3.2.2 Texinfo

Texinfo is the standard format for documentation of the GNU project. An example of a Texinfo document is this manual. The HTML, PDF, and Info versions of the manual are made from the Texinfo document.

lilypond-book provides the following commands and environments to include music into Texinfo files:

In the input file, music is specified with any of the following commands

@end lilypond

@lilypond[options,go,here]{ YOUR LILYPOND CODE }



Additionally, @lilypondversion displays the current version of lilypond.

When lilypond-book is run on it, this results in a Texinfo file (with extension ‘.texi’) containing @image tags for HTML, Info and printed output. lilypond-book generates images of the music in EPS and PDF formats for use in the printed output, and in PNG format for use in HTML and Info output.

We show two simple examples here. A lilypond environment

c' d' e' f' g'2 g'
@end lilypond


[image of music]

The short version

@lilypond[fragment,staffsize=11]{<c' e' g'>}


[image of music]

Contrary to LaTeX, @lilypond{…} does not generate an in-line image. It always gets a paragraph of its own.

LilyPond — Utilització v2.21.82 (branca de desenvolupament).