3.1.10 BalloonTextItem

BalloonTextItem objects are created by: Balloon_engraver.

Standard settings:

annotation-balloon (boolean):


Print the balloon around an annotation.

annotation-line (boolean):


Print the line from an annotation to the grob that it annotates.

extra-spacing-width (pair of numbers):
'(+inf.0 . -inf.0)

In the horizontal spacing problem, we pad each item by this amount (by adding the ‘car’ on the left side of the item and adding the ‘cdr’ on the right side of the item). In order to make a grob take up no horizontal space at all, set this to (+inf.0 . -inf.0).

stencil (stencil):


The symbol to print.

text (markup):

#<procedure #f (grob)>

Text markup. See Formatting text.

X-offset (number):

#<procedure #f (grob)>

The horizontal amount that this object is moved relative to its X-parent.

Y-extent (pair of numbers):

#<unpure-pure-container #<primitive-procedure ly:grob::stencil-height> >

Extent (size) in the Y direction, measured in staff-space units, relative to object’s reference point.

Y-offset (number):

#<procedure #f (grob)>

The vertical amount that this object is moved relative to its Y-parent.

This object supports the following interface(s): balloon-interface, font-interface, grob-interface, item-interface and text-interface.

Internals Reference v2.21.82 (development-branch).