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    We would like to dedicate this program to all the friends that we
			 met through music. 

	Those deserving special mentioning (in no particular order):
Esther, Marijke, Heike, Inge, Judith, Hannah, Auke, Ilse, Evelyn,
Maartje, Suzanne, Ilse (gee, again?), Marieke, Irene, Martine, Idwine,
Hanna, Lonneke, Elisha, Anna, Janneke and last (but certainly not
least) Janneke!


	That's a nice thought, Wendy.  I've got a few too, to spread
the credits a bit (Again, no particular order) Michelle, Illushka,
Mieke, Ruth, Eva, Fro/ydis, Monique, Mary Anne, Noor, Sacha, Monique,
Ilse, Monique, Eva, Roos, Judith, Tim, Connie and, of course, Wendy!


Of course, our other friends in the 'Eindhovens Jongeren Ensemble'
(http://www.dse.nl/eje/) cannot go unmentioned either.

			      --- * ---