4.3.4 etf2ly を呼び出す

Note: このプログラムはサポートされていません。LilyPond 将来のバージョンからは削除される可能性があります。

ETF (Enigma Transport Format) is a format used by Coda Music Technology's Finale product. etf2ly will convert part of an ETF file to a ready-to-use LilyPond file.

It is invoked from the command-line as follows.

etf2ly [option]… etf-file

Note that by ‘command-line’, we mean the command line of the operating system. See 他のフォーマットから変換する, for more information about this.

The following options are supported by etf2ly:

-h, --help

this help

-o, --output=FILE

set output filename to FILE


version information


The list of articulation scripts is incomplete. Empty measures confuse etf2ly. Sequences of grace notes are ended improperly.

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