2.2.42 Font_size_engraver

Put fontSize into font-size grob property.

Properties (read)

fontSize (number)

The relative size of all grobs in a context.

Font_size_engraver is part of the following context(s): CueVoice, DrumStaff, DrumVoice, Dynamics, FretBoards, GregorianTranscriptionStaff, GregorianTranscriptionVoice, KievanStaff, KievanVoice, Lyrics, MensuralStaff, MensuralVoice, PetrucciStaff, PetrucciVoice, RhythmicStaff, Staff, TabStaff, TabVoice, VaticanaStaff, VaticanaVoice and Voice.

Internals Reference v2.21.82 (development-branch).