14.7 Grand LilyPond Input Syntax Standardization (GLISS)


The Problem

One of the biggest complaints people have with lilypond – other than silly thing like "there’s no gui" – is the changing syntax. Now, inventing a language or standards is difficult. If you set it in stone too soon, you risk being stuck with decisions which may limit matters. If you keep on updating the syntax, interaction with older data (and other programs!) becomes complex.

Scope and Limitations



Nothing until the project is finished, then we declare the next stable release (2.16.0 or 2.18.0 ?) to be the final 2.x version, release it, then apply all the GLISS syntax changes and start testing a beta for 3.0 a week or two later.


Don’t respond to any of the specifics yet. Yes, we all have our pet irritations (like "what’s up with \paper and \layout?!"). There will be plenty of time to discuss them once GLISS starts.

That said, we have a list of specific items that people really wanted to have written down. See Specific GLISS issues.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.83 (development-branch).