2.2.73 Multi_measure_rest_engraver

Engrave multi-measure rests that are produced with ‘R’. It reads measurePosition and internalBarNumber to determine what number to print over the MultiMeasureRest.

Music types accepted:

multi-measure-rest-event and multi-measure-text-event

Properties (read)

currentCommandColumn (graphical (layout) object)

Grob that is X-parent to all current breakable (clef, key signature, etc.) items.

internalBarNumber (integer)

Contains the current barnumber. This property is used for internal timekeeping, among others by the Accidental_engraver.

measurePosition (moment)

How much of the current measure have we had. This can be set manually to create incomplete measures.

restNumberThreshold (number)

If a multimeasure rest has more measures than this, a number is printed.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):

MultiMeasureRest, MultiMeasureRestNumber and MultiMeasureRestText.

Multi_measure_rest_engraver is part of the following context(s): CueVoice, DrumVoice, GregorianTranscriptionVoice, KievanVoice, MensuralVoice, PetrucciVoice, TabVoice, VaticanaVoice and Voice.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).