3.1.131 TrillPitchAccidental

TrillPitchAccidental objects are created by: Pitched_trill_engraver.

Standard settings:

direction (direction):


If side-axis is 0 (or X), then this property determines whether the object is placed LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT with respect to the other object. Otherwise, it determines whether the object is placed UP, CENTER or DOWN. Numerical values may also be used: UP=1, DOWN=-1, LEFT=-1, RIGHT=1, CENTER=0.

font-size (number):


The font size, compared to the ‘normal’ size. 0 is style-sheet’s normal size, -1 is smaller, +1 is bigger. Each step of 1 is approximately 12% larger; 6 steps are exactly a factor 2 larger. If the context property fontSize is set, its value is added to this before the glyph is printed. Fractional values are allowed.

glyph-name-alist (list):
'((0 . "accidentals.natural")
  (-1/2 . "accidentals.flat")
  (1/2 . "accidentals.sharp")
  (1 . "accidentals.doublesharp")
  (-1 . "accidentals.flatflat")
  (1/4 . "accidentals.sharp.slashslash.stem")
  (-1/4 . "accidentals.mirroredflat")
  (-3/4 . "accidentals.mirroredflat.flat"))

An alist of key-string pairs.

padding (dimension, in staff space):


Add this much extra space between objects that are next to each other.

side-axis (number):


If the value is X (or equivalently 0), the object is placed horizontally next to the other object. If the value is Y or 1, it is placed vertically.

stencil (stencil):


The symbol to print.

X-offset (number):


The horizontal amount that this object is moved relative to its X-parent.

Y-extent (pair of numbers):

#<unpure-pure-container #<primitive-procedure ly:accidental-interface::height> >

Extent (size) in the Y direction, measured in staff-space units, relative to object’s reference point.

This object supports the following interface(s): accidental-interface, font-interface, grob-interface, inline-accidental-interface, item-interface, side-position-interface and trill-pitch-accidental-interface.

Internals Reference v2.21.82 (development-branch).