2.1.3 Ties and slurs


Music Glossary: tie.

A tie is created by appending a tilde ~ to the first note being tied.

g4~ g c2~ | c4~ c8 a~ a2 |

[image of music]


Music Glossary: slur.

A slur is a curve drawn across many notes. The starting note and ending note are marked with ( and ) respectively.

d4( c16) cis( d e c cis d) e( d4)

[image of music]

Phrasing slurs

Music Glossary: slur, phrasing.

Slurs to indicate longer phrasing can be entered with \( and \). You can have both slurs and phrasing slurs at the same time, but you cannot have simultaneous slurs or simultaneous phrasing slurs.

g4\( g8( a) b( c) b4\)

[image of music]

Warnings: slurs vs. ties

Music Glossary: articulation, slur, tie.

A slur looks like a tie, but it has a different meaning. A tie simply makes the first note longer, and can only be used on pairs of notes with the same pitch. Slurs indicate the articulation of notes, and can be used on larger groups of notes. Slurs and ties can be nested.

c4~( c8 d~ d4 e)

[image of music]

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Notation Reference: Ties, Slurs, Phrasing slurs.

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