAutomatic fret diagrams
predefinedFretboardsOnAutomatic fret diagrams
prima volta1.4.1 Long repeats
print-all-headersMiscellaneous \paper variables
print-first-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
print-page-number\paper variables for page numbering
printing chord namesPrinting chord names
printing orderPainting objects white
printing reserved charactersText markup introduction
printing special charactersText markup introduction
properties5.3.2 The \set command
Properties found in interfacesSee also
Properties of layout objectsSee also
properties, grob5.3.3 The \override command
property objectprob
PropertySetSee also
psalms2.1.7 Chants psalms and hymns
PsalmsPointing a psalm
PsalmsSee also
pull offSelected Snippets
punctuation in lyricsEntering lyrics
pure containers, Scheme5.5.6 Unpure-pure containers
pushToTagA.18 Available music functions
putting space around textA.10.2 Align

quarter toneSee also
quarter tonesAccidentals
Quarter tones in MIDISupported in MIDI
quarter-tone accidentalSee also
quote, voicesQuoting other voices
quoted textText scripts
quoted text in markup modeText markup introduction
quotedCueEventTypesQuoting other voices
quotedEventTypesQuoting other voices
quoteDuringQuoting other voices
quoteDuringFormatting cue notes
quoteDuringA.18 Available music functions
QuoteMusicSee also
quotes in lyricsEntering lyrics
quotes, in lyricsMultiple syllables to one note

RFull measure rests
ragged-bottom4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
ragged-last\paper variables for widths and margins
ragged-last4.5.4 Line length
ragged-last-bottom4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
ragged-right\paper variables for widths and margins
ragged-right4.5.4 Line length
railroad tracksSelected Snippets
raiseText alignment
raising textA.10.2 Align
rallentando in MIDISupported in MIDI
range of pitchesAmbitus
rastSee also
Ratisbona, Editio2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
Real music exampleCollision resolution
Real music exampleSee also
Real music exampleReferences for keyboards
Real music exampleSee also
referencing contexts5.1.2 Creating and referencing contexts
referencing page labels in textA.10.7 Other
referencing page numbers in textA.10.7 Other
referencing page numbers in textA.10.7 Other
regular line breaks4.3.1 Line breaking
rehearsal mark formatRehearsal marks
rehearsal mark styleRehearsal marks
rehearsal mark, manualRehearsal marks
rehearsal marksRehearsal marks
RehearsalMarkSee also
RehearsalMarkSee also
relativeRelative octave entry
relativeSee also
relativeSee also
relativeChanging staff automatically
relativeA.18 Available music functions
relative music and autochangeChanging staff automatically
relative octave entryRelative octave entry
relative octave entry and chordsRelative octave entry
relative octave entry and transpositionSee also
relative octave specificationRelative octave entry
relative pitch, chordsChorded notes
RelativeOctaveCheckSee also
RelativeOctaveMusicSee also
religious music2.1.7 Chants psalms and hymns
reminder accidentalAccidentals
removals, in chordsExtended and altered chords
remove tagged musicUsing tags
RemoveEmptyStavesA.19 Context modification identifiers
removeWithTagA.18 Available music functions
removing cue notesFormatting cue notes
renaissance musicSelected Snippets
repeatSee also
repeat and measure numberKnown issues and warnings
repeat barsBar lines
repeat number, changingManual repeat marks
repeat timing informationKnown issues and warnings
repeat volta, changingManual repeat marks
repeat with alternate endings1.4.1 Long repeats
repeat with anacrusisNormal repeats
repeat with pickupNormal repeats
repeat with upbeatNormal repeats
repeat, ambiguousKnown issues and warnings
repeat, endManual repeat marks
repeat, manualManual repeat marks
repeat, measurePercent repeats
repeat, nestedKnown issues and warnings
repeat, normal1.4.1 Long repeats
repeat, percentPercent repeats
repeat, shortPercent repeats
repeat, startManual repeat marks
repeat, tremoloTremolo repeats
repeatCommandsManual repeat marks
