3.2.73 multi-measure-rest-interface

A rest that spans a whole number of measures.

User settable properties:

bound-padding (number)

The amount of padding to insert around spanner bounds.

expand-limit (integer)

Maximum number of measures expanded in church rests.

hair-thickness (number)

Thickness of the thin line in a bar line.

measure-count (integer)

The number of measures for a multi-measure rest.

minimum-length (dimension, in staff space)

Try to make a spanner at least this long, normally in the horizontal direction. This requires an appropriate callback for the springs-and-rods property. If added to a Tie, this sets the minimum distance between noteheads.

round-up-exceptions (list)

A list of pairs where car is the numerator and cdr the denominator of a moment. Each pair in this list means that the multi-measure rests of the corresponding length will be rounded up to the longer rest. See round-up-to-longer-rest.

round-up-to-longer-rest (boolean)

Displays the longer multi-measure rest when the length of a measure is between two values of usable-duration-logs. For example, displays a breve instead of a whole in a 3/2 measure.

spacing-pair (pair)

A pair of alignment symbols which set an object’s spacing relative to its left and right BreakAlignments.

For example, a MultiMeasureRest will ignore prefatory items at its bounds (i.e., clefs, key signatures and time signatures) using the following override:

\override MultiMeasureRest
  #'spacing-pair = #'(staff-bar . staff-bar)
thick-thickness (number)

Bar line thickness, measured in line-thickness.

usable-duration-logs (list)

List of duration-logs that can be used in typesetting the grob.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): MultiMeasureRest and PercentRepeat.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).