14.4.6 Automating Patchy

To run as a cron job make sure you have;

notify_non_action = no

in ‘$HOME/.lilypond-patchy-config’ to avoid any unintentional email flooding:

Assuming that Patchy run a user “patchy”, create a file called ‘$HOME/lilypond-patchy.cron’, adapting it as necessary (the /2 means “run this every 2 hours”):

02 0-23/2 * * * /home/patchy/lilypond-extra/patches/lilypond-patchy-staging.py

Note: cron will not inherit environment variables so you must re-define any variables inside ‘$HOME/lilypond-patchy.cron’. For instance, LILYPOND_GIT may need to be defined if git_repository_dir is not correctly set in ‘$HOME/.lilypond-patchy-config’.

Finally, apply the cron job (you may need superuser privileges for this):

crontab -u patchy /home/patchy/lilypond-patchy.cron

LilyPond — Contributor’s Guide v2.19.80 (development-branch).