RepeatedMusicSee also
RepeatedMusicSee also
RepeatedMusicSee also
repeating lyrics with alternative endingsRepeats with alternative endings
repeating tiesTies
repeatsBar lines
repeats and glissandiKnown issues and warnings
repeats and lyricsLyrics and repeats
repeats and slurKnown issues and warnings
repeats in MIDI3.5.4 Repeats in MIDI
repeats, alternativeWritten-out repeats
repeats, alternative bar numbersSelected Snippets
repeats, bar numbers lettersSelected Snippets
repeats, unfoldWritten-out repeats
repeats, with segnoNormal repeats
repeats, with tiesNormal repeats
repeats, written-outWritten-out repeats
RepeatSlashSee also
RepeatSlashEventSee also
repetition, using qChord repetition
repetition, using qDefault tablatures
reserved characters, printingText markup introduction
resetRelativeOctaveA.18 Available music functions
resizing of stavesOssia staves
RestSee also
rest, churchSelected Snippets
rest, collisions ofKnown issues and warnings
rest, condensing ordinaryKnown issues and warnings
rest, entering durationsRests
rest, full-measureFull measure rests
rest, invisibleInvisible rests
rest, multi-measureRests
rest, multi-measureFull measure rests
rest, specifying vertical positionRests
rest, whole for a full measureFull measure rests
rest, whole-measureRests
rest-eventQuoting other voices
RestCollisionSee also
restoring default properties for time signaturesTime signature
restrainOpenStringsDefault tablatures
rests or multi-measure-rests within text by log and dot-countA.10.4 Music
rests or multi-measure-rests within text by stringA.10.4 Music
rests, ancientMensural rests
rests, splittingAutomatic note splitting
Rest_engraverSee also
retrogradeA.18 Available music functions
retrograde transformationRetrograde
reverseturnArticulations and ornamentations
reverseturnA.13 List of articulations
reverting overrides5.3.3 The \override command
RevertPropertySee also
revertTimeSignatureSettingsA.18 Available music functions
rgb colorColoring objects
rgb-colorColoring objects
rheelA.13 List of articulations
rhythmic staffInstantiating new staves
RhythmicStaffInstantiating new staves
RhythmicStaffSee also
RhythmicStaffSee also
Rhythmic_column_engraverSee also
Rhythms in MIDISupported in MIDI
rhythms, showing melodyShowing melody rhythms
right aligning textA.10.2 Align
right hand fingerings for fretted instrumentsRight-hand fingerings
right-alignText alignment
right-margin\paper variables for widths and margins
rightHandFingerRight-hand fingerings
rightHandFingerA.18 Available music functions
root of chordCommon chords
rotating objectsRotating layout objects
rotating textA.10.2 Align
rounded-boxGraphic notation inside markup
rtoeA.13 List of articulations

sInvisible rests
sacred harp note headsShape note heads
sacredHarpHeadsShape note heads
sacredHarpHeadsMinorShape note heads
SATB2.1.5 Choral
scalable vector graphics output3.4.3 Alternative output formats
scaleDurationsScaling durations
scaleDurationsPolymetric notation
scaleDurationsA.18 Available music functions
scaling durationsScaling durations
scaling markupA.10.3 Graphic
scaling textA.10.2 Align
Scheme objectsmob
Scheme tutorial5. Changing defaults
Scheme variableparser variable
Scheme, pure containers5.5.6 Unpure-pure containers
Scheme, unpure containers5.5.6 Unpure-pure containers
scordaturaSee also
ScoreSee also
ScoreA.16 All context properties
ScoreA.16 All context properties
score inside markupMusic notation inside markup
Score is a (single) compound musical expressionSee also
score-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
score-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
Scores and parts3.3.1 Including LilyPond files
Scores and partsSee also
scoreTitleMarkupCustom layout for titles
Scottish highland bagpipeBagpipe definitions
ScriptArticulations and ornamentations
ScriptSee also
ScriptSee also
script on multi-measure restFull measure rests
ScriptEventSee also
scriptsArticulations and ornamentations
Script_engraverSee also
seconda volta1.4.1 Long repeats
segnoBar lines
segnoRehearsal marks
segnoArticulations and ornamentations
