A.7 List of colors

Normal colors

Usage syntax is detailed in Coloring objects.

black       white          red           green
blue        cyan           magenta       yellow
grey        darkred        darkgreen     darkblue
darkcyan    darkmagenta    darkyellow

CSS color names

CSS color names may be used as-is in string arguments.

aliceblue       darkturquoise        lightsalmon        papayawhip
antiquewhite    darkviolet           lightseagreen      peachpuff
aqua            deeppink             lightskyblue       peru
aquamarine      deepskyblue          lightslategray     pink
azure           dimgray              lightslategrey     plum
beige           dimgrey              lightsteelblue     powderblue
bisque          dodgerblue           lightyellow        purple
black           firebrick            lime               rebeccapurple
blanchedalmond  floralwhite          limegreen          red
blue            forestgreen          linen              rosybrown
blueviolet      fuchsia              magenta            royalblue
brown           gainsboro            maroon             saddlebrown
burlywood       ghostwhite           mediumaquamarine   salmon
cadetblue       gold                 mediumblue         sandybrown
chartreuse      goldenrod            mediumorchid       seagreen
chocolate       gray                 mediumpurple       seashell
coral           green                mediumseagreen     sienna
cornflowerblue  greenyellow          mediumslateblue    silver
cornsilk        grey                 mediumspringgreen  skyblue
crimson         honeydew             mediumturquoise    slateblue
cyan            hotpink              mediumvioletred    slategray
darkblue        indianred            midnightblue       slategrey
darkcyan        indigo               mintcream          snow
darkgoldenrod   ivory                mistyrose          springgreen
darkgray        khaki                moccasin           steelblue
darkgreen       lavender             navajowhite        tan
darkgrey        lavenderblush        navy               teal
darkkhaki       lawngreen            oldlace            thistle
darkmagenta     lemonchiffon         olive              tomato
darkolivegreen  lightblue            olivedrab          turquoise
darkorange      lightcoral           orange             violet
darkorchid      lightcyan            orangered          wheat
darkred         lightgoldenrodyellow orchid             white
darksalmon      lightgray            palegoldenrod      whitesmoke
darkseagreen    lightgreen           palegreen          yellow
darkslateblue   lightgrey            paleturquoise      yellowgreen
darkslategray   lightpink            palevioletred

CSS color definitions differ from X color names for the following colors: green, grey, maroon, purple.

X color names

X11 color names offer a wider choice than CSS names. They come in several variants:

The following tables present all color names that may be used without a numerical suffix, and then the subset of these that may be used with such a suffix.

Color Names without a numerical suffix

AliceBlue       LawnGreen             OrangeRed      firebrick
AntiqueWhite    LemonChiffon          PaleGoldenrod  gainsboro
BlanchedAlmond  LightBlue             PaleGreen      gold
BlueViolet      LightCoral            PaleTurquoise  goldenrod
CadetBlue       LightCyan             PaleVioletRed  green
CornflowerBlue  LightGoldenrod        PapayaWhip     grey
DarkBlue        LightGoldenrodYellow  PeachPuff      honeydew
DarkCyan        LightGreen            PowderBlue     ivory
DarkGoldenrod   LightGrey             RosyBrown      khaki
DarkGreen       LightPink             RoyalBlue      lavender
DarkGrey        LightSalmon           SaddleBrown    linen
DarkKhaki       LightSeaGreen         SandyBrown     magenta
DarkMagenta     LightSkyBlue          SeaGreen       maroon
DarkOliveGreen  LightSlateBlue        SkyBlue        moccasin
DarkOrange      LightSlateGrey        SlateBlue      navy
DarkOrchid      LightSteelBlue        SlateGrey      orange
DarkRed         LightYellow           SpringGreen    orchid
DarkSalmon      LimeGreen             SteelBlue      peru
DarkSeaGreen    MediumAquamarine      VioletRed      pink
DarkSlateBlue   MediumBlue            WhiteSmoke     plum
DarkSlateGrey   MediumOrchid          YellowGreen    purple
DarkTurquoise   MediumPurple          aquamarine     red
DarkViolet      MediumSeaGreen        azure          salmon
DeepPink        MediumSlateBlue       beige          seashell
DeepSkyBlue     MediumSpringGreen     bisque         sienna
DimGrey         MediumTurquoise       black          snow
DodgerBlue      MediumVioletRed       blue           tan
FloralWhite     MidnightBlue          brown          thistle
ForestGreen     MintCream             burlywood      tomato
GhostWhite      MistyRose             chartreuse     turquoise
GreenYellow     NavajoWhite           chocolate      violet
HotPink         NavyBlue              coral          wheat
IndianRed       OldLace               cornsilk       white
LavenderBlush   OliveDrab             cyan           yellow

Color names with a numerical suffix

In the following names the suffix N must be an integer between 1 and 4, from lighter to darker shades:

AntiqueWhiteN    LightSkyBlueN    SteelBlueN   khakiN
CadetBlueN       LightSteelBlueN  VioletRedN   magentaN
DarkGoldenrodN   LightYellowN     aquamarineN  maroonN
DarkOliveGreenN  MediumOrchidN    azureN       orangeN
DarkOrangeN      MediumPurpleN    bisqueN      orchidN
DarkOrchidN      MistyRoseN       blueN        pinkN
DarkSeaGreenN    NavajoWhiteN     brownN       plumN
DeepPinkN        OliveDrabN       burlywoodN   purpleN
DeepSkyBlueN     OrangeRedN       chartreuseN  redN
DodgerBlueN      PaleGreenN       chocolateN   salmonN
HotPinkN         PaleTurquoiseN   coralN       seashellN
IndianRedN       PaleVioletRedN   cornsilkN    siennaN
LavenderBlushN   PeachPuffN       cyanN        snowN
LemonChiffonN    RosyBrownN       firebrickN   tanN
LightBlueN       RoyalBlueN       goldN        thistleN
LightCyanN       SeaGreenN        goldenrodN   tomatoN
LightGoldenrodN  SkyBlueN         greenN       turquoiseN
LightPinkN       SlateBlueN       honeydewN    wheatN
LightSalmonN     SpringGreenN     ivoryN       yellowN

Grey Scale

A grey scale can be obtained using:


Where N is in the range 0-100.

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