3.2.47 hairpin-interface

A hairpin crescendo or decrescendo.

User settable properties:

bound-padding (number)

The amount of padding to insert around spanner bounds.

broken-bound-padding (number)

The amount of padding to insert when a spanner is broken at a line break.

circled-tip (boolean)

Put a circle at start/end of hairpins (al/del niente).

grow-direction (direction)

Crescendo or decrescendo?

height (dimension, in staff space)

Height of an object in staff-space units.

shorten-pair (pair of numbers)

The lengths to shorten on both sides a hairpin or text-spanner such as a pedal bracket. Positive values shorten the hairpin or text-spanner, while negative values lengthen it.

Internal properties:

adjacent-spanners (array of grobs)

An array of directly neighboring dynamic spanners.

concurrent-hairpins (array of grobs)

All concurrent hairpins.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): Hairpin.

Internals Reference v2.22.1 (stable-branch).