3.2.121 text-interface

A Scheme markup text, see Formatting text and New markup command definition.

There are two important commands: ly:text-interface::print, which is a grob callback, and ly:text-interface::interpret-markup.

User settable properties:

baseline-skip (dimension, in staff space)

Distance between base lines of multiple lines of text.

replacement-alist (list)

Alist of strings. The key is a string of the pattern to be replaced. The value is a string of what should be displayed. Useful for ligatures.

text (markup)

Text markup. See Formatting text.

word-space (dimension, in staff space)

Space to insert between words in texts.

text-direction (direction)

This controls the ordering of the words. The default RIGHT is for roman text. Arabic or Hebrew should use LEFT.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): BalloonTextItem, BarNumber, BassFigure, BreathingSign, ChordName, ClefModifier, CombineTextScript, DoublePercentRepeatCounter, DynamicText, DynamicTextSpanner, Fingering, FootnoteItem, FootnoteSpanner, InstrumentSwitch, LyricText, MeasureCounter, MetronomeMark, MultiMeasureRestNumber, MultiMeasureRestText, NoteName, OttavaBracket, PercentRepeatCounter, RehearsalMark, SostenutoPedal, StanzaNumber, StringNumber, StrokeFinger, SustainPedal, TabNoteHead, TextScript, TupletNumber, UnaCordaPedal and VoltaBracket.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).