segnoA.13 List of articulations
segno on bar lineText marks
segno, with repeatsNormal repeats
selecting font size (notation)Selecting notation font size
self-alignment-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
self-alignment-interface5.5.1 Aligning objects
self-alignment-XWithin-system spacing properties
semaiSee also
Semai formArabic time signatures
semi-flatNote names in other languages
Semi-flat symbol appearanceArabic note names
semi-sharpNote names in other languages
semicirculusA.13 List of articulations
separate textSeparate text
sesqui-flatNote names in other languages
sesqui-sharpNote names in other languages
setSetting automatic beam behavior
set-octavationOttava brackets
setting extent of text objectsA.10.7 Other
setting horizontal text alignmentA.10.2 Align
Setting simple songsReferences for vocal music
Setting simple songsSee also
setting subscript in standard font sizeA.10.1 Font
setting superscript in standard font sizeA.10.1 Font
settingsFromA.18 Available music functions
seventh chordsCommon chords
shapeA.18 Available music functions
shape notesShape note heads
shaping slurs and ties Specifying displacements from current control points
shared propertiesimmutable
sharpSee also
sharp, doubleAccidentals
shift noteCollision resolution
shift rest, automaticCollision resolution
shiftDurationsA.18 Available music functions
shifting voicesCollision resolution
shiftOffCollision resolution
shiftOnCollision resolution
shiftOnnCollision resolution
shiftOnnnCollision resolution
short-indentInstrument names
short-indent\paper variables for shifts and indents
shortfermataA.13 List of articulations
show-available-fontsSingle entry fonts
showFirstLength3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
showKeySignatureBagpipe definitions
showLastLength3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
showStaffSwitchStaff-change lines
side-position-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
side-position-interface5.5.1 Aligning objects
signatures, polymetricPolymetric notation
signumcongruentiaeA.13 List of articulations
sikahSee also
simileSee also
simple closureclosure
simple text stringsA.10.1 Font
simple text strings with tie charactersA.10.4 Music
simultaneous notes and accidentalsSee also
simultaneous phrasing slursPhrasing slurs
simultaneous slursSlurs
singer nameAdding singers’ names to stanzas
singleA.18 Available music functions
single-staff polyphonySingle-staff polyphony
Size of objectsSee also
skipInvisible rests
skipA.18 Available music functions
SkipMusicSee also
skipping notes in lyricsRepeats with alternative endings
skipTypesetting3.4.2 Skipping corrected music
slashChordSeparatorCustomizing chord names
slashed digitsA.10.7 Other
slashed note headsImprovisation
slashedGraceA.18 Available music functions
Slash_repeat_engraverSee also
slides in tablature notationSelected Snippets
slurSee also
SlurSee also
SlurSee also
slur and repeatsKnown issues and warnings
slur styleSlurs
slur, dashedSlurs
slur, dashed phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, defining dash patternsSlurs
slur, defining dash patterns for phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, dottedSlurs
slur, dotted phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, half dashed and half solidSlurs
slur, half solid and half dashed phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, multiple phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, phrasingSlurs
slur, phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, phrasing, defining dash patternsPhrasing slurs
slur, simultaneous phrasingPhrasing slurs
slur, solidSlurs
slur-eventQuoting other voices
slurDashPatternA.18 Available music functions
slurs, above notesSlurs
slurs, below notesSlurs
slurs, manual placementSlurs
slurs, modifyingModifying ties and slurs
slurs, multipleSlurs
slurs, simultaneousSlurs
smallSelecting notation font size
smallSelecting font and font size
smallerSelecting font and font size
smallerSelecting font and font size
smaller notesFormatting cue notes
snap pizzicatoSnap (Bartók) pizzicato
