2.3 Command line options for convert-ly

The program is invoked as follows:

convert-ly [option]… filename

The following options can be given:


Apply the conversions direct to the input file, modifying it in-place.


Set the version to convert from. If this is not set, convert-ly will guess this, on the basis of \version strings in the file. E.g. ‘--from=2.10.25


Normally, convert-ly adds a \version indicator to the output. Specifying this option suppresses this.

-s, --show-rules

Show all known conversions and exit.


Set the goal version of the conversion. It defaults to the latest available version. E.g. ‘--to=2.12.2

-h, --help

Print usage help.

-l loglevel, --loglevel=loglevel

Set the output verbosity to loglevel. Possible values are NONE, ERROR, WARNING, PROGRESS (default) and DEBUG.

To upgrade LilyPond fragments in texinfo files, use

convert-ly --from=... --to=... --no-version *.itely

To see the changes in the LilyPond syntax between two versions, use

convert-ly --from=... --to=... -s

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