2.4.4 Lute

Lute tablatures

LilyPond supports tablature for lute.

To get additional bass strings use additionalBassStrings, where the pitches of those strings are set. They will be printed below lowest line as: a, /a, //a, ///a, 4, 5, etc.

fret-letter-tablature-format for tablatureFormat should be used, probably fretLabels for further customizing.

m = { f'4 d' a f d a, g, fis, e, d, c,  \bar "|." }

\score {
    \new Staff { \clef bass \cadenzaOn  \m }
    \new TabStaff \m
  \layout {
    \context {
      tablatureFormat = #fret-letter-tablature-format
    \context {
      stringTunings = \stringTuning <a, d f a d' f'>
      additionalBassStrings = \stringTuning <c, d, e, fis, g,>
      fretLabels = #'("a" "b" "r" "d" "e" "f" "g" "h" "i" "k")

[image of music]

Known issues and warnings

Using FretBoards with additionalBassStrings is not supported and will yield unsatisfying results.

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