snappizzicatoA.13 List of articulations
Solesmes2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
solid slurSlurs
solo partAutomatic part combining
SongsSee also
SongsSee also
soprano clefClef
sos.Piano pedals
sostenuto pedalPiano pedals
SostenutoEventSee also
sostenutoOffPiano pedals
sostenutoOnPiano pedals
SostenutoPedalSee also
SostenutoPedalLineSpannerSee also
Sound3.5 MIDI output
Southern Harmony note headsShape note heads
southernHarmonyHeadsShape note heads
southernHarmonyHeadsMinorShape note heads
space between staves4.4.1 Flexible vertical spacing within systems
space inside systems4.4.1 Flexible vertical spacing within systems
spacer noteInvisible rests
spacer restInvisible rests
spaces in lyricsEntering lyrics
spaces, in lyricsMultiple syllables to one note
spacing4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
spacing area, new4.5.2 New spacing area
Spacing lyricsPlacing syllables horizontally
spacing, display of layout4.6.1 Displaying spacing
spacing, horizontal4.5 Horizontal spacing
spacing, vertical4.4 Vertical spacing
spacing-spanner-interfaceA.17 Layout properties
spacing-spanner-interfaceA.17 Layout properties
SpacingSpanner4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
SpacingSpanner4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
SpacingSpannerSee also
SpacingSpannerSee also
spacingTweaksA.18 Available music functions
SpanBarSee also
spanners, modifyingUsing \alterBroken
Span_stem_engraverCross-staff stems
special arpeggio symbolsArpeggio
special characters3.3.3 Special characters
special characters in markup modeText markup introduction
special note headsSpecial note heads
splice into tagged musicUsing tags
splitting notesAutomatic note splitting
splitting restsAutomatic note splitting
SprechgesangSpoken music
Square neumes ligaturesGregorian square neume ligatures
staccatissimoArticulations and ornamentations
staccatissimoA.13 List of articulations
staccatoSee also
staccatoA.13 List of articulations
stacking text in a columnA.10.2 Align
staffSee also
StaffSee also
StaffSee also
staffSee also
StaffSee also
staffSee also
StaffSee also
StaffSee also
StaffSee also
StaffSee also
StaffSee also
Staff4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
StaffA.16 All context properties
staff change lineStaff-change lines
staff changes, automaticChanging staff automatically
staff changes, manualChanging staff manually
staff distance4.4.1 Flexible vertical spacing within systems
staff groupGrouping staves
staff initiationInstantiating new staves
staff instantiationInstantiating new staves
staff lines, modifyingStaff symbol
staff lines, stopping and startingStaff symbol
staff size, setting4.2.2 Setting the staff size
staff switchingStaff-change lines
staff symbolStaff symbol
staff symbol, setting of5.4.4 Staff symbol properties
staff, choirGrouping staves
staff, drumInstantiating new staves
staff, emptyHiding staves
staff, FrenchedOssia staves
staff, grandGrouping staves
staff, hidingHiding staves
staff, multipleGrouping staves
staff, nestedNested staff groups
staff, newInstantiating new staves
staff, percussionInstantiating new staves
staff, pianoGrouping staves
staff, resizing ofOssia staves
staff, singleInstantiating new staves
staff-affinityWithin-system spacing properties
staff-change lineStaff-change lines
staff-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
staff-symbol-interfaceSee also
Staff.midiInstrument3.5.2 MIDI Instruments
StaffGroupKnown issues and warnings
StaffGroupSee also
StaffGroupSee also
staffgroup-staff-spacingWithin-system spacing properties
StaffGrouperSee also
StaffGrouperWithin-system spacing properties
StaffGrouperSee also
StaffGrouperSee also
StaffGrouper5.3.6 Modifying alists
StaffSpacingSee also
StaffSymbolSee also
StaffSymbolSee also
StaffSymbolSee also
StaffSymbol4.2.2 Setting the staff size
Staff_symbol_engraverHiding staves
standalone textSeparate text
standard font size (notation)Selecting notation font size
stanza numberAdding stanza numbers
StanzaNumberSee also
start of systemGrouping staves
start repeatManual repeat marks
