14.4.7 Troubleshooting Patchy

The following is a list of the most common messages that the scripts may report with explanations.

this Git revision has already been pushed by an operator other than this Patchy.
test-master-lock and PID entry exist but previous Patchy
run (PID xxxxx) died, resetting test-master-lock anyway.

A previous attempt was unsuccessful for some reason and the scripts were not able to tidy up after themselves (for example if you manually halt the process by killing it or closing the terminal you may have been running the script in). The test-master-lock branch was therefore not able to be deleted cleanly however, nothing needs to be done the scripts will rebuild any tests it needs to.

fatal: A branch named 'test-master-lock' already exists.
        merge from staging
        Another instance (PID xxxxx) is already running.

This occurs when trying to run lilypond-patchy-staging.py when another instance of either script is already running locally.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.81 (development-branch).