3.2.42 gregorian-ligature-interface

A gregorian ligature.

Internal properties:

virga (boolean)

Is this neume a virga?

stropha (boolean)

Is this neume a stropha?

inclinatum (boolean)

Is this neume an inclinatum?

auctum (boolean)

Is this neume liquescentically augmented?

descendens (boolean)

Is this neume of descendent type?

ascendens (boolean)

Is this neume of ascending type?

oriscus (boolean)

Is this neume an oriscus?

quilisma (boolean)

Is this neume a quilisma?

deminutum (boolean)

Is this neume deminished?

cavum (boolean)

Is this neume outlined?

linea (boolean)

Attach vertical lines to this neume?

pes-or-flexa (boolean)

Shall this neume be joined with the previous head?

context-info (integer)

Within a ligature, the final glyph or shape of a head may be affected by the left and/or right neighbour head. context-info holds for each head such information about the left and right neighbour, encoded as a bit mask.

prefix-set (number)

A bit mask that holds all Gregorian head prefixes, such as \virga or \quilisma.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): NoteHead.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).