start-repeatManual repeat marks
startGroupAnalysis brackets
startStaffStaff symbol
startStaffOssia staves
stavesSee also
staves, keyboard instrumentsReferences for keyboards
staves, keyed instrumentsReferences for keyboards
staves, multipleGrouping staves
staves, nestedNested staff groups
staves, pianoReferences for keyboards
StemCross-staff stems
StemSee also
stem, directionStems
stem, downStems
stem, invisibleStems
stem, neutralStems
stem, upStems
stem, with slashGrace notes
stem-interfaceSee also
stem-spacing-correction4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
stemLeftBeamCountManual beams
stemRightBeamCountManual beams
stems, cross-staffCross-staff stems
Stem_engraverSee also
Stem_engraverSee also
stencil, removingRemoving the stencil
stopGroupAnalysis brackets
stoppedArticulations and ornamentations
stoppedA.13 List of articulations
stopStaffStaff symbol
stopStaffOssia staves
stopStaffHiding staves
storePredefinedDiagramPredefined fret diagrams
storePredefinedDiagramA.18 Available music functions
string numbersString number indications
String quartet templatesReferences for unfretted strings
String quartet templatesSee also
string vs. fingering numbersString number indications
string, indicating openBowing indications
StringNumberSee also
strings, orchestral2.3 Unfretted string instruments
strings, writing for2.3 Unfretted string instruments
stringTuningCustom tablatures
stringTuningA.18 Available music functions
stringTuningsCustom tablatures
stringTuningsPredefined fret diagrams
StrokeFingerSee also
strumming rhythms, showingShowing melody rhythms
Style sheetsUsing global settings
Style sheetsSee also
style, rehearsal markRehearsal marks
style, slurSlurs
styledNoteHeadsA.18 Available music functions
styles, note headsSpecial note heads
styles, voiceVoice styles
subSelecting font and font size
subbass clefClef
subscriptSelecting font and font size
subscript textA.10.1 Font
suggestAccidentalsAnnotational accidentals (musica ficta)
superSelecting font and font size
superscriptSelecting font and font size
superscript textA.10.1 Font
susExtended and altered chords
sustain pedalPiano pedals
sustain pedal stylePiano pedals
SustainEventSee also
sustainOffPiano pedals
sustainOnPiano pedals
SustainPedalSee also
SustainPedalLineSpannerSee also
SVG output3.4.3 Alternative output formats
switching fontsSelecting font and font size
switching instrumentsInstrument names
syllable durations, automaticAutomatic syllable durations
symbols, non-musicalGraphic notation inside markup
syntax, markupText markup introduction
systemGrouping staves
system separator markSeparating systems
system start delimitersGrouping staves
system start delimiters, nestedNested staff groups
system-count\paper variables for line breaking
system-separator-markupMiscellaneous \paper variables
system-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
systems-per-page\paper variables for line breaking
SystemStartBarSee also
SystemStartBarSee also
SystemStartBraceSee also
SystemStartBraceSee also
SystemStartBracketSee also
SystemStartBracketSee also
SystemStartSquareSee also
SystemStartSquareSee also

tab clefCustom tablatures
tabChordRepeatsA.18 Available music functions
tabChordRepetitionA.18 Available music functions
tablatureInstantiating new staves
tablature2.4 Fretted string instruments
tablature and harmonic indicationsDefault tablatures
tablature and slidesSelected Snippets
tablature, banjo2.4 Fretted string instruments
tablature, banjoCustom tablatures
tablature, banjoBanjo tablatures
tablature, bassCustom tablatures
tablature, bass guitarCustom tablatures
tablature, celloCustom tablatures
tablature, custom string tuningsCustom tablatures
tablature, double bassCustom tablatures
tablature, guitar2.4 Fretted string instruments
tablature, guitarCustom tablatures
tablature, mandolinCustom tablatures
tablature, predefined string tuningsCustom tablatures
tablature, ukuleleCustom tablatures
tablature, violaCustom tablatures
tablature, violinCustom tablatures
tablatures, basicDefault tablatures
tablatures, customCustom tablatures
