GUB --


    git clone git://
In addition to the requirements for GUB, you need

Ongoing work

The cross building of for mingw32 is still a work in progress (WIP). The build in GUB will succeeed and an installer can be created, but services.rdb may not build correctly.
GSoC 2009

Luckily, Jesús Corrius has accepted the challenge to make this mingw32 Go-Oo almost-prove-concept hack into a real port, provide clean solutions for all the hackweek mess leftovers, make it work as expected, in other words: actually usable and run on Windows.

Jesús is working together with Fridrich Strba to clean up and update some of the cross build and mingw32 patches, while implementing and porting the missing bits of the mingw32 cross build to openSUSE's osc build system.

When jcorrius announces it works, his fixes will be incorporated in GUB to provide turnkey Windows binaries and installers.

Build everything

  make openoffice
this produces a windows installer in

More examples

  * Cross build OpenOffice for Windows:

      bin/gub mingw::openoffice

  * Make the nsis installer

      bin/gib mingw::openoffice

  * Optional: Prepare build environment

      make -f lilypond.make bootstrap
The package
  bin/gub tools::openoffice
is a work in progress and attempts to build a tiny fraction of openoffice for the build tools.

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