3.1 Manually installing lily-git.tcl

We have created an easy-to-use GUI to simplify git for new contributors. If you are comfortable with the command-line, then skip ahead to Starting with Git.

Note: These instructions are only for people who are not using LilyDev.

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Git.
  2. Download the lily-git.tcl script from:
  3. To run the program from the command line, navigate to the directory containing lily-git.tcl and enter:
    wish lily-git.tcl
  4. Click on the “Get source” button.

    This will create a directory called ‘lilypond-git/’ within your home directory, and will download the source code into that directory (around 150 Mb). When the process is finished, the “Command output” window will display “Done”, and the button label will change to say “Update source”.

  5. Navigate to the ‘lilypond-git/’ directory to view the source files.

Note: Throughout the rest of this manual, most command-line input should be entered from ‘$LILYPOND_GIT’. This is referred to as the top source directory.

Further instructions are in How to use lily-git.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.82 (development-branch).