tablatures, defaultDefault tablatures
TabNoteHeadSee also
tabstaffInstantiating new staves
TabStaffInstantiating new staves
TabStaffDefault tablatures
TabVoiceDefault tablatures
Tab_note_heads_engraverSee also
tagA.18 Available music functions
taorBagpipe definitions
taqasimSee also
teachingAutomatic accidentals
teaching accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
teenySelecting notation font size
teenySelecting font and font size
Template Arabic musicArabic music example
tempoMetronome marks
tempo indicationSee also
tempo marks within tuplet bracketsKnown issues and warnings
temporaryA.18 Available music functions
tenor clefClef
tenor clef, choralClef
tenutoSee also
tenutoA.13 List of articulations
textPiano pedals
text alignment commandsText alignment
text columns, left-alignedA.10.2 Align
text columns, right-alignedA.10.2 Align
text in columnsText alignment
text in volta bracketManual repeat marks
text items, non-emptyText scripts
text marksText marks
text markupText markup introduction
text on bar lineText marks
text on multi-measure restFull measure rests
text outside marginSee also
text paddingGraphic notation inside markup
Text scriptsText scripts
text sizeSelecting font and font size
text spannersText spanners
text spanners, formattingText spanners
text spread over multiple pagesMulti-page markup
text, aligningText alignment
text, centering on the pageText alignment
text, decoratingGraphic notation inside markup
text, framingGraphic notation inside markup
text, horizontal alignmentText alignment
text, justifiedText alignment
text, keeping inside marginSee also
text, multi-lineText alignment
Text, other languages1.8.1 Writing text
text, separateSeparate text
text, standaloneSeparate text
text, top-levelSeparate text
text, vertical alignmentText alignment
text, wordwrappedText alignment
text-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
text-interfaceA.10.7 Other
text-script-interface5.2.2 Layout interfaces
textLengthOffFull measure rests
textLengthOffText scripts
textLengthOnFull measure rests
textLengthOnText scripts
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextScriptSee also
TextSpannerSee also
TextSpannerSee also
textSpannerDownText spanners
textSpannerNeutralText spanners
textSpannerUpText spanners
Text_engraverSee also
The Feta fontA.10.4 Music
Thorough bassIntroduction to figured bass
thumbFingering instructions
thumb markingArticulations and ornamentations
thumb-scriptFingering instructions
tick markSelected Snippets
TieSee also
tieSee also
tieSee also
TieColumnSee also
TieColumnSee also
tied note, accidentalAccidentals
tieDashPatternA.18 Available music functions
ties and chordsTies
ties and volta bracketsTies
ties, alternative endingsNormal repeats
ties, appearanceTies
ties, dashedTies
ties, dottedTies
ties, in lyricsMultiple syllables to one note
ties, in repeatsNormal repeats
ties, laissez vibrerTies
ties, modifyingModifying ties and slurs
ties, placementTies
ties, repeatingTies
timeTime signature
timeSetting automatic beam behavior
timeA.18 Available music functions
time administrationTime administration
time signatureSee also
time signature default settingsTime signature
time signature properties, restoring default valuesTime signature
time signature styleTime signature
time signature, compound Different time signatures with unequal-length measures
time signature, visibility ofTime signature
time signaturesMensural time signatures
time signatures, doublePolymetric notation
Time signatures, multiple5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
time signatures, polymetricPolymetric notation
timesA.18 Available music functions
TimeScaledMusicSee also
TimeSignatureSee also
TimeSignatureSee also
timeSignatureFractionPolymetric notation
timing (within the score)Time administration
timing information and repeatsKnown issues and warnings
Timing_translatorSee also
Timing_translatorSee also
Timing_translatorSee also
Timing_translatorSee also
Timing_translatorSee also
Timing_translatorA.16 All context properties
tinySelecting notation font size
