User Discussions and Help

User mailing list:

This mailing list is the main place for users to discuss and help each other.

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Note: When asking questions, please use Tiny examples!

LilyPond Snippet Repository

The LilyPond Snippet Repository is a large collection of user-submitted examples, which can freely be copied and used in your own works. See what other people have written, and add your own!

Particularly instructive examples from LSR are included in our official documentation, in Snippets.


Some level of support is provided on our IRC channel,

This channel has no public archive, so any question that may be useful for others would better be posted to one of the mailing lists.

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Other languages

Spanish mailing list

German forum

Portuguese group

French mailing list

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Stay Informed

LilyPond Report

The easiest way to keep touch is by reading our community newsletter, the LilyPond Report:

Releases mailing list:

This mailing list is a low-volume, read-only list which receives notifications of new releases.

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Developer Discussion

Developer mailing list:

Most developer discussion takes place on this list. Patches should be sent here.

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Bug mailing list:

Bug-specific discussion takes place here.

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Note: Before sending a message to the bug list, please read our guidelines for Bug reports.

Sensitive emails

Private matters should be sent to Graham Percival (project manager), who will discuss it with those concerned.

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