13.1 Overview of the feta font

The feta font is a font that was created specifically for use in LilyPond. The sources for the font are found in mf/*.mf.

The feta font is merged from a number of subfonts. Each subfont can contain at most 224 glyphs. This is because each subfont is limited to a one-byte address space (256 glyphs maximum) and we avoid the first 32 points in that address space, since they are non-printing control characters in ASCII.

In LilyPond, glyphs are accessed by glyph name, rather than by code point. Therefore, the naming of glyphs is significant.

Information about correctly creating glyphs is found in ‘mf/README’. Please make sure you read and understand this file.

TODO – we should get mf/README automatically generated from texinfo source and include it here.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.56 (development-branch).