tinySelecting font and font size
tocItemA.18 Available music functions
TopLilyPond — Notation Reference
TopLilyPond — Notation Reference
Top5. Changing defaults
top-level textSeparate text
top-margin4.1.3 Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables
top-markup-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
top-system-spacingList of flexible vertical spacing \paper variables
toplevel-bookpartsparser variable
toplevel-scoresparser variable
transcription of mensural musicSelected Snippets
transformation, retrogradeRetrograde
transformations, modalModal transformations
translateText alignment
translate-scaledText alignment
translating textA.10.2 Align
translating textA.10.2 Align
Translation5.2.1 Navigating the program reference
transparent notesHidden notes
transparent, making objectsMaking objects transparent
transposeSee also
transposeSee also
transposeA.18 Available music functions
transposed clefs, visibility of Transposed clefs
transposedCueDuringFormatting cue notes
transposedCueDuringA.18 Available music functions
TransposedMusicSee also
transposing clefClef
transposing fret diagramsPredefined fret diagrams
transposing instrumentSee also
transposing instrumentSee also
transposing instrumentsTranspose
transpositionInstrument transpositions
transpositionQuoting other voices
transpositionA.18 Available music functions
transposition and relative octave entrySee also
transposition of notesTranspose
transposition of pitchesTranspose
transposition, instrumentInstrument transpositions
transposition, MIDIInstrument transpositions
transposition, modal Modal transposition
tre cordePiano pedals
treble clefClef
treCordePiano pedals
tremoloTremolo repeats
tremolo beamsTremolo repeats
tremolo marksTremolo repeats
tremolo, cross-staffSee also
tremoloFlagsTremolo repeats
triadsCommon chords
triangleGraphic notation inside markup
trillA.13 List of articulations
trill with accidentalTrills
trills in MIDISupported in MIDI
trills, pitchedTrills
TrillSpannerSee also
TrillSpannerSee also
tripletSee also
triplet formattingSelected Snippets
Tunable context propertiesMultiple notes to one syllable
Tunable context propertiesSee also
Tunable context properties5.3.2 The \set command
Tunable context propertiesSee also
tuning, non-WesternExtending notation and tuning systems
tunings, banjoBanjo tablatures
tupletPolymetric notation
tupletA.18 Available music functions
tuplet bracket placementTuplets
tuplet formattingSelected Snippets
tuplet groupingTuplets
Tuplet number changesSelected Snippets
TupletBracketSee also
TupletNumberSelected Snippets
tupletNumberFormatFunctionSelected Snippets
tupletSpanA.18 Available music functions
tupletSpannerDurationSelected Snippets
Turkish musicReferences for Turkish classical music
Turkish note namesTurkish note names
turnArticulations and ornamentations
turnA.13 List of articulations
turns in MIDISupported in MIDI
tweakA.18 Available music functions
tweak, relation to \override5.3.5 \set vs. \override
tweaking5.3.4 The \tweak command
tweaking control pointsKnown issues and warnings
tweaking grace notesGrace notes
Tweaking methodsSee also
Tweaking methods5.3.4 The \tweak command
Tweaking methodsSee also
Tweaking output5. Changing defaults
Tweaking outputSee also
two-sided\paper variables for two-sided mode
type5.1.6 Defining new contexts
typeset textText markup introduction

U.C.Piano pedals
ukuleleFret diagram markups
una cordaPiano pedals
unaCordaPiano pedals
UnaCordaEventSee also
UnaCordaPedalSee also
UnaCordaPedalLineSpannerSee also
unbreakable-spanner-interfaceSee also
underlineSelecting font and font size
underlining textA.10.1 Font
undoA.18 Available music functions
unfoldWritten-out repeats
unfold repeatWritten-out repeats
unfold repeat, alternate endingsWritten-out repeats
UnfoldedRepeatedMusicSee also
UnfoldedRepeatedMusicSee also
unfoldRepeatsA.18 Available music functions
unHideNotesHidden notes
unmetered musicUnmetered music
unmetered musicTime administration
unmetered music, accidentalsUnmetered music
unmetered music, bar linesUnmetered music
unmetered music, bar numbersUnmetered music
