3.2.16 break-alignment-interface

The object that performs break alignment. See break-aligned-interface.

User settable properties:

break-align-orders (vector)

Defines the order in which prefatory matter (clefs, key signatures) appears. The format is a vector of length 3, where each element is one order for end-of-line, middle of line, and start-of-line, respectively. An order is a list of symbols.

For example, clefs are put after key signatures by setting

\override Score.BreakAlignment #'break-align-orders =
  #(make-vector 3 '(span-bar

Internal properties:

positioning-done (boolean)

Used to signal that a positioning element did its job. This ensures that a positioning is only done once.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): BreakAlignment.

Internals Reference v2.18.2 (stable-branch).