3.4.8 Sending and receiving patches via email

The default x-diff MIME type associated with patch files (i.e., files whose name ends in .patch) means that the encoding of line endings may be changed from UNIX to DOS format when they are sent as attachments. Attempting to apply such an inadvertently altered patch will cause git to fail with a message about ‘whitespace errors’.

The solution to such problems is surprisingly simple—just change the default file extension of patches generated by git to end in .txt, for example:

git config format.suffix '.patch.txt'

This should cause email programs to apply the correct base64 encoding to attached patches.

If you receive a patch with DOS instead of UNIX line-endings, it can be converted back using the dos2unix utility.

Lots of useful information on email complications with patches is provided on the Wine wiki at http://wiki.winehq.org/GitWine.

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