2.4 Internal context properties

associatedVoiceContext (context)

The context object of the Voice that has the melody for this Lyrics.

barCheckLastFail (moment)

Where in the measure did the last barcheck fail?

beamMelismaBusy (boolean)

Signal if a beam is present.

busyGrobs (list)

A queue of (end-moment . grob) cons cells. This is for internal (C++) use only. This property contains the grobs which are still busy (e.g. note heads, spanners, etc.).

currentCommandColumn (graphical (layout) object)

Grob that is X-parent to all current breakable (clef, key signature, etc.) items.

currentMusicalColumn (graphical (layout) object)

Grob that is X-parent to all non-breakable items (note heads, lyrics, etc.).

dynamicAbsoluteVolumeFunction (procedure)

A procedure that takes one argument, the text value of a dynamic event, and returns the absolute volume of that dynamic event.

finalizations (list)

A list of expressions to evaluate before proceeding to next time step. This is an internal variable.

graceSettings (list)

Overrides for grace notes. This property should be manipulated through the add-grace-property function.

hasAxisGroup (boolean)

True if the current context is contained in an axis group.

hasStaffSpacing (boolean)

True if the current CommandColumn contains items that will affect spacing.

lastChord (markup)

Last chord, used for detecting chord changes.

lastKeyAlterations (list)

Last key signature before a key signature change.

localAlterations (list)

The key signature at this point in the measure. The format is the same as for keyAlterations, but can also contain ((octave . name) . (alter barnumber . measureposition)) pairs.

melismaBusy (boolean)

Signifies whether a melisma is active. This can be used to signal melismas on top of those automatically detected.

partialBusy (boolean)

Signal that \partial acts at the current timestep.

quotedCueEventTypes (list)

A list of symbols, representing the event types that should be duplicated for \cueDuring commands.

quotedEventTypes (list)

A list of symbols, representing the event types that should be duplicated for \quoteDuring commands. This is also a fallback for \cueDuring if quotedCueEventTypes is not set

rootSystem (graphical (layout) object)

The System object.

scriptDefinitions (list)

The description of scripts. This is used by the Script_engraver for typesetting note-superscripts and subscripts. See ‘scm/script.scm’ for more information.

slurMelismaBusy (boolean)

Signal if a slur is present.

stavesFound (list of grobs)

A list of all staff-symbols found.

tieMelismaBusy (boolean)

Signal whether a tie is present.

Internals Reference v2.21.82 (development-branch).