8.2.1 Bug Squad setup

We highly recommend that you configure your email to use effective sorting; this can reduce your workload immensely. The email folders names were chosen specifically to make them work if you sort your folders alphabetically.

  1. Read every section of this chapter, Issues.
  2. If you do not have one already, create a gmail account and send the email address to the Bug Meister.
  3. Subscribe your gmail account to bug-lilypond.
  4. Configure your google code account:
    1. Wait until your gmail account is listed in:
    2. Sign in to google code by clicking in the top-right corner of:

      You cannot log on if you have Google Sharing enabled http://www.googlesharing.net/.

    3. Go to your “Profile”, and select “Settings”.
    4. Scroll down to “Issue change notification”, and make sure that you have selected “If I starred the issue”.
  5. Configure your email client:
    1. Any email sent with your gmail address in the To: or CC: fields should go to a bug-answers folder.

      When setting up your filtering rules, be aware that Google Code might use different versions of your email address, such as ones ending in @googlemail.com or @gmail.com.

    2. Any other email either from, or CC’d to,

      should go into a separate bug-ignore folder. Alternately, you may automatically delete these emails.

      You will not read these emails as part of your Bug Squad duties. If you are curious, go ahead and read them later, but it does not count as Bug Squad work.

    3. Any other email sent to (or CC’d to):

      should go into a separate bug-current folder.

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.36 (development-branch).