3.2.39 fret-diagram-interface

A fret diagram

User settable properties:

align-dir (direction)

Which side to align? -1: left side, 0: around center of width, 1: right side.

dot-placement-list (list)

List consisting of (description string-number fret-number finger-number) entries used to define fret diagrams.

fret-diagram-details (list)

An alist of detailed grob properties for fret diagrams. Each alist entry consists of a (property . value) pair. The properties which can be included in fret-diagram-details include the following:

  • barre-type – Type of barre indication used. Choices include curved, straight, and none. Default curved.
  • capo-thickness – Thickness of capo indicator, in multiples of fret-space. Default value 0.5.
  • dot-color – Color of dots. Options include black and white. Default black.
  • dot-label-font-mag – Magnification for font used to label fret dots. Default value 1.
  • dot-position – Location of dot in fret space. Default 0.6 for dots without labels, 0.95-dot-radius for dots with labels.
  • dot-radius – Radius of dots, in terms of fret spaces. Default value 0.425 for labeled dots, 0.25 for unlabeled dots.
  • finger-code – Code for the type of fingering indication used. Options include none, in-dot, and below-string. Default none for markup fret diagrams, below-string for FretBoards fret diagrams.
  • fret-count – The number of frets. Default 4.
  • fret-label-custom-format – The format string to be used label the lowest fret number, when number-type equals to custom. Default "~a".
  • fret-label-font-mag – The magnification of the font used to label the lowest fret number. Default 0.5.
  • fret-label-vertical-offset – The offset of the fret label from the center of the fret in direction parallel to strings. Default 0.
  • label-dir – Side to which the fret label is attached. -1, LEFT, or DOWN for left or down; 1, RIGHT, or UP for right or up. Default RIGHT.
  • mute-string – Character string to be used to indicate muted string. Default "x".
  • number-type – Type of numbers to use in fret label. Choices include roman-lower, roman-upper, arabic and custom. In the later case, the format string is supplied by the fret-label-custom-format property. Default roman-lower.
  • open-string – Character string to be used to indicate open string. Default "o".
  • orientation – Orientation of fret-diagram. Options include normal, landscape, and opposing-landscape. Default normal.
  • string-count – The number of strings. Default 6.
  • string-label-font-mag – The magnification of the font used to label fingerings at the string, rather than in the dot. Default value 0.6 for normal orientation, 0.5 for landscape and opposing-landscape.
  • string-thickness-factor – Factor for changing thickness of each string in the fret diagram. Thickness of string k is given by thickness * (1+string-thickness-factor) ^ (k-1). Default 0.
  • top-fret-thickness – The thickness of the top fret line, as a multiple of the standard thickness. Default value 3.
  • xo-font-magnification – Magnification used for mute and open string indicators. Default value 0.5.
  • xo-padding – Padding for open and mute indicators from top fret. Default value 0.25.
size (number)

Size of object, relative to standard size.

thickness (number)

Line thickness, generally measured in line-thickness.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): FretBoard.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).