4.5.1 MIDI articulation

LilyPond can be used to produce MIDI output, for “proof-hearing” what has been written. However, only dynamics, explicit tempo markings, and the notes and durations themselves are produced in the output.

The articulate project is one attempt to get more of the information in the score into MIDI. It works by shortening notes not under slurs, to ‘articulate’ the notes. The amount of shortening depends on any articulation markings attached to a note: staccato halves the note value, tenuto gives a note its full duration, and so on. The script also realises trills and turns, and could be extended to expand other ornaments such as mordents.


Known issues and warnings

Its main limitation is that it can only affect things it knows about: anything that is merely textual markup (instead of a note property) is still ignored.

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LilyPond — Usage v2.18.2 (stable-branch).