3.2.98 semi-tie-interface

A tie which is only on one side connected to a note head.

User settable properties:

control-points (list)

List of offsets (number pairs) that form control points for the tie, slur, or bracket shape. For Béziers, this should list the control points of a third-order Bézier curve.

direction (direction)

If side-axis is 0 (or X), then this property determines whether the object is placed LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT with respect to the other object. Otherwise, it determines whether the object is placed UP, CENTER or DOWN. Numerical values may also be used: UP=1, DOWN=-1, LEFT=-1, RIGHT=1, CENTER=0.

details (list)

Alist of parameters for detailed grob behavior. More information on the allowed parameters for a grob can be found by looking at the top of the Internals Reference page for each interface having a details property.

head-direction (direction)

Are the note heads left or right in a semitie?

thickness (number)

Line thickness, generally measured in line-thickness.

Internal properties:

note-head (graphical (layout) object)

A single note head.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): LaissezVibrerTie and RepeatTie.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).