3.2.60 line-interface

Generic line objects. Any object using lines supports this. The property style can be line, dashed-line, trill, dotted-line, zigzag or none (a transparent line).

For dashed-line, the length of the dashes is tuned with dash-fraction. If the latter is set to 0, a dotted line is produced.

User settable properties:

arrow-length (number)

Arrow length.

arrow-width (number)

Arrow width.

dash-fraction (number)

Size of the dashes, relative to dash-period. Should be between 0.0 (no line) and 1.0 (continuous line).

dash-period (number)

The length of one dash together with whitespace. If negative, no line is drawn at all.

style (symbol)

This setting determines in what style a grob is typeset. Valid choices depend on the stencil callback reading this property.

thickness (number)

Line thickness, generally measured in line-thickness.

zigzag-length (dimension, in staff space)

The length of the lines of a zigzag, relative to zigzag-width. A value of 1 gives 60-degree zigzags.

zigzag-width (dimension, in staff space)

The width of one zigzag squiggle. This number is adjusted slightly so that the glissando line can be constructed from a whole number of squiggles.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): DynamicTextSpanner, Episema, Glissando, Hairpin, HorizontalBracket, LigatureBracket, OttavaBracket, PianoPedalBracket, TextSpanner, TrillSpanner, TupletBracket, VoiceFollower and VoltaBracket.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).