unmetered music, beamsUnmetered music
unmetered music, line breaksSee also
unmetered music, page breaksSee also
unpure containers, Scheme5.5.6 Unpure-pure containers
up bow indicationBowing indications
upbeat in a repeatNormal repeats
upbowArticulations and ornamentations
upbowA.13 List of articulations
upmordentA.13 List of articulations
upprallA.13 List of articulations
UTF-8Text encoding

varbaritone clefClef
varcodaArticulations and ornamentations
varcodaA.13 List of articulations
variables3.1.5 File structure
variables, use ofUsing variables
Vaticana, Editio2.9 Ancient notation
Vaticana, Editio2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles
VaticanaStaffInstantiating new staves
VaticanaStaffContextGregorian chant contexts
VaticanaVoiceContextGregorian chant contexts
vertical lines between stavesGrid lines
vertical positioning of dynamicsDynamics
vertical spacing4.4 Vertical spacing
vertical spacing4.5.4 Line length
vertical text alignmentText alignment
VerticalAxisGroupWithin-system spacing properties
VerticalAxisGroupSee also
VerticalAxisGroupWithin-system spacing properties
VerticalAxisGroupSee also
VerticalAxisGroupSee also
VerticalAxisGroupSee also
VerticalAxisGroupSee also
VerticalAxisGroupA.19 Context modification identifiers
vertically centering textA.10.2 Align
verylongfermataA.13 List of articulations
violin clefClef
Visibility and color of objectsSee also
Visibility and color of objectsSee also
Visibility and color of objectsSee also
Visibility and color of objectsSee also
Visibility and color of objects5.1.4 Modifying context plug-ins
Visibility and color of objects5.4.6 Visibility of objects
Visibility and color of objectsUsing break-visibility
Visibility and color of objectsSee also
visibility of objects5.4.6 Visibility of objects
visibility of transposed clefs Transposed clefs
Vocal ensembles templatesPlacing lyrics vertically
Vocal ensembles templatesSee also
Vocal ensembles templatesReferences for choral
Vocal ensembles templatesSee also
Vocal ensembles templatesSee also
Vocal ensembles templatesSee also
voiceAutomatic accidentals
VoiceSingle-staff polyphony
VoiceSee also
voiceAutomatic accidentals
VoiceSee also
VoiceSee also
VoiceSee also
VoiceSee also
Voice4.5.1 Horizontal spacing overview
Voice5.2.3 Determining the grob property
voice accidental styleAutomatic accidentals
voice stylesVoice styles
voice, followingStaff-change lines
VoiceFollowerSee also
VoiceFollowerSee also
voiceOneSingle-staff polyphony
Voices contain musicKnown issues and warnings
Voices contain musicSee also
Voices contain musicSee also
voices, dividedDivided voices
voices, multipleCollision resolution
voices, multipleCollision resolution
voices, quotingQuoting other voices
voices, quotingFormatting cue notes
voices, \partcombine with \autoBeamOffSelected Snippets
voidA.18 Available music functions
voltaSee also
volta bracketManual repeat marks
volta bracket with textManual repeat marks
volta brackets and tiesTies
volta, prima1.4.1 Long repeats
volta, seconda1.4.1 Long repeats
VoltaBracketSee also
VoltaBracketSee also
VoltaRepeatedMusicSee also
VoltaRepeatedMusicSee also
Volta_engraverSee also

Walker shape note headsShape note heads
walkerHeadsShape note heads
walkerHeadsMinorShape note heads
whichBarBar lines
White mensural ligaturesWhite mensural ligatures
whitespace3.1.5 File structure
whole rest for a full measureFull measure rests
wind instrumentsReferences for wind instruments
with-colorColoring objects
Within-staff objectsThe direction property
Within-staff objectsSee also
withMusicPropertyA.18 Available music functions
wordwrapText alignment
wordwrap-linesMulti-page markup
wordwrapped textText alignment
Working on input filesSee also
writing music in parallelWriting music in parallel
written-out repeatsWritten-out repeats

X-offsetWithin-system spacing properties
x11 colorColoring objects
x11 colorSee also
x11-colorColoring objects
x11-colorSee also
xNoteA.18 Available music functions
xNotesOnA.18 Available music functions

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