3.2.15 break-aligned-interface

Items that are aligned in prefatory matter.

The spacing of these items is controlled by the space-alist property. It contains a list break-align-symbols with a specification of the associated space. The space specification can be

(minimum-space . spc))

Pad space until the distance is spc.

(fixed-space . spc)

Set a fixed space.

(semi-fixed-space . spc)

Set a space. Half of it is fixed and half is stretchable. (does not work at start of line. fixme)

(extra-space . spc)

Add spc amount of space.

Special keys for the alist are first-note and next-note, signifying the first note on a line, and the next note halfway a line.

Rules for this spacing are much more complicated than this. See [Wanske] page 126–134, [Ross] page 143–147.

User settable properties:

break-align-anchor (number)

Grobs aligned to this break-align grob will have their X-offsets shifted by this number. In bar lines, for example, this is used to position grobs relative to the (visual) center of the bar line.

break-align-anchor-alignment (number)

Read by ly:break-aligned-interface::calc-extent-aligned-anchor for aligning an anchor to a grob’s extent.

break-align-symbol (symbol)

This key is used for aligning and spacing breakable items.

space-alist (list)

A table that specifies distances between prefatory items, like clef and time-signature. The format is an alist of spacing tuples: (break-align-symbol type . distance), where type can be the symbols minimum-space or extra-space.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): Ambitus, AmbitusAccidental, BarLine, BreakAlignGroup, BreathingSign, Clef, CueClef, CueEndClef, Custos, DoublePercentRepeat, KeyCancellation, KeySignature, LeftEdge and TimeSignature.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).